IP#39 Mike Aquilina – A Year With The Church Fathers on Inside the Pages

“A Year with the Church Fathers: Patristic Wisdom for Daily Living” by Mike Aquilina is outstanding. St. Benedict Press has produced a beatiful book worthy of the content within it’s pages.  But better still is the wisdom passed down through the ages which is contextualized and offered to us by acknowledged Patristic expert, Mike Aquilina.  The perfect gift for a friend, family member, or even yourself.  A gift from the fathers of the Church waiting to be unwrapped!

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IP#13 Mike Aquilina discusses Why Me – When Bad Things Happen on Inside the Pages

Why me?  Who hasn’t asked them self that question over and over again throughout the course of their life.  With a smile of joy in his voice and compassion in his heart, Mike Aquilina attempts to answer the age old question…Why Me? With Mike’s help, we look toward the saints, and ultimately to Our Blessed Lord, for the answer.  Mike tackles this tough subject with love and grace.  After all, isn’t that exactly how God attempts to break through to us in our suffering with His answer?  On a personal note:  Mike Aquilina is one of the finest men I know. It is a joy to talk with him about any subject, but when it comes to matters of the Church and God, watch out…your heart will swell up with faith, hope and love.  He’s like your pal on the road to Emmaus.

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