Our Lady of Consolation Novena Day 2 – Mp3 audio and text


Gentle Queen of Heaven, Mary, my Mother,
kindly turn your eyes toward me.
You who are so filled with compassion
and love for all your children on this earth,
be with me now as I kneel before you.

I call to mind, Mary,
the joy you gave to this world.
Your acceptance of the desire
of our loving Father gave all of us Jesus,
our Lord and our Savior.
You in turn, kind Mother,
knew the joy of holding God in your arms,
of guiding His first steps,
of bringing Him to manhood.
It is with a heart filled with gratitude,
dear Mother of God,
that I recall the joys in your life
which have given me a most wonderful Savior.

Blessed Mary, Mother of Consolation,
through the joy you knew with Jesus on earth
and the unending joy of being with Him in heaven,
please pray with me now.
Ask our Lord to assist me in this need of mine.


Grant also, Blessed Mother,
that I may reflect the joy I have in my life.
I am so blessed by Our Lord.
His Gospel of love
must always remain in my heart and on my lips.


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