Amy Welborn

Amy Welborn

Amy Welborn is the writer of many books, including ‘Here, Now. A Catholic Guide to the Good Life’ and ‘de-coding DaVinci: The Facts Behind the Fiction of The DaVinci Code’. (Our Sunday Visitor) She holds a Master of Arts in Church History from Vanderbilt University.

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IP#58 Amy Welborn – Light of the World on Inside the Pages

An unprecedented book-length interview given by a Pope, Light of the World by German journalist Peter Seewald, is an absolute must for those who look to our Holy Father for guidance and direction as we attempt to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ. I am beyond delighted to have Amy Welborn with us to discuss this important conversation Pope Benedict XVI is actually having with us all.  Amy, the author of numerous books, has written extensively on the teachings of Pope Benedict; I couldn’t have anyone better to go “Inside the Pages” of this work that tackles some the greatest issues facing the world today.

Check out Amy Welborn’s blog  “Charlotte was Both

You can find our more at the website for Ignatius Press


IP#88 Amy Welborn – Flannery O’Connor, her life and work on Inside the Pages

Flannery O’Connor is challenging, engaging, funny and heartbreaking, she is a spiritual master and one of America’s greatest writers. She is absolutely one of my favorite writers of all time!  She is NOT to be missed.  Flannery O’Connor has said that “Grace must wound, before it can heal”.  That is what her work does; she holds a mirror up to our faces and asks, “So…who (or what) do you see?”

Amy Welborn is a master apologist for the work of Flannery O’Connor.  I could think of no one better to talk to about O’Connor’s work.  Be sure to check out Amy’s blog “Charlotte was Both”.  I love it and visit everyday!  I’ll go out on the same limb with Amy and say I think she is a saint (just not declared as one…yet).



IP#144 Amy Welborn – Wish You Were Here on Inside the Pages

Well, it would be difficult to write a book more poignant and compelling than this…obviously, it came straight from the heart.  Amy Welborn uses her incredible gift with words to paint an unforgettable picture of how grief and regret can be transformed, by grace, into hope.  It’s  a journey on a winding, sometimes bumpy road.  But what Amy has discovered through the help of her husband Mike, her kids, the land of Sicily, and ultimately, God, is that it is really true, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.   As she says, “tragedy and joy, loss and understanding death and life are constantly mixed together…and the beauty of the Catholic faith is that it is all there….we have the whole picture.”  Its about faith, about hope, about love..and that is what is really eternal.

You can find the book here

“Amy Welborn’s latest book is a must-read spiritual treasure. It reveals not only the heart-wrenching dynamics of grief but also the odd and wonderful way grace illumines even the thickest darkness. Funny, engagingly written, spiritually profound, Wish You Were Here is a gem.”  –Fr. Robert Barron, author of Catholicism.

Be sure to visit Amy’s blog’s Charlotte Was Both

and “Booked” the travel blog –

IP#186 Ann Engelhart – Be Saints! on Inside the Pages

“Be Saints!  An invitation from Pope Benedict XVI”, edited by Amy Welborn and illustrated by Ann Engelhart is simply wonderful, a must for every family library.  Marvelous for children and adults alike, this compilation is taken from the talks given by Pope Benedict to children during his 2010 visit to England.  In this conversation with Ann Engelhart, we discuss this work.  We  also discuss the nature of art and beauty, in particular for children, and it’s ability to evangelize.

You can find the book here

From the description:

In this very colorful book by acclaimed artist Ann Englehart, the Pope’s words come to life as he interacts with the children, showing all children how only God can satisfy the deepest needs of our hearts.

Interspersed are prayers and quotes from various saints including Saint Francis, Saint Ignatius, Mother Teresa, St. Paul, St. Peter and more. They all emphasize that the most important thing we can become in this life is a Saint, a true friend of Jesus.



Interview with Bruce and Kris McGregor about ‘The Da Vinci Code Mysteries part 1

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Interview with Bruce and Kris McGregor about ‘The Da Vinci Code Mysteries part 2’

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