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In Conversation with Fr. Joseph Fessio – He Gave Us So Much: A Tribute to Benedict XVI by Robert Cardinal Sarah

Fr. Joseph Fessio

In this episode, Evan Collins interviews Fr. Joseph Fessio about a new book paying tribute to Pope Benedict XVI written by Cardinal Robert Sarah.  The book is celebrated for its deep spiritual insights and reflections on the lives of saints, particularly focusing on Pope Benedict XVI’s rich theological legacy and potential for canonization.

Fr. Fessio shares his personal connection to Pope Benedict XVI, describing him as a mentor and friend, and highlights Cardinal Sarah’s relationship with the late pope, drawing parallels between their spiritual and theological journeys. The book is described as a heartfelt tribute, offering a unique perspective on Pope Benedict XVI’s spiritual and theological contributions through Cardinal Sarah’s lens, including previously unpublished writings that showcase the depth of Benedict XVI’s thoughts on faith, spirituality, and the church.

The discussion also delves into the broader impact of Pope Benedict XVI’s work, emphasizing his humility, profound theological insight, and dedication to guiding the faithful toward a deeper understanding of their faith and the Church’s teachings. Fr. Fessio and Collins discuss the significance of the catechism, the importance of tradition, and the legacy of theological scholarship represented by figures like Ratzinger, de Lubac, and von Balthasar.

Throughout the conversation, both Collins and Fr. Fessio highlight the enduring relevance of Pope Benedict XVI’s teachings, his approach to theology as a means of encountering the divine, and the transformative power of his writings on individuals’ spiritual lives. The episode paints a picture of Pope Benedict XVI not just as a theologian but as a spiritual master whose life and work continue to inspire and guide the faithful toward a deeper relationship with God.

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  1. Spiritual Mentorship and Legacy: Reflect on the role of spiritual mentorship in your own faith journey. How has the guidance of spiritual leaders like Pope Benedict XVI or other mentors in your life influenced your understanding and practice of the Catholic faith?
  2. The Theology of Relation and Self-Giving: Pope Benedict XVI emphasized the importance of going beyond oneself in self-giving and forming relationships to truly find oneself in the image of the Triune God. How can you apply this theology of relation and self-giving in your daily life to grow closer to God and to others?
  3. The Richness of Catholic Tradition: The conversation highlights the depth and breadth of Catholic tradition, including the works of theologians like Ratzinger, de Lubac, and von Balthasar. How does engaging with the Church’s intellectual and spiritual heritage enrich your personal faith and understanding of Catholicism?
  4. The Liturgy as the Center of Spiritual Life: Pope Benedict XVI is described as a “homo liturgicus,” with the liturgy at the center of his life. Reflect on your own experience of the liturgy. How does active participation in the liturgy enhance your spiritual life and relationship with the divine?
  5. Encountering Christ in the Marginalized: The episode recounts Pope Benedict XVI’s profound encounter with a disfigured child, where he saw and affirmed her beauty and dignity. How does this story inspire you to see and serve Christ in the marginalized and suffering in your own community?