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Prayer for St. Padre Pio’s IntercessionSaint Padre Pio or St. Pio of Pietrelcina (25 May 1887 – 23 September 1968) was a Capuchin priest from Italy and is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. He was popularly known as Padre Pio after his ordination to the priesthood. He became famous after receiving the “Stigmata“. On 16 June 2002, he was canonized a saint by Pope John Paul II. Padre Pio is the Patron saint of Confessors, Catholic Adolescents and Civil Defense Volunteers.

 offered by Msgr. John Esseff

Prayer for Healing

Beloved Padre Pio,
Today I come to add my prayer to the thousands of prayers offered to thee every day by those who love and venerate thee. They ask for cures and healings, earthly and spiritual blessings, and peace for body and mind. And because of thy friendship with the Lord, He heals those thou doth ask to be healed, and forgives those thou forgiveth.

Through thy visible wounds of the Cross, which thou didst bear for fifty years, thou wert chosen in our time to glorify the crucified Jesus. Because the Cross has been replaced by other symbols, please help us to bring it back in our midst, for we acknowledge it is the only true sign of salvation. As we lovingly recall the wounds that pierced thy hands, feet and side, we not only remember the blood thou didst shed in pain, but thy smile, and the invisible halo of sweet-smelling flowers that surrounded thee, the perfume of sanctity.

In thy kindness, please help me with my own special request:

[mention here your petition, making the Sign of the Cross]

Bless me and my loved ones. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Pio

  O God, Thou didst give Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, Capuchin priest, the great privilege of participating in a unique way in the Passion of Thy Son, grant me through his intercession the grace of . .  .  [name your request] which I ardently desire; and above all grant me the grace of living in conformity with the death of Jesus, to arrive at the glory of the resurrection.

Glory be to the Father . . . [three times].

Prayer for St. Padre Pio’s Intercession

Stay With Me, Lord Prayer
 by Padre Pio

Stay with me, Lord, for it is necessary to have Thee present so that I do not forget Thee. Thou knowest how easily I abandon Thee.

Stay with me, Lord, because I am weak, and I need Thy strength that I may not fall so often.

Stay with me, Lord, for Thou art my light, and without Thee I am in darkness.

Stay with me, Lord, to show me Thy will.

Stay with me, Lord, so that I hear Thy voice and follow Thee.

Stay with me, Lord, for I desire to love Thee very much and to be in Thy company always.

Stay with me, Lord, if Thou wisheth me to be faithful to Thee.

Stay with me, Lord, for as poor as my soul is I want it to be a place of consolation for Thee, a nest of love.

Stay with me, Jesus, for it is getting late and the day is coming to a close, and life passes; death, judgment, eternity approaches. It is necessary to renew my strength, so that I will not stop along the way and for that, I need Thee. It is getting late and death approaches, I fear the darkness, the temptations, the dryness, the cross, the sorrows. O how I need Thee, my Jesus, in this night of exile!

Stay with me tonight, Jesus, in life with all it’s dangers. I need Thee.

Let me recognize Thee as Thy disciples did at the breaking of the bread, so that the Eucharistic Communion be the Light which disperses the darkness, the force which sustains me, the unique joy of my heart.

Stay with me, Lord, because at the hour of my death, I want to remain united to Thee, if not by communion, at least by grace and love.

Stay with me, Jesus, I do not ask for Divine consolation, because I do not merit it, but the gift of Thy Presence, oh yes, I ask this of Thee!

Stay with me, Lord, for it is Thou alone I look for, Thy Love, Thy Grace, Thy Will, Thy Heart, Thy Spirit because I love Thee and ask no other reward but to love Thee more and more.

With a firm love, I will love Thee with all my heart while on earth and continue to love Thee perfectly during all eternity. Amen

Prayer for St. Padre Pio’s Intercession

Chaplet of St. Padre Pio
(contains medal, Crucifix, and 3 sets of 3 brown beads)]

Oh Jesus, full of grace and charity, victim for sinners, so impelled by Thy love of us that Thou didst will to die on the Cross, I humbly entreat Thee to glorify in Heaven and on earth, the servant of God, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, who generously participated in Thy sufferings, who loved Thee so much and laboured so faithfully for the glory of Thy heavently Father and for the good of souls.  With confidence, I beseech Thee to grant me, through his intercession, the grace of (mention your intentions) which I ardently desire.

