WOL3 – Hobbes, Locke and the Culture of Death – Reflections on the teachings of Pope John Paul II w/ Dr. Carson Holloway – Discerning Hearts

WOL3 – Episode 3 -The influence of Thomas Hobbes and his role as the father of modern-day liberalism.  Absolute monarchy and the tyranny of “unlimited” government.  The difference between Divine-right monarchy and Absolute monarchy, and the legitimacy thought behind “dictatorship”.   How this affects ruling systems in history, and it’s influence on the “Culture of Death”.  Who was John Locke?  The Law of Nature and it’s obligations according to Locke’s thought.  The fundamental rule to preserve oneself.  Bl. John Paul’s response to that thought…to respect the moral law and give of oneself.

The Way of Life, Carson Holloway examines the fundamental philosophers of modernity-from Hobbes to Toqueville-to suggest that John Paul II’s critique of modernity is intended not to reject, but to improve. Thus, claims Holloway, it is appropriate for liberal modernity to attend to the Pope’s thought, receiving it not as the attack of an enemy but as the criticism of a candid friend.


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This series is based on Dr. Holloway’s book “The Way of Life”

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