HP3 – The Healing Nature of Prayer – The Heart of Prayer with Fr. Éamonn Bourke – Discerning Hearts Podcast

HP3 – The Healing Nature of Prayer – The Heart of Prayer with Fr. Éamonn Bourke

Fr. Éamonn Bourke and Kris McGregor discuss the why, how, and what of “prayer”.  In this episode, they explore the healing nature of prayer.  They examine the many wounds we can bring to our prayer and the Father’s great desire to heal our pain.

Here is an excerpt from their conversation:

Kris McGregor

Prayer requires a soul to be vulnerable in order to ask the Lord to help enlighten you about areas that He sees that we’re kind of closing our eye. It’s not something that we’re maybe intentionally doing, but again, just asking the Lord, “Okay, help me. Help me to see what you see to help me to understand how you understand me.”

Fr. Éamonn Bourke:

Oh, I think so. I think even making that prayer your own. Like, “Lord, help me to see myself as you see me.” Because one thing we can become used to our sin and our brokenness that we don’t even notice that it’s having an effect in our lives and our sinfulness can really affect the way we live our life each and every day. We can sometimes get used to, I go out to meet my friends, I can be a bit ratty and a bit snappy or that kind sort of actually look, that’s me. Or I should be making a cup of tea for someone doing a job, but look, I’m used to my own kind of comfort and that kind of stuff. Or I really find it hard to stand up in front of people and talk and like that’s just me. I can’t do that because no one will want to hear me or whatever it is that we’re really grappling with.

Honesty around that helps us to recognize, “Well, actually, Lord, what’s stopping me from doing this? What’s the blockage that’s in my life that’s causing me to maybe think of myself or to wallow in self-pity or to think of myself before others. Like what’s broken and wounded in myself that’s causing me to act in this way? Because I really want to be a generous person. I want to be a loving person. I want to be a person of joy and hope in the world, but there’s something holding me back and I’m just not really sure what’s holding me back. So please enlighten me to the area of my life that’s causing me to be weighed down so that I can allow you in to heal.”

Father Éamonn Bourke is a priest of the Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland and served as Vocations Director for the diocese, as well as Pastor in a number of its parishes. Trained as a spiritual director in the contemplative style, he now serves as Chaplain to University College, Dublin, the largest University in Ireland.

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