Say 3 Our Father’s, 3 Hail Mary’s and 3 Glorias.

Prayer for St. Padre Pio’s Intercession

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  1. I just want to post a thankyou to St. PIo ministry that i visited the Tomb of St. PIo during my Rome Pilgrimage last 1-11 September 2011. and a mirahel happend to my husband who was sick for minor stroke, stress, diabetic last october and when i prayed in Rome he got healed when i returned home. All glory to God for St. pio’s healing.

    with the love of Jesus,

    Concilia Sukina- Papua new Guinea.

  2. Please help me.I’m not able to visit St.Pio’s tombo. If anybody is visiting St.Pio’s tomb can you place my prayer request on St.Pio’s tomb.My wife has left me and she wants a divorce.I love my wife a lot and I don’t want to divorce her.Please dear St.Pio,I don’t have money neither resources to visit your tomb.Please from here I pray to you to plead to Jesus through Mother Mary to save my marriage,that my wife be reconciled with me.Please save my marriage dear saint.Please for God’s sake save my marriage.Please help.

  3. Could you sendthis to Saint Pio tomb? Thank you Please pray for my daughter Sara for back injury and C.R.A.P.(under mayo clinic) disease that makes her very sensitive to painShe is on very strong narcotic medications. Also son Daniel for alcoholism and homelessness and my self to quit smoking have a way to mass and Ineed financial blessings and conversion of children and I would like good catholic spouces for children Thank you saint Pio Sara is 35 told by doctor she may be in wheelchair by age 50 if not healed.

  4. Fr Pio please help me with enough funds to clear all my debts that i may be free from stress and worry Please keep debtors away from my door Please help me find the house exchange close to pal Please help Ray and i to sort out our relationship once and for all with love and rspect for each other please heal pat and rosemary and gave them a sign that yes god is real Thank you

  5. Matthew Manu – Just wanted to encourage you in your prayers for your marriage. St. Pio was instrumental in healing my marriage in 1999, on May 2 – the day of his beatification. Through frequent reception of the sacraments of Holy Communion, confession and the daily rosary, Padre Pio intervened on our behalf. He will help you and I too will pray for healing of your marriage.

  6. Please pray for my siister Monica who is suffering for many yaers and now the octors left the case. I am not able to visit Fr. Pio tomb. Plz pray for my sisiter and family members to take corage

  7. Dear All,

    Please help us pray for my husband to find a job, he’s been out of job for 7 months now. We pray in Jesus name that he will finally get a job and continuously be a blessing to other people.

    Thanks & God bless,

  8. St Rita, St Jude St Anthony please please pray for my parents. Please pray that they will recover their health & that they will live a long & healthy & happy life. Please pray that the heart health issues & anxiety that my mother has will not be as great. Please pray that the melanoma my father has will be able to be localized & not be bad. Please pray to Our Blessed mother to place these prayers before her son . Please pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for my parents and their health.

  9. During the birth of my 2nd son, he was diagnosed with shortening of limbs ( both hands & legs ). Also, excess fluid was found in his brain. He is suffering from a condition known as Dandy Walker Syndrome. Due to which even though he is 2 Years, he is unable to walk & Speak.

    I request you to please Pray for my Baby.

  10. St. Padre Pio,

    Kindly pray for my following petitions.

    For getting me fire anointment of the Holy Spirit with all the gifts and fruits, complete physical, mental and spiritual healing, transformation of my wife as a very loving wife and a spiritual person, getting me transferred to HRD with promotion & salary increment,to perform well in HRD, getting peace and happiness in my job, getting 1 month annual leave as a staff rule, to get leave for attending Br.Sabu Aruthottyil’s residential retreat and to attend our parish feast in Jan 2013, to study well and to pass MBA with high marks and to get another promotion Assistant Manager/Manager, to serve God with my wife and children, also for material prosperity, also to come my wife and children frequently to stay with me in Bahrain, my stomach to become reduced

    Dear St. Padre Pio please pray for me.


