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Episode 8 – “Heaven in Faith”  Day 4 Prayer 2  – “I Have Come to Cast Fire Upon the Earth”

In this episode, Dr. Anthony Lilles and Kris McGregor focus on prayer and Christian living, particularly the messages from St. Elizabeth of the Trinity and St. Thérèse of Lisieux. The core theme revolves around the concept of love as the essence of Christian prayer and life, emphasizing the need for a soul’s complete surrender to God’s will. It highlights how such surrender leads to a genuine conversion, growing deeper into love and allowing God’s love to transform and guide one’s life.

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Elizabeth’s teachings encourage contemplation on God’s love, urging individuals, including those engaged in worldly duties like parenting, to align every aspect of their life with love. This alignment, they reason, fulfills God’s desire to elevate the soul, making love the central occupation, regardless of life’s distractions or responsibilities.

Dr. Lilles further delves into the notion of embracing God’s will, especially during trials or confrontations, advocating for a response rooted in love and mercy rather than self-defense or retaliation. Both Dr. Lilles and Kris touch on the lives of saints to exemplify how enduring silence and suffering out of love can manifest grace and spiritual growth, ultimately leading to a profound trust in God.

This episode underscores a life of deep faith characterized by the surrender to and trust in God’s will, living through love and mercy, and maintaining a constant focus on spiritual growth and communion with God.

Day 4: Second Prayer

“I have come to cast fire upon the earth and how I long to see it burn.”58 It is the Master Himself who expresses His desire to see the fire of love enkindled. In fact, “all our works and all our labors are nothing in His sight. We can neither give Him anything nor satisfy His only desire, which is to exalt the dignity of our soul.” Nothing pleases Him so much as to see it “grow.” “Now nothing can exalt it so much as to become in some way the equal of God; that is why He demands from the soul the tribute of its love, as the property of love is to make the lover equal to the beloved as much as possible. The soul in possession of this love” “appears on an equal footing with Christ because their mutual affection renders everything common to both.”59 “I have called you My friends because all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you.”60 16.

But to attain to this love the soul must first be “entirely surrendered,”61 its “will must be calmly lost in God’s will”62 so that its “inclinations,” “its faculties” “move only in this love and for the sake of this love. I do everything with love, I suffer everything with love: this is what David meant when he sang, ‘I will keep all my strength for You.’”63 Then “love fills it so completely, absorbs it and protects it” so well “that everywhere it finds the secret of growing in love,” “even in its relations with the world”;64 “in the midst of life’s cares it can rightly say: ‘My only occupation is loving’! . . .”65

Elizabeth of the Trinity. The Complete Works of Elizabeth of the Trinity, vol. 1 (featuring a General Introduction and Major Spiritual Writings) (Elizabeth of the Trinity Complete Work) (p. 99). ICS Publications. Kindle Edition.

Discerning Hearts Reflection Questions

  1. Understanding Surrender to God’s Will
    How do you interpret the concept of total surrender to God’s will in your daily activities, and what challenges do you face in achieving it?
  2. Living by Love in Everyday Life
    Reflect on how the idea of making love your central life occupation is present in your interactions, responsibilities, and trials.
  3. Responding with Love and Mercy
    Evaluate your typical reactions to adversity or offense and consider how you might foster a more loving and merciful approach.
  4. Experiencing Transformative Love
    Recall instances where you have felt or observed love’s transformative power and its effects on those involved.
  5. Valuing God’s Esteem Over Self-Esteem
    Contemplate how prioritizing God’s view over self-esteem influences your perception of dignity, worth, and humility.
  6. Learning from Saints’ Silence and Suffering
    Relate to the spiritual practice of enduring silence and suffering for love, drawing inspiration from saintly examples.
  7. Offering Misery to God
    Reflect on how you perceive and present your own brokenness to God and the role it plays in your spiritual intimacy.
  8. Prayer Aligned with Christian Love
    Consider adjustments to align your prayer life more closely with the Christian principle of living through love.
  9. Practicing Perpetual Acts of Mercy
    Identify ways to integrate continuous acts of mercy into your daily interactions and choices.
  10. Deepening Trust in God Amidst Adversity
    Reflect on how to cultivate a deeper trust in God to maintain peace and resilience through life’s challenges.

We would like to thank Miriam Gutierrez for providing “the voice” of St. Elizabeth for this series

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Anthony Lilles, S.T.D., has served the Church and assisted in the formation of clergy and seminarians since 1994. Before coming to St. Patrick’s, he served at seminaries and houses of formation in the Archdiocese of Denver and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The son of a California farmer, married with young adult children, holds a B.A. in theology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville with both the ecclesiastical licentiate and doctorate in spiritual theology from the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome (the Angelicum). An expert in the writings of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity and the Carmelite Doctors of the Church, he co-founded the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation and the High Calling Program for priestly vocations. He also founded the John Paul II Center for Contemplative Culture, which hosts symposiums, retreats, and conferences. In addition to his publications, he blogs at .

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