IP#193 Paula Huston – Seasons of Mystery on Inside the Pages

Paula Huston is one of the finest spiritual writers alive today. Her books speak to the human heart in such a beautiful, gentle way. She inspires us to climb higher the spiritual mountain, even when the times are treacherous and rocky. In “A Season of Mystery: 10 Spiritual Practices for Embracing a Happier Second Half of Life”, she encourages us to slow down, in order to nurture the relationship God is offering us today. For many of us, it may involve a paradigm shift, but one that is well worth the effort if we choose to enter into it. Paula breaks open each practice found in her book with moments from her own experience. She then gives us practical helps which can transform our everyday lives. Those practices include listening, delighting, lightening, settling, confronting, accepting, appreciating, befriending, generating, blessing. Filled with questions and reflections, this book is perfect for either individual or group study.

IP#139 Paula Huston – Simplifying Your Soul on Inside the Pages

Here is the book for Lent (and any other time of the year for that matter), “Simplifying Your Soul: Lenten Practices to Renew Your Spirit” is “simply” wonderful! Paula Huston has such a gentle way of helping us to penetrate into what our hearts so we can draw closer to what we truly long for…a deeper relationship with God…the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. A benedictine oblate, Paula, draws from the best of the monastic traditions and helps us to apply those practices in our modern day circumstances. I have to believe that Sts. Benedict and Scholastic would be overjoyed how this 21 century daughter of the church as responded to their initial teachings offered so a long ago. NOT TO BE MISSED…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

IP#201 Dr. Lawrence Cunningham – The 7 Deadly Sins on Inside the Pages

I so enjoyed my conversation with Dr. Lawrence Cunningham. In his book, “The Seven Deadly Sins: A Visitor’s Guide”, Dr. Cunningham draws from the wisdom of the mystical desert fathers. He offers us insight on sloth, envy, gluttony, greed, anger, lust and pride – how they were first identified as the “deadly”sins, what they might look like in today’s world, and how corresponding virtues can counter their destructive tendencies. A fascinating read!