  12. Please pray for me for God’s divine protection. I have been having some difficulty in the office lately. Some persons in my place of work have conspired to blackmail me so that I could paint me black before our boss. May the lord intervene for me and safe my job from the evil plans of the enemy.

  13. Please pray for my son-in-law Naveen and his Parents to make a good confession.Bless their Family and solve their financial problems.St Padre Pio pray for us.

  14. Please pray for the healing of Inge Niznik who is undergoing chemotherapy for a cancerous growth that was found behind her lungs in her back. Please pray for her complete healing in body and spirit.

    God Bless

  15. Please pray for me. My husband wants a divorce and is very depressed in himself. please pray that his depression lifts and he can see the wonderful marriage and future we can have. Please Padre Pio I have turned to you many times before and always felt your presence. Please help me now.

  16. Padre Pio, please help and pray for me. I want to financially help my sister and brother-in-law as they’re in dire need of help right now. Please pray that my daughter and husband get over their resentments with each other and that we become a family again. Please pray and help my husband find a job and get over his depression. Please Padre Pio pray for us and have mercy on us. Please pray and help us, my siblings and I, reconcile before its too late for us. Please Padre Pio. Pray for us.

  17. St Pio, I implore your intercession for my brother who is seriously ill and needs lots of prayers, please let him be cured of his cancers and may we have more time together and praise you always,
    Please pray for us
    God Bless us and have mercy on us all.

  18. Dear Padre Pio,
    I know that you are very busy but I humbly ask You please give me a sign in the case that is known to You. I pray for conversion of the person known to you but maybe I should stop and move forward. Maybe my hopes are naive. Please padre if you are allowed, give me some sign what to do.

  19. Please pray for me to gain healing of the kidneys, hypertension, angina, ulcers, i am also in need of a job and a husband and family one day . thank you stay blessed ayo

  20. My cousin laura may die from DIC. Your and Jesus’s intersecion are greatly needed at this time. As you and her grandmother wait at the gates of heaven be patient. Thy will be done

  21. Dear Padre Pio, please intercede for me to find a job as soon as possible so that I may be working in March. Also, please grant me a total healing of mind, body and soul. Thank you so much.

  22. Dear Beloved St. Pio

    Please intercede for me to find lasting secure employment that will enable me to be financially independent and move forward with my life now. I have been praying for years. I have no job or a male life partner whom I can share my life with.. Dear God I am willing to stop struggling and put my whole situation in your hands. Show me how and allow my life to unfold. Please help me in my situation to meet new people, get married and find stable employment as soon as possible doing what I love and serving a blessed purpose. Many blessings to you and thank you for answering my prayers and bringing me peace, protection and reassurance.

    In Christ
    Love your spiritual daughter

  23. St.Padre Pio,

    Requesting your valuable prayers, especially during Holy Mass for my wife who is going through a tough first trimester, mentally and physically, of our third pregnancy. Please pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery of a healthy child.

  24. Dear Padre Pio,
    I am not that strong as you were, not that humble also my trust is not as yours, often I have no more power to deal with my problems and I can often loose hope. I ask you to pray for me and my loved once. Please ask Lord to give us needed graces, to give us His peace and strong hope for better tomorrow.Padre I ask you to take care of me and my loved ones and to pray for us so once we die Lord in his mercy will forgive us our sins and will grant us with eternal life. Padre Pio please never forget me and my family in your prayers, let us be your spiritual children .

  25. st. padre pio, i am requesting your vauable prayer for my son christy to preapre his mind for a good married life and to get a good godfearing girl as his partner

  26. Please Dear Virgen Mary and Padre Pio, pray for my entire family for I love them all so very much. It seems we all have been having so many health problems…I desparately need a miracle of healing of mind, body and spirit. Each day is harder to move forward…help I beg you.

