Day 1 Novena to the Holy Spirit – Discerning Hearts

Novena to the Holy Spirit

Begin be reciting the following prayer…

O Holy Spirit, Divine Consoler!
I adore you as my True God.
I offer You my whole heart,
and I render You heartfelt thanks
for all the benefits You have bestowed upon the world.
You are the author of all supernatural gifts
and enriched the Blessed Virgin Mary,
the Mother of God,
with all favors,
I ask you to visit me by Your grace and Your love,
and grant me the favor
I so earnestly seek…

State your request here…

O Holy Spirit,
spirit of truth, come into our hearts:

DAY ONEpentecost-holy-spirit-desce

O Holy Spirit,
bestow upon us Your seven holy gifts.
Enlighten our understanding that we may know You.
Give us wisdom that Your will may be clear to us
and that we may accept it.
Grant us the gift of counsel
that we may always perceive what is right.
Fortify us that we may always be capable
of fulfilling Your Divine Will.
Inspire us with the spirit of learning
that we may be able to penetrate more deeply
into the truths that You have revealed.
Let our hearts be steeped in the spirit of childlikeness
that we may bring You joy.
Let us have proper fear of God
that we may never grieve You
or wander from the path of goodness. Give us the fulness of Your gifts
that we may glorify You.

Look with compassion upon us,

O Holy Spirit,
and grant us the favor we seek in this novena…

State your request here…

if it be in accordance with Your Holy Will.

Come, O Holy Spirit,
fill the hearts of your faithful,
and kindle in them the fire of Your love.


 For the complete novena visit :  The Discerning Hearts’ Holy Spirit Novena page

14 thoughts on “Day 1 Novena to the Holy Spirit – Discerning Hearts”

  1. Back doing this again -love it so – put it on my FB page and asked others to join me for this one –
    I will never be able to tell you how much the softness of your voices and the music means to me as they nuture my body, mind, spirit and heart and they all in turn nurture my soul and ready me for the Day He will come for me.

  2. Thank you Terry for linking this wonderful place! Thank you McGregors! I am going to sit with a dying man tonight, as part of the volunteer program, No One Dies Alone, at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital near me in Michigan. This is a very good meditation to start me off on my prayers for tonight.

  3. Thank you Deacon Keating and Chris McGregor for the beautiful novena prayer to the Holy Spirit. I went through many versions of the novena prayer but this one was very touching. God bless you.

  4. God is truly doing great things in my life and I am so thankful. I believe he is setting me up for something good. Thank you lord for all you’ve done for me and bless the creator/creators of this sight in Jesus’s name Amen.

  5. So glad I found this site! Thankyou and God Bless you all!

    Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of the faithful and enkindle in them the Fire of Your Love….

  6. What wonderful food I receive for my soul from this site. I may live far away in Australia but your love of our wonderful faith makes me feel like you are always with me. If ever I am looking for a reminder of just how much God loves us all and that He is always watching over us with His merciful love, I just log on and their you all are, my wonderful friends in Christ. Thank you so very much for taking the time to make such a wonderful gift for all those seeking the love and warmth of our loving God. It is so true that we are all one family on the same journey. I will continue to keep you in my prayers always.
    I would like to give a special thank you to Kris for your comments on many of Discerning Hearts podcasts; it is very obvious the Holy Spirit truly lives in you. You are such an inspiration.
    God Bless,
    Thank you all for being true witnesses to your faith.

  7. Thank You dear Holy Spirit for always hearing and answering my prayers. I continue to pray for Your will to be done for Alan and me. Please let us know what Your will is for us, and please give us the strength to accept. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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