IP#144 Amy Welborn – Wish You Were Here on Inside the Pages

Well, it would be difficult to write a book more poignant and compelling than this…obviously, it came straight from the heart.  Amy Welborn uses her incredible gift with words to paint an unforgettable picture of how grief and regret can be transformed, by grace, into hope.  It’s  a journey on a winding, sometimes bumpy road.  But what Amy has discovered through the help of her husband Mike, her kids, the land of Sicily, and ultimately, God, is that it is really true, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.   As she says, “tragedy and joy, loss and understanding death and life are constantly mixed together…and the beauty of the Catholic faith is that it is all there….we have the whole picture.”  Its about faith, about hope, about love..and that is what is really eternal.

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“Amy Welborn’s latest book is a must-read spiritual treasure. It reveals not only the heart-wrenching dynamics of grief but also the odd and wonderful way grace illumines even the thickest darkness. Funny, engagingly written, spiritually profound, Wish You Were Here is a gem.”  –Fr. Robert Barron, author of Catholicism.

Be sure to visit Amy’s blog’s Charlotte Was Both  http://amywelborn.wordpress.com

and “Booked” the travel blog – http://booked.amywelborn.com

IP#125 Virginia G. Breen – I Am In Here on Inside the Pages

The subtitle of this show is “insights from today’s most compelling authors”…I don’t think there’s a more compelling author than Elizabeth M. Bonker, who along with the help of her mother, Virginia Breen, has authored  “I Am in Here: The Journey of a Child with Autism Who Cannot Speak but Finds Her Voice”.  A powerful and poignant book, the conversation with Virginia is hope-filled as she shares with us all the challenges and love she has found in being the mother of Elizabeth and the strength they have both found in their relationship with God.

“Elizabeth’s beautiful poetry clearly shows that some individuals with autism who appear to be low-functioning have real abilities. Elizabeth’s first words when she was able to type were ‘Agony. I need to talk.'”–Temple GrandinNew York Times bestselling author

You can find Elizabeth's and Virginia's book here



I sometimes fear

That people cannot understand

That I hear.

And I know

That they don’t believe I go

To every extreme

To try to express

My need to talk.

If only they could walk

In my shoes

They would share my news:

I am in here.

And trying to speak every day

In some kind of way.

Though she cannot speak, Elizabeth Bonker writes poetry that shines a light on the hidden inner world of autism and the world around us. I Am in Here is the spiritual journey of a mother and daughter who refuse to give up hope, who celebrate their victories, and who keep moving forward despite the obstacles. Elizabeth’s poetry and her mother’s stirring storytelling combine in this inspirational book to proclaim that there is always a reason to take the next step–with hope.

Be sure to check out their website at :  Iaminherebook.com

IP#115 Uta Larkey – Life and Loss in the Shadow of the Holocaust on Inside the Pages

“Life and Loss in the Shadow of the Holocaust:  A Jewish Family’s Untold Story” is an eloquent telling of a family scattered over three continents by Nazi persecution.  A heroic effort is undertaken by the authors, Rebecca Boehling and Uta Larkey on behalf the children of the generation subjected to the trauma presented in the book, to piece together the collective memory left by the Kaufmann-Steinberg family.  Intriguing, as well as disturbing, this is a book that will stay with you for a long time.  I came away from the read reminded once again never to take even the most ordinary moments in life for granted.


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IP#112 Melanie Pritchard – The Day I Died on Inside the Pages

What a remarkable witness…Melanie Pritchard!  “The Day I Died: Finding Hope in Suffering” is the story of a young mother’s incredible sudden death during childbirth and her miraculous recovery.  I remember the days during which the events chronicled took place.  Mark Hart had made known to us the harrowing situation Melanie and her child were suffering.  Bruce and I, our radio listeners, and people around the globe (thanks to the internet) joined in a communion of prayer and the results were indeed awe-inspiring.  What a joy to talk with Melanie almost a year later, and what a delight to be able to share with all of you this blessed book.

Be sure to visit Melanie’s blog at http://www.melaniepritchard.org/


You can also find Melanie’s book here

IP#96 Julie Davis – Happy Catholic on Inside the Pages

What a joy to talk with Julie Davis, not just “a” happy Catholic, but “the” Happy Catholic! Julie is the creator of one of the most interesting sites in the blogosphere.  Her insights, musings and all around thought-filled ponderings on everything from Alice Cooper to St. John Vianney make her must reading for anyone living in today’s culture…pop or otherwise.  Julie has taken some of the best from her blog, along with a little more, and complied it in “Happy Catholic: Glimpses of God in Everyday Life”.


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Be sure to visit Julie’s blog  “Happy Catholic”

IP#93 Kevin Wells – Burst on Inside the Pages

“Burst – A Story of God’s Grace When Life Falls Apart” by Kevin Wells is truly inspirationalSharing the traumatic, as well as the heroic moments of life, Kevin Wells helps us to see the grace of God and it’s power to transform our lives.  Draw close to God and He’ll draw close to you!  Well written, this is a beautiful memoir by a rock solid Catholic man.  This is one of those books that just compells you to keep reading.  Fantastic!


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IP#69 Conor Grennan – Little Princes on Inside the Pages

“Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal is  ultimately about an ordinary man who’s heart was opened with extraordinary love. Conor Grennan is an author, and now, humanitarian who chronicles the harrowing, touching, and compelling story of the children of Nepal. ”  A true story of  corruption, child trafficking and civil war in a far away land-and one man’s extraordinary quest to reunite lost children with their parents.  It was a joy to have the opportunity to talk with Conor and to get the word out about Next Generation Nepal the organization established to help the people of Nepal.

For more information on the book and “Next Generation Nepal”, visit www.NextGenerationNepal.org

A portion of the proceeds from “Little Princes” is given tothe work of saving and aiding the children of Nepal.

IP#68 Sarah Ban Breathnach – Peace and Plenty on Inside the Pages

From prosperity to destitution to peace, Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of the genre-defining book “Simple Abundance” which spent over a year at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and has sold nearly 5 million copies to date, has quite the story to tell. Sarah is truly a lovely woman who has had the courage to step forward to share her story of struggle in financial crisis and her “peace” and “serenity” found in God.  In “Peace and Plenty: Finding Your Path to Financial Serenity” shares what she has learned on her journey with reassurance and deep comfort throughout.

To learn more about this work visit Sarah’s website
“Simple Abundance”

IP#62 Debra Herbeck – Safely through the Storm on Inside the Pages

Debra Herbeck has compiled a compelling selection of reflections from saints and writers who have suffered, who were tempted to depair, and who were tested in everyway, but through grace and faith, they never gave up. Hope, a viture we can’t live without.  If you or someone you know is suffering through hard times, “Safely Through the Storm” is for you.

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IP#31 Conn Iggulden – Dangerous Book of Heroes on Inside the Pages

The most dangerous thing about Conn and David Iggulden’s book is that you’ll be inspired to heroism. From George Washington to Edith Cavell, from The Women of the SOE to Flight 93, the Dangerous Book of Heroes inspires young and old…it’s what good story telling is all about.  Some stories may be a little more than some very young listeners can take in, but don’t let that stop you from diving in yourself….the very best stories are the one’s we grow into.  Conn Iggulden and his brother David have given us all a gift.


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