MM5 – A Marian Moment – Reflections on the Blessed Virgin Mary


From the writings of St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Blessed Lady, you found grace;
you brought forth Life;
you became the mother of salvation.
Gain for us the grace to turn to your Son through you.
And let your humility, so pleasing to God,
gain forgiveness for our vanity.
Let your abundant charity cover the multitude of our sins,
and let your glorious fruitfulness conceive in us a fruitfulness of merits.
Reconcile us to your Son, entrust us to him, and present us to him.
Blessed Virgin, by the grace you found with God,
by the favor you merited, by the mercy he has granted you, gain for us this favor:
Let the One who, through you, came down to share our weakness and affliction,
make us share, through you,
his glory and blessedness—
Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, who is above all,
God forever blessed!




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