IP#164 Fr. Robert Spitzer – Cosmic Origins on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

It is always a delight to talk with Fr. Robert Spitzer!  His sure brilliance, combined with his infectious joy and good humor, is so engaging that any topic he leads us on becomes an adventure.  With “Cosmic Origins”, a soon to be released DVD, Fr. Spitzer and a group of physicists and academic heavyweights exploring modern scientific theories about how the universe came to exist.   I would call this a “mathematical apologetic”, which is so beautifully points to the greater “purpose” of our creator, that I couldn’t help but smile through the entire presentation.  Stunning, wonderful…and so much fun!


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Cosmic Origins explains what we know about the beginning and nature of the universe, as well as its transcendent implications in clear, easy-to-understand terms. The 49-minute film weaves together a compelling narrative from academics and credentialed scientists pointing toward a very Catholic understanding of how the universe came to exist.

Cosmic Origins is distributed by Ignatius Press.

IP#263 Trent Horn – Answering Atheism on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

“Answering Atheism: How to Make the Case for God with Logic and Charity” is a compassionately engaging and Trent-Hornintellectually-savvy response to the attacks on the existence of God.  Trent Horn is a welcomed fresh voice in the forum of Catholic apologetics.  Well-researched and thoughtfully presented, this book is a must have for all who wish to defend the faith, but it’s also for those who wish to know and grow in it as well.  In our conversation, we touch on many of the enter points for dialogue which we encounter everyday in discussions with family, friends, co-workers, and how to approach those times of engagement in a Christ-like manner.  A highly recommended book by Trent and, his publisher, the good folks at “Catholic Answers”.



You can find the book here

Answering Atheism gets high grades on the three R’s: It is readable, reasonable, and researched. Its defense of the cosmological argument has depth and detail, yet it is not so technical that you need to take a philosophy course to comprehend it. —Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy, Boston College

I’ve read many works of popular apologetics; this is the best! –Stephen Bullivant, editor, The Oxford Handbook of Atheism

IP#226 Al Kresta – Dangers to the Faith on Inside the Pages part 2

Here is part 2 of our discussion:

With a pastor’s heart and eagle-eye accuracy,  the gifted Al Kresta addresses “Dangers to the Faith: Recognizing Catholicism’s 21st Century Al-KrestaOpponents” in his newest book published by Our Sunday Visitor.     The secular world has presented many twisted versions of the “Truth” over the years: from New Age thought to Isalm,  Scientism to Consumerism, Oprah and Shirley to Bart Erhman and Carl Sagan.  Al Kresta challenges the “opponents” of faith with Christ-like love and wisdom.  In the process, he teaches us all how to evangelize as a true disciple of Christ.  A must have work for all those who may have a seeking heart and a desire to grow in their faith and to share it with family, friends and all they may encounter. One of the best books offered in this Year of Faith….a modern classic that should be in every Catholic home!

Here is part 2 of our discussion:

Dangers-to-the-FaithYou can find the book here

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From the description:

Dangers to the Faith: Recognizing Catholicism’s 21st Century Opponents is the perfect springboard for discussing the new world in which the Catholic Church exists today. Learn how to better carry out the missionary mandate of the Church. The question isn’t whether you will be a witness to Christ, but whether you will be a faithful witness.

IP#70 Michael Flannery – Alfred Russel Wallace on Inside the Pages

“Alfred Russel Wallace: A Rediscovered Life” is a fascinating story of the life, times and work of  a man some have dubbed as “the forgotten naturalist”.   The provocative thesis of Michael Flannery’s new biography is that Wallace, in developing his unique brand of evolution, presaged modern intelligent design theory.  Wallace’s devotion to discovering the truths of nature brought him through a lifetime of research to see genuine design in the natural world. This was Wallace’s ultimate heresy, a heresy that exposed the metaphysical underpinnings of the emerging Darwinian paradigm.  A thought provocative read.

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