ROHC-sp6 “Interior Silence” with Deacon James Keating Resting on the Heart of Christ special – Discerning Hearts

Special 6 – Interior Silence

Interior Silence, in particular in the liturgy, is reflected upon by Deacon Keating.   He leads a meditation during a prayer service with priests, on the letter “Spiritual Formation in the Seminaries”  which calls for spiritual silence to be at the core of seminary formation.  Priests are called to be teachers of prayer and directors of spirituality.  Why silence is so vitally important and what are the blocks  to prevent it…the cynicism that reacts to the ideal. The role of discernment and diminishing interference.  If priests have trouble with this, imagine the challenge for the laity.

Deacon Keating is the Director of Theological Formation for the Institute for Priestly Formation at Creighton University.

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