Conference 2: Healing Gifts and Transforming Moments – Yearning for Healing /w Msgr. John Esseff & Sr. Cor Immaculatum Heffernan

Conference 2: Healing Gifts and Transforming Moments – Yearning for Healing /w Msgr. Esseff & Sr. Cor Immaculatum Heffernan – Discerning Hearts Online Retreat

Retreat Directors: Monsignor John A. Esseff and Sister Cor Immaculatum Heffernan, IHM

Conference 2: Healing Gifts and Transforming Moments

    1. Unity of Jesus in Heaven with the Church on Earth through

    Baptism…with Mary as the one who connects/joins/links the Body on earth with Jesus, the Head.

    1. Mary’s love for the people of earth: encouraging, teaching, warning, appearing, interceding
      • Message to Juan Diego

    My dearest son, hear and let it penetrate into your heart: Let nothing discourage you, nothing depress you.

    Let nothing trouble your heart or your mind.

    Do not fear any illness or worry, anxiety or pain. Am I not here who am your Mother?

    Are you not under my shadow and protection?

    Are you not in the folds of my mantle, in the crossing of my arms? Is there anything else that you need?

    During these past months of pandemic – in isolation and uncertainty we have come face-to-face with our beautiful yet fragile world. We have come to realize more deeply than ever before that we are living in a world of poverty, pain, illness, grief, and death…in a world of uncertainty, division, injustice, anger, and frustration…in a world of spiritual darkness where peoples are yearning for light…where there is so much need for healing.

    Now is the time to live with courage, to accept our individual brokenness, to embrace our own wounded-ness – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – and to seek healing. Only then can we put our wounded-ness at the service of others. Only then can we become


    1. Transforming Moments when people encounter Jesus in their lives
      • Mark 5: 1-­‐20  -­‐ Healing of the Gerasene Demoniac

    After healing, Jesus sent him home to proclaim the power of Jesus.

    Today, the power of Jesus to drive out devils resides in His exorcists.

    Acts 9: 1-­‐22   Conversion of Saul powerful transformation Once he encountered Jesus, he became Paul, enflamed with Divine love

    Many Saints had transforming encounters with Jesus in their lives and radiated Christ, shining forth with the Divine Power of grace. They are beautiful examples for us -­‐ and powerful intercessors for our healing.

    1. Sources of Healing
      • The power of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist
      • The power of healing in the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick
      • The power of healing prayer, novenas, Rosary, Stations of the Cross
      • Sacramentals: Sign of the Cross, holy water, blessings
      • Devotional prayer
      • Prayer and protection of the angels
    1. Building a Kingdom of Love Msgr. John A. Esseff Someday Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.

    (see quotations in Handouts)

    Suggestion for personal reflection and prayer

    1. Can I recall some transforming moment in my life where I personally encountered Jesus’ love for me?
    2. How has it changed me, impacted my life?

    HANDOUTS: Quotes

    Building a Kingdom of Love -­‐ Msgr. John A. Esseff

    “A war is raging. Heaven and hell are on a collision course. Because

    many of Jesus’ soldiers are wounded, we need healing. After the healing comes the conquest of love. Muslims are not the enemy. Sinners are not the enemy. Satan is the enemy.

    At first we will be a rag-tag army. Vicious enemies will come against us but we will never abandon the struggle to place the light of Jesus’ love in the lampstand of the world.

    Our weaknesses do not matter. We are earthen vessels, but held by Jesus. Let us work to establish Jesus’ Universal Kingdom of Love. If you believe that the reign of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart will cover the whole world, it will take place.”


    Someday -­‐ Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.


    after mastering the winds, the waves,

    the tides and gravity,

    we will harness for GOD the energies of LOVE and then…

    for the second time in the history of the world

    man will have discovered


Msgr. John A. Esseff is a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Scranton. He served as a retreat director and confessor to St. Teresa of Calcutta. He continues to offer direction and retreats for the sisters of the missionaries of charity.  He has lived in areas around the world, serving in the Pontifical missions, a Catholic organization established by St. Pope John Paul II to bring the Good News to the world especially to the poor. He is a founding member of the Pope Leo XIII Institute. He continues to serve as a retreat leader and director to bishops, priests and sisters and seminarians, and other religious leaders.

Sister Cor Immaculatum Heffernan, IHM is a member of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, PA. “ She holds several degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in English/Art and a Master of Science degree in Counseling, both from Marywood; a Master of Arts degree in Sculpture from the University of Notre Dame; and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Syracuse University. Her multi-faceted life is in itself a masterpiece: she is a teacher, a mentor, and a consultant; she is a sculptor, a harpist, a calligrapher, and a creator of mosaics; she is a counselor, a spiritual director, and above all, she is a servant of God to others”.

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  1. thank you for inspiring session. How good it is to be refreshed with all these tools which have been with us all along…..


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