  27. I am in an urgent need of a prayer. I am going through very challenging and difficult time. I amnot sure how much more I can take. Please pray for me, my unborn baby and its father-Eham, who has a trouble accepting and loving this baby and wants me to do the abortion. Please help me pray for his change of heart and make him understand that life is a precious gift and that we are very sad and we need him now. My heart is breaking because Eham was such a good person and now it seems like devil lives in his heart and he hates this little baby.. Please pray for him. Please. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless you!

  28. Dear Father..pls pray for to solve all the problems between me and my would be…need prayer our marriage also as soon as possible

  29. Please pray for me that I will be healed I am feeling so bad with all my emotional hurt over the years and plese help me through this tough time with my health I so much want to find health and happiness.

  30. Please pray for me…my relation with my would me is not moving fine…everyday fighting for unwanted reasons..i need a peaceful life…st pio pls intercede for me and my would be….

  31. Dear St Padre Pio ..thank you for answering the prayer which I asked for my would be for solving his passport issues which he was facing since seven years..the problems are solved within 2 days which was suppose to take several months…thank you jesus..mary…joseph…and father pio

  32. Dear St. Padre Pio,
    Please help me and my brothers to get employment so that we can be able to support each other, our parents plus and friend who are supporting us all this time.
    Also next month am doing my exams please help me pass and give me a free mind.


  34. Please pray for my immediate family who are rather lukewarm and worldly and I worry very much about their salvation. Please pray for my cousin who has breast cancer and my other cousin who has autism and other behavioral issues.

  35. Dear Padre Pio I pray to you that my sisters scan results will show that she is free from Cancer and I thank you for hearing my prayers when she was first diagnosed in 2010 and for giving her a full recovery. Please once again Padre Pio pray for my sisters full health that all her annual results will be clear THANK YOU PADRE PIO FOR ALWAYS HEARING MY PRAYERS X

  36. Please heal my family after a fight. Please bring forgiveness and self-control into their hearts.
    Please pray for physical healing for Paul. Please pray also for the salvation all I’ve known particularly Myles, Elizabeth, Alana, Amy, Cheyenne, Erin, Marianne, Carey, Kimmler, Clare, Joe, Alan, Jim, Dave, Vicki, Rachel, Veronica, and Kurt

  37. Padre Pio,
    Please heal a friend of mine..Restore his health and keep hin safe at all times ( Renato Joson). And I’m praying to your for my needs as well. To pass the RN board exam and eventually find a job that is less stressful both travelling and hours. I pray to conceive a healthy and normal child soon. Thanks.

  38. Dear Father,

    I ask the intercession of Padro Pio, in guiding me to a way to live in my trailer in Florida this winter. I live is a small cabin near West Virginia in mountains. I am 68 y.o disabled and no longer able to endure the harsh winters. I have only social security. I prayed to God and all the saints to guide me to a travel trailer I could take to Florida to live in this winter away from the cold. Just two weeks ago, several days after praying God provided me with a 20ft. travel trailer for little money I can live in this winter in Florida. However it is too heavy for my car to pull. I ask that in his wonderful way God lead me to a path where I can find a way to have the trailer towed to Florida that I can afford. Most services ask over a thousand dollars to tow it. I need to ask God to provide me with a friend or neighbor whop will tow it just for the gas money and expenses. There must be a way. Gas will cost about three hundred dollars and a persons food another $100 That I can do. Please Padre Pio lead me to someone who will help me get the trailer safely to keep in Florida so i can be warm this winter. Last year i was twice in Hospital due to being too cold in my cabin. I want to live and get my health back, please pray for me.

  39. Dear Saint Pio….pls intercede for me to remove the block for my marriage….its very painful to see my classmates with kids as they are all married..and i already reached 28..

  40. I had been suffering and my heart was broken last few weeks because of one relation that broken. After i prayed i healed so fast and feeling much better.

