MM6 – A Marian Moment – Reflections on the Blessed Virgin Mary


From the writings of Blessed John Henry Newman

Mary is called golden because her graces, her virtues, her innocence, her purity, are of that transcendent brilliancy and dazzling perfection, so costly, so exquisite, that the angels cannot, so to say, keep their eyes off her any more than we could help gazing upon any great work of gold. But observe further: She is a golden house, or I will rather say, a golden palace.

She is the house and the palace of the great King, of God himself. Our Lord, the coequal Son of God, once dwelt in her. He was her Guest; no, more than a guest, for a guest comes into a house as well as leaves it. But our Lord was actually born in this holy house. He took his flesh and his blood from this house, from the flesh, from the veins of Mary.

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