WM5 – Baptism: Why the Parish and the Saints Matter – Why it Matters: An Exploration of Faith with Archbishop George Lucas Podcast

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Episode 5  “Baptism:  Why the Parish and the Saints Matter” – Why it Matters: An Exploration of Faith with Archbishop George Lucas

In this episode, we continue our conversation on why baptism matters.  We will discuss, among other things, the importance of the parish community and the need to support parents in witness and catechesis.  As we enter more deeply into the baptismal rite, we talk about the support of the saints through their presence and intercession.

From the Sharing the Light of Faith 


Catechesis for Baptism is directed primarily to adults — adult candidates for Baptism and the parents and godparents of infants who are to be baptized.

Baptismal catechesis involves the community of the faithful, who share their faith with those being catechized.  Adult catechumens and the parents of children to be baptized alike need the community’s prayers, witness, and support.  Pre- and post-baptismal catechesis may take many forms, such as prayer, fasting, service, and instruction.

Baptismal catechesis centers on the Father’s love, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Son, the cleansing of orignal and person sin and the gift of the Spirit to the Church.  It includes proclaiming God’s word, so that those called may respond in faith.

Preparation for the Baptism of infants is a “teachable” moment, when the parish community can encourage parents to rexamine the meaning which faith has in their lives.  In offering catechesis to parents and sponsors, the Church shows its love for and eagerness to support them as well as their children.

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