ROF#7 – The Clergy – Love’s Earthly Form – Roots of the Faith with Mike Aquilina

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Episode 7 – The Clergy: Love’s Earthly Form

Roots of the Faith – From the Church Fathers to You with Mike Aquilina, makes clear that just as an acorn grows into a tree and yet remains the same plant, so the Catholic Church is a living organism that has grown from the faith of the earliest Christians into the body of  Christ we know today.


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IP#262 Kathleen Beckman – Praying For Priests on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

Kathleen-Beckman“Praying for Priests: A Mission for the New Evangelizaton”   by author and Catholic radio host Kathleen Beckman is a fantastic response to an important need in the Church today!  This book and the website found at, not only offers what is needed to encourage prayer for priests and bishops in the Church, but is rich in resources and encouragement to  facilitate growth for all in the spiritual life.  The faithful who participate in the mission of this apostolate are encouraged to grow in their own holiness as individuals, families, as well as parishes and faith communities.  This a  spiritual work of the first order and should become a vital part of our every day spiritual life.   What Kathleen and members of her Foundation for Prayer for Priests offer to us is a model of how a targeted, focused mission can and should be facilitated in the Church today. When it is done well, beautiful fruit is borne.  Not one beat of this important work  has been missed, which is a sure sign that this is indeed a work under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We in the Church are richer for this call to prayer and interior renewal.  Bravo and thank you to all involved!  A holier priesthood leads to a holier Church…now that something beautiful to pray for!

Praying-for-Priests You can find the book here

“The Holy Spirit is really moving in the Church today, inspiring many to pray for priests. Kathleen Beckmann’s new book gives a powerful boost to this movement.”
Fr. Michael Gaitley, M.I.C.
Author of 33 Days to Morning Glory

“Praying for priests is not an option; it is a holy duty and divine mandate. Kathleen Beckman strikes at the hearts of women to let loose a stream of spiritual maternity that flows into the hearts, souls, and ministries of our priests!”
Johnnette Benkovic
Host of EWTN’s Women of Grace

“Praying for Priests is filled with insight, encouragement, and inspiration to lead both priests and laity to a more profound love of God’s priceless gift of the priesthood.”
Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P.
Editor of Magnificat

IP#261 Christopher White – “Renewal” on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

“Renewal: How a New Generation of Faithful Priests and Bishops Is Revitalizing the Catholic Church” is an Christopher-Whiteimportant work brought to us by Anne Hendershott and Christopher White.  It offers a thorough analysis of the state of the priesthood in the United States, and shines a light of joyful hope on a vital heartbeat of the Catholic Church.  Our conversation with Christopher White, addresses many of the issues that have plagued priestly formation and it’s character in recent decades, but also celebrates the many areas of reform and renewal. The current revitalizing of our gift of Holy Orders is truly a reason to celebrate and lift up in our prayer!

RenewalYou can find the book here

“This is the most fully detailed and documented account of the culture wars within the Catholic Church that anyone is likely to encounter. Some may think the authors are too pessimistic, stressing all the contentiousness within the living body. Count me as one who holds that public contestation is the reliable sign of vital cultures and inspiring institutions. Both the bad news, honestly reported, and the ‘less expected’ good news here will make many readers rejoice.”
–Michael Novak, author of Writing from Left to Right

“Hendershott and White are clear-eyed observers of the Catholic scene who offer the reader careful sociological analysis that leads to truly hopeful conclusions. Citing empirical and anecdotal evidence, they show the positive change the Church has been undergoing for some time–especially with the emergence of strong new leadership in the clergy–and they preview the Church we can expect our children and grandchildren to know. This book is real hope, without a hint of wishful thinking. I highly recommend Renewal.
–Scott Hahn, Professor of Theology, Franciscan University of Steubenville

IP#212 Fr. Joseph Fessio – Married Priests? on Inside the Pages

“Married Priests? 30 Crucial Questions about Celibacy” is the go to book when seeking answers to just about everything related to the  Church’s teaching and exprience in regards to priestly celibacy.  With Fr. Joseph Fessio S.J., Fr.-Fessioeditor and founder of Ignatius Press the publisher of this work, we discuss several of those questions.  Why do Catholic priests not marry? How can celibacy possibly be so important to the Church, if Jesus did not even require it of his apostles?   How does this discipline play into the discernment for this particular vocation?  We also discuss the vocation of Marriage, and the state of Church in America from Fr. Fessio’s prespective.  It is always a joy to have the opportunity to talk with Fr. Fessio.


You can find the book here

From the book description:

In recent years the arguments in favor of openness to married priests seem to be multiplying. Some object that celibacy is not a dogma but only a discipline that originated in the Middle Ages; that it is contrary to nature and hence harmful for a man’s psycho-physical equilibrium and the maturation of the human personality. And then, if priests could marry, there would be an increase in vocations.

In this book, seventeen various experts make contributions, responding to these and other burning objections, allowing the reader to discover the value that celibacy has today in the lives of thousands of priests and seminarians.

Among the key topics this book discusses are: History of Priestly Celibacy, What Theology Says on the Celibacy, Emotions and Sexuality, Discerning and Fostering a Vocation, Celibacy in the Life of a Priest, Celibacy and Inculturation, Papal teachings on Celibacy from Pius XI to Benedict XVI.

Fr. Thomas Acklin – Unchanging Heart of the Priesthood Seg 1 – Discerning Hearts

Fr. Thomas Acklin – Unchanging Heart of the Priesthood Seg 2 – Discerning Hearts