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Episode 9 –

Luke’s Genealogy Traces Jesus Back to Universal Adam, not discrepancies but theological distinctions with Matthew.  The Symbolism with St. Luke’s 77 Generations.

The Genealogy of Jesus Christ is recorded differently by Matthew and Luke.  Each unique author has a particular theological meaning behind their genealogies of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of God.

Matthew recognized three groups of 14 generations giving a total of 42 generations, which was also the number of Israel’s encampments as they exited Egypt for the promised land.  Jesus was the new Moses, out of Egypt I have called my son.

In contrast, Luke is gentile by birth, writing to a more universal audience.  He does not necessarily stress the Davidic line of Jesus nor does he begin with Abraham, the father of the Jewish faith.  Rather, he traces Jesus’ lineage all the way back to Adam, who Luke describes as Jesus, the Son of God, is the New Adam.  In addition, Luke lists 77 generations, which reminds us of the “seventy of sevens” or 490 years from Daniel to the arrival of Jesus, as predicted by the angel Gabriel in Daniel 9.  Seventy-seven also reminds us of the need to forgive:  Jesus tells his apostles that they must forgive their brother “seventy times seven” times.  Jesus is the New David, the New Moses, the New Adam.  He is the perfection of forgiveness.

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  1. I love listening to Sharon Doran and the way she explains the events of the Old and New Testament how they interrelate.It is amazing how our God has looked after every little detail. Thank you Sharon and Discerning Hearts for these and all that are posted on your site. It provides us with a greater understanding of scripture.


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