St. Jane de Chantal, wife, mother, foundress, saint! with Teresa Monaghen

Join Bruce and I as we learn more about the life of St. Jane de Chantal from Teresa Monaghen, of the Pro Sanctity Movement.Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts 23

Jane Frances was born in Dijon, France, February 28, 1572.   Her life story is fascinating.  She married Christopher, Baron of Chantal, at the age of 20. They were deeply in love with each other. Together they would have six children (three died shortly after they were born).  Christopher’s accidental death sent Jane into a deep depression.  She was only 28 at the time.  But her faith helped heal her broken heart (and survive her crazy relatives).

Jane-de-ChantalIt was said that her first spiritual director was really rigid and not a great fit at all for Jane.  But after hearing Fr. Francis de Sales preach one day, she sought him out for direction.  Their meeting and the subsequent spiritual relationship would change both their lives and touch many others for generations to come.  Jane, under the direction of Francis de Sales, founded the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary.  She died on this date in 1641 at the age 69.  Check out more on her life here.

Any one out there seeking a good and spirit-filled spiritual director, ask St. Jane Francis de Chantal to pray with you.  She knows what you are going through!



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