St. Lawrence, THE model for today’s deacon with Deacon James Keating – Discerning Hearts

Deacon James Keating, of the Institute for Priestly Formation, speaks about “The Role of Deacon” and St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence of Rome was one of the seven deacons of ancient Rome who were martyred during the persecution of Valerian in 258.

His story is so touching (click here for a thorough telling). He models the charism of diakonia…genuine “ministry” of the gospel in the heart of the Church.  He witnessed to and lived out the command of Our Lord as found in Matthew 25.  Oh…to truly know modern day deacons in the order of Lawrence…

Often we see holy cards that depict Lawrence fully vested and holding what looks like a rack from a Weber kettle.  But his martyrdom was actually horrific and deserving of deeper reflection.  He could have avoided it, given the Roman official what he desired and spared his own life…but he didn’t.  The grace he received to bear witness lives for the centuries as a tremendous testimony of faith speaking out in truth and love…no matter what.  The image below is by Titian, and is the one I hold in my heart for St. Lawrence.

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