LSB2 – The Grace of Detachment – The Life of St. Benedict – The Holy Rule of St. Benedict w/ Fr. Mauritius Wilde O.S.B – Discerning Hearts Podcast

The Life of St. Benedict pt 2 – The Grace of Detachment

In this podcast episode, Father Mauritius and the host, Kris McGregor, explore the life of St. Benedict and specifically delve into the role of his mother in his spiritual journey. St. Benedict’s decision to abandon his studies in Rome and pursue a life of solitude is discussed, along with the symbolic incident of a broken tray miraculously restored. The broken tray represents the detachment from his motherly figure, and the podcast delves into the psychological aspects of this detachment.

Father Mauritius emphasizes that while Benedict’s departure from his father was relatively easier, separating from the motherly influence was more challenging. The discussion touches on the archetypal roles of fathers and mothers, highlighting the natural difficulty mothers face in letting their children go.

The concept of detachment is explored in the context of societal expectations and familial bonds. Father Mauritius emphasizes the importance of inner maturity and responding to a deeper call rather than adhering to external age-based expectations. The podcast draws parallels with other saints, such as St. Monica and Edith Stein, who faced challenges in detachment from their mothers.

The conversation also touches on the need for mothers to trust their children’s spiritual journey and the significance of finding a balance between detachment and attachment. Father Mauritius suggests a test for determining the level of detachment by assessing one’s feelings when returning home or interacting with parents.

The podcast concludes with reflections on the enduring influence of parents, even after their passing, and the necessity of finding peace in relationships with parents through prayer and understanding.

Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts:

  1. Detachment and Spiritual Journey: Reflect on your own spiritual journey. In what ways have you experienced detachment from societal expectations or familial bonds in response to a deeper call?
  2. Symbolism of the Broken Tray: Consider the symbolism of the broken tray in St. Benedict’s story. Are there aspects of your life where you have experienced brokenness, and how might this relate to detachment and spiritual growth?
  3. Challenges of Detachment: Father Mauritius discusses the challenges of detachment, especially from maternal figures. How do you perceive the challenges of detachment in your own life? Are there areas where detachment is difficult for you?
  4. Inner Process of Detachment: Father Mauritius emphasizes that detachment is an inner process. Reflect on your own journey of inner maturity. How have you grown in detachment, and in what areas do you still find it challenging?
  5. Trusting in the Spiritual Journey: Consider the importance of trust in the spiritual journey. How can parents trust in the spiritual paths of their children? Reflect on the balance between guidance and allowing space for their spiritual growth.
  6. Test for Detachment: Father Mauritius suggests a test for detachment based on feelings when returning home. How do you feel when revisiting your family or interacting with your parents? What might your feelings reveal about your level of detachment?
  7. Peace in Relationships: Reflect on the idea of finding peace in relationships with parents. How can prayer and understanding contribute to a peaceful relationship with your parents, whether they are alive or have passed away?
  8. Role Models in Detachment: Explore the lives of saints like St. Benedict, St. Monica, and Edith Stein, who faced challenges in detachment. How can their experiences serve as role models for navigating detachment in your own spiritual journey?

From the Life of Our Most Holy Father St. Benedict by St. Gregory the Great:

Catholic Devotional Prayers and Novenas - Mp3 Audio Downloads and Text 1THERE was a man of venerable life, Benedict by name and grace, who from the time of his very childhood carried the heart of an old man. His demeanour indeed surpassing his age, he gave himself no disport or pleasure, but living here upon earth he despised the world with all the glory thereof, at such time as he might have most freely enjoyed it. He was born in the province of Nursia of honourable parentage and sent to Rome to study the liberal sciences. But when he saw there many through the uneven paths of vice run headlong to their own ruin, he drew back his foot, but new-set in the world, lest, in the search of human knowledge, he might also fall into the same dangerous precipice. Contemning therefore learning and studies and abandoning his father’s house and goods, he desired only to please God in a virtuous life. Therefore he departed skilfully ignorant and wisely unlearned.

Father Mauritius Wilde, OSB, Ph.D., did his philosophical, theological and doctoral studies in Europe. He is the author of several books and directs retreats regularly. He serves as Prior at Sant’Anselmo in Rome. For more information about the ministry of the Missionary Benedictines of Christ the King Priory in Schuyler, Ne