  41. Dear Saint Pio….pls intercede for me to remove the block for my marriage….its very painful to see my classmates with kids as they are all married..and i already reached 27

  42. Dear Father…pls pray for me.. i m in a situation surrounded by lot of problems..pls pray for me to increase my faith, i m loosing it day by day..and also to give me strength to face problems…

  43. Dear St Padre Pio

    I lost my faith,way for a while due to so many let downs in life betrayal,depression,saddness and loss of confidence within myself.I ask that you please pray for me to restore what the enemy has taken which God set for me and unblock and unhinge an doors placed by the enemy through and all malice from the enemy!This I ask in the name of Jesus.I used to say your prayer a lot and I always felt a sense of peace.Tonight I began to cry and the first thing that came into my mind was to look for your prayer and seek your aid once again although it has been many years now.Please strengthen me and renew my spirit once again,let me not fall to the claws of evil or accept my current circumstance,let me love myself once again and exude the love God gave me from birth to shine through me once again as it did before.I thank you for your love,support and hope may my heart be mended once again and may I be strong and be blessed once again and most of all mend my relationship with God as I feel He has forsaken me.



  44. PLEASE!!! I DESPERATELY need your PRAYERS!!! I have been unemployed for a few years now. I started a few new businesses, nothing worked out despite allot of hard work, (12-18 Hours a day, For about 2 YEARS!!!) I am now broke, AFTER 30+ YEARS ON WALL ST. I AM BROKE!!! I was evicted from my apartment over a year ago, and had to move in with my parents, my girlfriend left me, which HURTS ME SO BAD!!! I Suffer from HORRIBLE Depression and Anxiety To The Point of SUICIDE I have found a few new prospects for work, PLEASE PRAY THAT SOMETHING WILL WORK OUT AT THIS 11th Hour!!! PLEASE!!!I AM SO DESPERATE!!! …MY FINANCES, MY GIRLFRIEND COMING BACK, PLEASE!!! My Father’s Dying of M.S., Cancer, Right in front of me… Oh PLEASE PRAY THAT SOMETHING WILL GO MY WAY!!! Thank You in the Holy Name of Our Savior, JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY!!!

  45. Dear St. Padre Pio,

    My marriage is falling apart because my husband has a selfish heart.
    He’s hurting our children and I. He’s been unfaithful and he blames me for all that goes wrong in his life.
    Please Padre Pio save our marriage, give my husband a kind heart towards everyone, but specially towards our children and I.
    May he become a believer In God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Virgin Mary, Padre Pio because only then he will be the man he was destined to be.. Stop him from opening his mouth to say hurtful things towards me. Open his eyes so he can see that our children and I have been a blessing to his life and that we’re not as replaceable as he thinks we are…. Make him see that we’re a family, a gift from God and that he shouldn’t let anyone or anything break something God has created.


  46. Please please pray to Padre Pio and St Rita and St Jude and St Anthony to place the prayer for my parents health before our Blessed Mother so that she may place this prayer for my parents health before her son, Jesus. Please pray that they will be fine. Please pray that they will have their health. Please pray that my parents health will return. Please pray for my health too for the TMJ and pain to go away.Please pray that I will be healthy. Please pray for the costochondritis to go away.

  47. Dear St Padre Pio for the love you have for Baby Jesus and our Holy Mother Mary. Please will you have Aaron call his mother Mary and be reconciled with her. I am ever so grateful!

  48. Dear father…pls pray for me to get rid off from an unwanted relationship…i m so fed up of my tensed life..i dont mind continuing if it is god’s will but pls pray for me to get a heart to face problems..

  49. dear saint pio…pls intercede for my marriage..i m facing problems in paper works..and joining catholic community…pls help me in this crisis

  50. Pls pray for me and my fiance jeorge fernandes for marriage blessing please remove all misundersdtanding obstacles and doubts and make us one in the marriage


  52. Dear St. Pio.. please pray for my marriage. My husband has been involved with another woman for years and we divorced just recently. I have not sought an annulment because I still love him and pray that he will return. Please pray for a change in his heart, that he sees what a beautiful marriage we can have. We have three wonderful children and I so want to look forward with him to grandchildren. I thought after the divorce my heart would heal and I could move on but I cry every day. Dear St. Pio, please pray that something changes soon for us.

