The Hellos and Good-byes of Life – Learning to Detach: a reflection with Msgr. John Esseff – Discerning Hearts

Msgr. Esseff reflects on the “hellos” and the “good-byes” of life.  I can’t really be where I am if I don’t say good-bye to where I’ve been, especially if I leave it jagged.  What do you do if you don’t want to leave a place?  You are not ready to let go?  He shares the pain of having to leave Lebanon and how his mother helped him to detach and allow God’s will move him to acceptance. How do you deal with the anger that can arise?  Letting go of not only a place, but also of things and people may be asked of us in order to respond to the Father’s will.  The joy comes ultimately in heaven where there are no more good-byes.

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