IJCY3-Is Jesus Calling You? Discerning Your Vocation with Fr. Paul Hoesing episode 3

Is Jesus Calling? A Spiritual Guide to Discerning Your Vocation  with Fr. Paul Hoesing – episode 3: Discerning Your Vocation The Third Spiritual Lesson: Trust God. “When the thought of your vocation comes into your mind and heart, if you keep it to yourself in your mind, dwelling on it over and over trying to figure it out or trying to control it or  trying to get rid of it, then you will be choosing not to trust.”

Questions: Where are the particular classrooms in the general school of dependence where you are being invited to trust in God?  What are the storms in your life that make your mind race causing confusion in you?  Jesus wants do to something for you there. Focus him. Bring it to him. Desire his love in it.





Discerning Your VocationBased on “Is Jesus Calling You To Be A Catholic Priest: A helpful guide”, published by National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Director.

Fr. Paul Hoesing serves as the Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Omaha, NE.
Check out “For Your Vocation.org




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