FJ9 – Remembering Our COVID Experience and Lessons for the Future – The Final Journey with Dr. Stephen Doran M.D. – Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts

Episode 9 – Remembering Our COVID Experience and Lessons for the Future – The Final Journey with Dr. Stephen Doran, M.D.

In this episode, Dr. Stephen Doran and Kris McGregor discuss the psychological and spiritual impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly regarding how individuals and society have responded to the prolonged stress and challenges it has brought, especially for those in the nursing and caregiving professions. Dr. Doran highlights the story of a young nurse as an example of the former.

Dr. Doran and Kris make a particular note of the interconnectedness of physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being and the importance of maintaining faith, hope, and gratitude in the face of adversity.

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Stephen Doran, M.D., a board-certified neurosurgeon with over twenty-five years of experience, is an ordained permanent deacon and serves as the bioethicist for the Archdiocese of Omaha. His writings in bioethics, neurosurgery, and gene therapy for brain disorders have been widely published in national media outlets, academic journals, and neurosurgery textbooks. He is married with five sons. He co-founded Seeking Truth Catholic Bible Study with his wife, Sharon.

Discerning Hearts reflection questions for this episode:

  1. Psychological Impact: How has the prolonged pandemic affected your mental well-being and perception of challenges?
  2. Virtue Cultivation: In what ways can you cultivate virtues like faith, hope, and gratitude in your daily life?
  3. Discernment Practice: Are you actively discerning and responding to the movements of your heart, especially regarding fear and death?
  4. Spiritual Awareness: How do you view death as a transition, considering the eternal nature of the soul?
  5. Appreciating Caregivers: Reflect on your gratitude towards healthcare workers and other service providers.
  6. Preparation for Adversity: How can you spiritually prepare for future challenges or crises, both personally and as a society?
  7. Integration of Body and Soul: Do you acknowledge the spiritual dimension of your being and prioritize caring for your soul?
  8. Gratitude in Daily Life: How can you maintain a sense of gratitude for the small acts of service others provide in your daily life?

You can find the book here.

From the book description:

Dr. Stephen Doran draws from his vast experience as a neurosurgeon, a bioethicist, and a permanent deacon to present the Catholic perspective on the art of dying well. The spiritual and moral issues related to death and the process of dying can be challenging and complicated. To Die Well provides a detailed yet readily understandable guide to these topics.

Each chapter begins with a story from Dr. Doran’s personal or professional life that not only provides context for the topic at hand but also gently draws the reader toward the personal realities of dying. The first part focuses on the moral issues that surround death and dying, including end-of-life medical decisions. The second part is devoted to the Catholic spiritual understanding of dying and the rites that accompany the death of a Catholic.

To Die Well will help readers contemplate, pray about, and prepare for the end of their earthly lives.