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There’s something that happens when you not only read and recite but when you also hear…when you listen deeply and profoundly.  The private revelation which was given to St. Bridget of Sweden that day in the chapel of the church of St. Paul’s Outside the Walls in Rome over 600 years ago is still one of the most poignant and compelling moments in all mystical experiences.  The Church has deemed this worthy of belief to the extent that it can edify one’s faith rather than hurt; that indeed if practiced and nurtured it could open the heart for an outpouring of grace.

The “Pieta Prayers” of St. Bridget of Sweden can be a challenging practice in today’s world.  To help foster a greater understanding and devotion to Our Lord’s Passion, Discerning Hearts has produced an MP3 Downloadable Audio, which we hope will assist you in some way.

  (featuring Bruce McGregor and Denise Wharton)

For the complete texts, promises, and ecclesial advisements click here

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8 thoughts on “The 15 Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden – Discerning Hearts”

  1. Hi Kris,
    I pray these 15 prayers of St. Bridget. Even though the language is a little ancient in form, I find these prayers full of promise, especially of the promise for 15 souls in lineage who will be saved. I have a lot of family so plan on continuing the fruitful promises for the rest of my life to plead with the Heavenly Father through Jesus to save souls. Thank you for once again, informing the readers and web searchers of these beautiful prayers from St. Bridget. God love her! And God bless you for your website revealing to us of the great mysteries of faith through the saints.

  2. I have prayed these prayers over the course of a year and they have through the grace I recieved changed me.

    There is abundant true packed into these prayers.

  3. When I was a young married lady with 5 children my family prayed this prayer fo well over a year every day. Even though my life was very busy with only ten months between my second and third child who was born premature due to my Pylonephritis from which I suffered in pregnancy, we persisted and the joy of having done these 15 prayers will always be with us for which I thank in abundance our loving God for the honour.

    I’ve again started to say them anew that I am 73 years old with you-tube on my laptop every night. It has all come back to me and is so easy to join with others.One daughter died through cancer related illness on 18/05/2010 RIP.(my 2nd daughter called Caroline). She left a daughter Kira who is now 10 & happy.Please pray for my family to return to Jesus. I feel a bit helpless. Mary (Q).

  4. I’ve received many graces from “Our Lady of the Rosary”,the “Souls in Purgatory”, the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” and my brother Alphonsus received actual help from God when he prayed in anguish as a fire was burning out of control on his land, I quote; ” Oh! God who is going to help me put out this fire as I can’t manage it alone?”. This man appeared from nowhere and shouted “I will” from over the field and started to put it out when suddeny the fire that was blazing ferociously turned back down towards the river and went out. My brother proceeded to go over to thank the man but he had disappeared the same way he had come. Alphonsus went home to eat his dinner and was so exhausted he fell asleep into his dinner. My mother was convinced it was “Jesus” who helped her son, and I believe the exact same. I have many true stories like this one that God has favoured my family with but it would take forever to tell them all. My Regards, Mary.

  5. I will go on to say that this brother of mine called Alphonsus is now fighting for his life in Perth Australia. His pancreatic cancer is winning the fight. We have prayed so hard for him to get his last wish which is to return to Ireland once more to see his people and his homestead before he dies, so far it looks dodgy, I do not think he would be able for the journey God bless him.

    God’s will be done. God will give him what is best for him. Two of my sisters have gone out to see him as he is now sleeping a lot at home with his wife and grown up daughter Sarah. Please pray for us all. Three of my brothers have died since 2003 spaced every four years with different cancers all around 60’s (ages-in years). We carry a faulty gene called ” BRACCA 1 & BRACCA 2″ in our family and also “Haemochromatosis” where the body takes up too much iron which then acts like lead in the system and attacks all the major organs of the person/s concerned ending in death. Hope God will answer my prayers-I am relying on your support to pray for us also. Thank you for all your kind web users. Regards Mary (Q).

  6. One day i met a new friend and she gave me a small prayer written ST BRIDGET and she told this prayer really helps me a lot and the promises is true .She brought me to her mansion and lots of houses cause she is a developer. So i did and yes its true this rosary of ST.BRIDGET helps a lot of my daily living and to all my every crucial,risky and dangerous moments in my life .ST.BRIDGET is always assisting me everyday in my livelihood.I am a single parent with 1 daughter only and now she in college and graduating.ST.BRIDGET .helps me a lot with my daily financial obligations,thru her Jesus Christ send His love for me my family and to my humanitarian organization.As i will continue praying the.15,holy mysteries i prayed thru ST.BRIDGET and ask GOD to solve my daily problems,such financially and court cases and to save my family and most ME since i am the head of the family .the bread and butter for my family.Thru this prayer with ST.BRIDGET i will always pray that God will grant my court cases will all be dismiss ans can continue my humanitarian projects not only here in my country but all over the land.Thank you God the Father in Heaven My Lord and My Savior, thru the living and powerful prayer St

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