SBN #1 Salvation Begins Now: Last Things First with Deacon James Keating – Discerning Hearts Podcast


Episode 1 Salvation Begins Now: Last Things First – What are the “Last Things”?  Death, Purgatory, Heaven, Hell, the Last Judgement, Eternal Life will be explored in this series.  In this episode, we begin the discussion on What is death?  What is resurrection? What is the connection between the body and the soul?

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

994 But there is more. Jesus links faith in the resurrection to his own person: “I am the Resurrection and the life.”544 It is Jesus himself who on the last day will raise up those who have believed in him, who have eaten his body and drunk his blood.545 Already now in this present life he gives a sign and pledge of this by restoring some of the dead to life,546 announcing thereby his own Resurrection, though it was to be of another order. He speaks of this unique event as the “sign of Jonah,”547 the sign of the temple: he announces that he will be put to death but rise thereafter on the third day.548

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