IP#34 Joseph Pearce – The Heart of Newman on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

We will be praying with and learning from Blessed John Henry Newman for many, many years to come. Joseph Pearce has been an excellent student, as well as an instructor of (or should I say “illuminator of”) the life and work of this great man, John Henry Newman, and who is now a bonafide member of the Cloud of Witnesses.  It’s ALWAYS a joy to talk with Joseph, but it was fantastic to speak with him in particular about Blessed John Henry Newman and the book released by Ignatius Press to help us grow in our awareness of him!


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This is an edition of a classic anthology of the writings and sermons of John Henry Newman that gives a new generation access to the timeless wisdom of this great teacher.

IP#222 Joseph Pearce – Shakespeare on Love on Inside the Pages

Another outstanding addition to the Joseph Pearce canon!   “Shakespeare on Love: Seeing the Catholic Presence in Romeo and Joseph-Pearce-1Juliet” is a terrific read.  Once again Jospeh Pearce helps us to see that the story we thought we knew is something very different when viewed with the Catholic Shakepeares len’s.   Is Romeo a hero or a self indulgent cad?  Is Juliet a  free thinking woman or a relationship starved 13 year old victimized by an adult male predator?  And how about those adults?   Just look at what happens when Eros runs a muck, and virtue is replaced blindly in favor of vice!  Let us not forget  to mention the tragedy which occurs from bad parenting.  Sexual desire and the gift of reason are explored in this compelling work by the prolific Pearce.  Who would have thought a book about a  500 year old play would contain such important lessons for our lives today.

Shakespeare-on-LoveYou can find the book here

“Joseph Pearce’s book on Romeo and Juliet stands like a lighthouse in the murk of modern literary criticism. His approach challenges the assumptions that govern popular ‘scholarly’ work on Shakespeare in our time. It is massively researched, convincing, intelligent, and (happily) interesting. I commend it highly to all possible readers.” —-Thomas Howard, Author, Chance or the Dance?


IP#215 Joseph Pearce – Candles in the Dark on Inside the Pages

Joseph Pearce is one of my all time favorite writers!!!  What a joy to speak to him about “Candles in the Dark:  The Authorized Biography of Fr. Richard Ho Lung and the Joseph-Pearce-1Missionaries of the Poor”.    Fr. Ho Lung is a fascinating figure:  poet, teacher, mystic, and musician (reggae, no less).   The child of Chinese Buddhist immigrants, this Jamaican priest is the founder of one of the fastest-growing religious orders in the world, whose mission is to serve the poorest of the poor.  With all those elements found in his story, Joseph Pearce, once again, paints an incredibly compelling portrait.  As demonstrated in his numerous other biographies, which include the lives of Oscar Wilde, J.R.R Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton and others (my favorite is “Old Thunder” on the life of Hilaire Belloc), Joseph captures the passion found in the heart of his subject.  This work is highly recommended!



You can find the book here

From the book description:

Pearce takes us from his childhood in Jamaica, the son of impoverished Chinese immigrants, to his education and ordination as a Jesuit priest. He shows us the glamour of Fr. Ho Lung’s life as a celebrity musician, and the deadly danger of missionary work in Kingston s grittiest ghettos. He tells the story of one who has ascended the heights of worldly success, descended into the depths of suffering and discovered a joy there that none can take away.

In the tradition of Malcolm Muggeridge s classic documentary of Mother Teresa,Something Beautiful for God,Candles in the Dark takes us to a place of unimaginable poverty…and shows us the joy that comes from sacrifice, the irresistible attractiveness of holiness, and the power of God still at work in the world today.