On Retreat with Msgr. John Esseff Day 1 – Discerning Hearts

In January 2012, Msgr. Esseff conducted a weekend retreat for the Deacons and Deacon-Candidates and their wives of  the Diocese of Fargo.

On the evening of the start of the retreat, Msgr. Esseff gave a talk to prepare the hearts and minds of the participants. He explains the importance and value of SILENCE and listening to God. We may be doing too much talking to God and not enough listening. He provides the structure of the hours of prepare and scripture to reflect on and how to pray for the reception of a particular grace.

Msgr. Esseff offers Ephesians 3:14-20, in particular, for reflection. He will later in the talk, give specific scripture for reflection for the hours of prayer.  He discusses our specific calling…from baptism to marriage, the diaconate…what is our identity as Christian.

Be sure to visit Msgr. Esseff’s website “Building A Kingdom of Love”

2 thoughts on “On Retreat with Msgr. John Esseff Day 1 – Discerning Hearts”

  1. Thank you for sharing this talk with us. It is an important message for all who wish to of God’s love and have a meaningful relationship with Him.

    I will use the prayer Msgr John asked the retreatants to prayer in the time of Lent and look at the readings offered.

    I will look forward to the next talk/conference with great expectations and joy.

    May God bless all those who hear these talks and may Blessed Mother Mary keep them safe.

    Alan Forbes


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