IJCY5-Is Jesus Calling You with Fr. Paul Hoesing episode 5

Is Jesus Calling? A Spiritual Guide to Discerning Your Vocational Call with Fr. Paul Hoesing – episode 5: The Sixth Spiritual Lesson: Your fear is from the spirit against Christ. “God does not reveal himself through fear, pressure or confusion.  This where the spirit against Christ reveals himself.”

Questions: What are your ideas and images of god the Father and how do they differ from what Jesus teaches us about the Father?  Do you see the Father as someone who pressures you to do things?  Where does fear drive your relationship with the Father?  Recall your latest experience of peace, stillness, clarity and gratitude in God and believe that that is how the Father draws you?

The Seventh Spiritual Lesson: God’s will is found in your will when you are in Christ. “God’s will, His desire for you, is not out there somwhere!  It is found in your own desire when you are in Christ!  That is the will of God for you!”

Questions: Does the thought of the priesthood come into your thoughts, feelings and desires when you are experiencing the peaceful presence of God?



Based on “Is Jesus Calling You To Be A Catholic Priest: A helpful guide”, published by National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Director.

Fr. Paul Hoesing serves as the Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Omaha, NE.
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