Feeding us in the desert – Holy Week 2020 with Archbishop George Lucas podcast

Catholic Spiritual Formation - Catholic Spiritual Direction 3

Discerning Hearts special with Archbishop George Lucas of the Archdiocese of Omaha.

In this episode, Archbishop Lucas discusses the challenges we all are facing in the light of the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus.  He reminds us that God is not mad with us, but loves us all more deeply than we could ever know and is pouring out extraordinary grace to individuals as well as to the world.  We want to be sure to open our hearts in order to receive that grace and mercy. He would also ask to us remember that the mass continues to be celebrated by parish priests on behalf of their people and to be open to that grace particularly during this extraordinary Holy Week. We need to trust in God and to show us the way forward.  We should also meet the challenge to notice our neighbors in need. He would encourage all of us to enter into the mystery of Holy Week by reading the scriptures of the mass for the day, to seek out live streams of the liturgy, and to take to be with the Lord during this sacred time.


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