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Journeying with Jesus – Is Jesus Calling You with Fr. Paul Hoesing

Fr. Paul Hoesing and Kris McGregor discuss the guide for discernment, which is not just for those considering priesthood but for all seeking to discern God’s will in their lives. They explore lessons based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius, emphasizing the importance of encountering Jesus, desiring what he desires, and trusting him. The process involves becoming aware of one’s thoughts, feelings, and desires, understanding them in God’s presence, and taking action. Discernment takes time, akin to the gradual conversion experienced by the apostles.

Fr. Hoesing delves into the incremental nature of discernment, where individuals progress step by step, rather than seeking immediate answers to complex questions. The importance of seminary formation is to provide young men with the necessary human and spiritual development; addressing societal pressures on career decisions and the need for proper human formation, especially in the seminary environment.

The role of spiritual direction is important, guiding individuals through discernment and helping them articulate their prayers and petitions. Fr. Hoesing concludes with reflections on finding peace in Jesus, recognizing his presence, and anchoring oneself in Christ for fruitful discernment.

Discerning Hearts Reflection Questions:

  1. Encountering Jesus and Trusting Him: How does the encounter with Jesus impact one’s discernment process?
  2. Understanding Thoughts, Feelings, and Desires in God’s Presence: Reflect on the importance of becoming aware of one’s thoughts, feelings, and desires in the discernment journey.
  3. Patience in Discernment: How can we cultivate patience in our discernment process, understanding that it takes time?
  4. Incremental Nature of Discernment: Consider the idea of discernment as an incremental journey rather than seeking immediate answers. How does this perspective shift our approach to discernment?
  5. Role of Seminary Formation: Reflect on the significance of seminary formation in providing the necessary human and spiritual development for those discerning priesthood.
  6. Navigating Societal Pressures: How can we navigate societal pressures on career decisions, especially regarding vocations, and prioritize discernment of God’s will?
  7. Importance of Spiritual Direction: Reflect on the role of spiritual direction in guiding individuals through discernment and helping them articulate their prayers and petitions.
  8. Finding Peace in Jesus: How do we recognize and anchor ourselves in the peace that comes from encountering Jesus in our discernment journey?
  9. Closing Reflections: Consider St. Teresa of Jesus’ prayer: “Let nothing trouble you. Let nothing frighten you. Everything passes. God never changes. Patience obtains all.” How does this prayer resonate with your discernment journey?
  10. Prayer for Guidance: Pray for God’s blessing and guidance in your discernment, seeking to live fully and radically in Christ.

Based on “Is Jesus Calling You To Be A Catholic  Priest: A helpful guide”, published by National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Director.

Fr. Paul Hoesing serves at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary as President Rector

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