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Episode 5 – Saving a Life or Prolonging a Death  – The Final Journey with Dr. Stephen Doran, M.D.

In this episode, Dr. Stephen Doran and Kris McGregor engage in a thoughtful discussion on the delicate topic of withdrawing care from individuals grappling with severe illnesses. Dr. Doran emphasizes the intricacies and moral considerations that surround such decisions, underlining the significance of understanding the patient’s prognosis, level of function, age, and unique circumstances.

The discussion delves into the multifaceted nature of pain, encompassing emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions. It underscores the necessity of adopting a holistic approach in medical care, recognizing the interconnectedness of these elements. Ventilators emerge as a focal point, with Dr. Doran addressing the ethical and emotional challenges confronted by caregivers, families, and medical professionals when deciding on life-prolonging measures.

Dr. Doran acknowledges the grace inherent in a holy death and the importance of understanding that withdrawing life support doesn’t equate to causing the person’s death. Instead, it signifies allowing a natural transition. The conversation seeks to provide guidance and support for caregivers navigating the intricate decisions involved in end-of-life care.

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Stephen Doran, M.D., a board-certified neurosurgeon with over twenty-five years of experience, is an ordained permanent deacon and serves as the bioethicist for the Archdiocese of Omaha. His writings in bioethics, neurosurgery, and gene therapy for brain disorders have been widely published in national media outlets, academic journals, and neurosurgery textbooks. He is married with five sons. He co-founded Seeking Truth Catholic Bible Study with his wife, Sharon.

Discerning Hearts reflection questions for this episode:

  1. Personal Values and End-of-Life Decisions: How do personal values and faith influence decisions about end-of-life care? Reflect on how your beliefs would shape your choices in a similar situation.
  2. The Role of Spirituality in Suffering: Dr. Doran discusses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of pain. Reflect on how spirituality can help individuals cope with suffering, especially during terminal illness.
  3. Ethical Considerations in Withdrawing Care: Consider the ethical dilemmas that arise when deciding to withdraw medical treatment. How can families navigate these complex decisions while honoring the dignity of the patient?
  4. Family Dynamics in Healthcare Decisions: Reflect on the importance of communication within families during critical healthcare decisions. How can families ensure that all voices are heard and respected?
  5. Impact of Healthcare Providers’ Communication: How does the approach and communication of healthcare providers affect the decision-making process for families in end-of-life situations?
  6. Balancing Hope and Reality in Treatment Decisions: Reflect on the balance between maintaining hope and facing the reality of a terminal prognosis. How can patients and families navigate this delicate balance?
  7. Moral Responsibility in End-of-Life Choices: Consider the feelings of guilt or responsibility family members may experience when making end-of-life decisions. How can individuals reconcile these feelings with the reality of the situation?
  8. Lessons from Patient Stories: Reflect on the stories of Mary and Roberta shared in the podcast. What can we learn from their experiences about grace, courage, and acceptance in the face of terminal illness?
  9. Role of Prayer in Difficult Decisions: How can prayer and spiritual guidance aid in making tough decisions about end-of-life care?
  10. Preparing for End-of-Life Decisions: What steps can individuals take now to prepare for potential end-of-life decisions, both for themselves and their loved ones?

You can find the book here

From the book description:

Dr. Stephen Doran draws from his vast experience as a neurosurgeon, a bioethicist, and a permanent deacon to present the Catholic perspective on the art of dying well. The spiritual and moral issues related to death and the process of dying can be challenging and complicated. To Die Well provides a detailed yet readily understandable guide to these topics.

Each chapter begins with a story from Dr. Doran’s personal or professional life that not only provides context for the topic at hand but also gently draws the reader toward the personal realities of dying. The first part focuses on the moral issues that surround death and dying, including end-of-life medical decisions. The second part is devoted to the Catholic spiritual understanding of dying and the rites that accompany the death of a Catholic.

To Die Well will help readers contemplate, pray about, and prepare for the end of their earthly lives.