ROHC – sp7 What Intimacy with Jesus Really Means and Healing Our Fears with Deacon James Keating Resting on the Heart of Christ special – Discerning Hearts

Deacon Keating reflects on what intimacy with Jesus really means as realized in our experience of prayer and how that relationship can heal our fears.   The writings of St. Peter Eymard are used by Deacon Keating to explore these areas.

A Simple Blueprint for Prayer
“In your prayer, seek to nourish yourself on God, rather than…humbling yourself. To do this: nourish your mind with the truth personified in God’s goodness towards you…his personal love; here is the secret of true prayer. See the action and mind of God IN HIS LOVE FOR YOU! Then, in wonder, your soul will cry out… ‘How good you are my God. What can I do for you? What will please you?’ There is the fire of the furnace.”

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