“The Sacred Heart of Jesus and You” – Msgr. John Esseff’s talk from Omaha Sacred Heart Conference – Discerning Hearts

Msgr. John Esseff rocked the foundation stones of St. Margaret Mary Church in Omaha, Nebraska at the Sacred Heart Conference held there March 3, 2012.  Wow…how can you pack so much in just one hour?  It must have been grace…AMAZING GRACE.  The fruits?  You should have seen the line for confession!  God is good…VERY GOOD!  From the wounds of our childhood to the beauty of the Blessed Virgin Mary, from the damage done by original sin to the “knuckleheads” who became saints because of their reception of the Holy Spirit…Msgr. Esseff offers to us all the joy of God’s WORD, the culmination found in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The next best thing to being there….

Be sure to visit Msgr. Esseff”s website:  “Building A Kingdom of Love

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