The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary with Msgr. John Esseff – Discerning Hearts Podcast

Msgr. Esseff reflects so beautifully about the Queenship of Mary, Queen of Heaven. He talks about the joys and peace of the heavenly encounter with our Blessed Mother and with the Holy Trinity. It is a very special reflection…not to be missed!

Msgr. John A. Esseff is a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Scranton.  He was ordained on May 30, 1953, by the late Bishop William J. Hafey, D.D. at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Scranton, PA.  Msgr. Esseff served as a retreat director and confessor to Blessed Mother Teresa.    He continues to offer direction and retreats for the sisters of the missionaries of charity around the world.  Msgr. Esseff encountered St.  Padre Pio,  who would become a spiritual father to him.  He has lived in areas around the world, serving in the Pontifical missions, a Catholic organization established by St. Pope John Paul II to bring the Good News to the world especially to the poor. He continues to serve as a retreat leader and director to bishops, priests and sisters and seminarians and other religious leaders around the world.




2 thoughts on “The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary with Msgr. John Esseff – Discerning Hearts Podcast”

  1. O Mother Mary, Holy Queen of heaven and earth, we rest in your heart. Show us, through the intercession of your precious Son, our work, as simple servants of your Spouse . Pour out your gifts from the Holy Spirit, so we may prepare the church for our Savior’s return! Amen

  2. Thank you Monsignor , how beautifully you honor our dear Mother and a Queen ! She is something, isn’t she ? Blessings ❤️


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