USCCA10 – The Church: Reflecting the Light of Christ – U. S. Catholic Catechism for Adults w/ Arch. George Lucas

USCCA10- Episode 10- The Church:  Reflecting the Light of Christ

Archbishop Lucas offers insights on the US Catholic Catechism for Adults Chapter 10:

The Church is the continuing manifestation of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The Church exists by the will of God the Father and his plan to gather all people under the Lordship of his Son.  As Head of the Church, Jesus Christ continues to fill her with his life and saving grace, pouring into her the Holy Spirit with his gifts of unity, peace, and love.

The Most Reverend George J. Lucas leads the Archdiocese of Omaha. 

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We wish to thank the USCCB for the permissions granted for use of  relevant material used in this series.
Also we wish to thank Omar Gutierrez and Teresa Monaghen  for their vocal talents in this episode.

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