  53. Dear Padre Pio,
    Please pray for me and K. I am loosing hope and I am so scared that if he won’t convert he won’t be saved. Please keep on asking the Lord in His mercy to come to K. with special graces, so he will leave the false religions he follows. Please pray for hope and faith for me ….I am so tired already I desperately need prayers Padre. Please pray also that I will know with the help of the Holy spirit what to say to the people who doesn’t know Jesus, I don’t have this ability to say something what would touch their heart and it also causes me a suffer. Please help Padre Pio.

  54. St. PAdre Pio
    I have never heard of you before, until two weeks ago, I believed every word they told me. I was amazed and believed, hopefully one day I’ll come and visit you in Italy. pary for my brotjers and sisters, my parents to be healthy, my niece and nephew. my brother in law who lost his faith in lord. my aunties and uncles, especially my aunties s. and i. who is ill..
    bless and protect my children and save them in jesus name my lord..

    please help mr through my exams, I trust you lord and I know you want what is good for us. I have been through so much but never lost my hope and trust my lord.

    may lord bless all

  55. Please intercede for me on behalf of my son, who is fighting leukemia. I ask that the doctor brings encouraging news tomorrow, that a bone marrow donor is quickly lined up, and that my son, who is so very young, be cured of this illness. Please bring us peace and joy and comfort.

  56. Dear st. padre pio pray for me that i get healed ofsinus and abdominal pain pray for my father and motherplease lethem be healed too pray for all my sisters and brothers plus all my nicese and nephews let them all be blessed i ask you to interceed for me so that i may get what am lookingfor so that i succeed in life and pray for me so that i may concive and have my first child thank you so much Amen

  57. Please pray first for the victims of the Philippines typhoon. Please pray second for my niece to recover from her illness. Please pray third that no one suffers from my own selfishness, laziness, and incompetence. Lastly, please make my dear departed friends the patron saint of faith as he had unshakable faith. I have lost my faith totally. I just want GOD to be a nice GOD, but I just don’t see it.

  58. For my husband to not give up on me. For the relationship with my husband and s to weaken and the one with s and her fiance to strengthen and they marry quickly. In the name of Jesus Amen. Thank You.


  60. Padre Pio Interced for me to not give up in life but to be a better person and outgoing person a strong confident person. To not hide anymore but to show the world the beauty in me. Pray for me so that God may forgive and wash away my sins. thank you Padre Pio

  61. Please pray for my husband’s conversion. May the Holy Spirit bring him back to our Lord and then back to his family. In Jesus most precious blood I humbly ask.

  62. St pio thanks to my Lord through your hands for hearing my prayer for marriage. I got married on October 31st. Pls pray for us to have a happy and loving married life.

  63. Dear father pls intercede for me to get my resident visa. So that I can stay with my husband without exiting the country for one month. And also pray for us to get a happy married life

  64. Dear st pio. Thank you so much for granting whatever I asked you. Pls intercede for me to get a peaceful and loving married life. And especially for my visa.me and my husband in two different countries. Pls intercede to get my resident visa before Xmas. So that I can be with my husband during our first Xmas

  65. Dear St. Pio, Please come to my aid. We are having terrible financial troubles. Everything is breaking in my old home and we have no money to fix anything. Please intercede for my family so that we may climb out of this hole that we are in. I am so grateful for all my blessing in my life. I know that many people are in my situation and that many more are far worse off. I ask for your help, humbly. I also ask that you will strengthen me so that I may endure hardships without weakness. Thank you, St. Pio.

  66. Dear St. Padre Pio,

    My marriage fell apart because I just got the divorce papers from my wife. My wife is out to destroy me completely. She worked for 7 years of our 12 year marriage and kept 100% of her income in an account and took it completely with her. I supported her and our daughter and our family. Now she is out to destroy me economically.

    She is hurting me and our daughter. She is extremely selfish and never loved me and never wanted a family. She is using my daughter against me. She is extremely evil. I put up with this abuse all these years because of my faith. I have been faithful to her all these years.

    Please Padre Pio show me the way. Enlighten my wife with the truth. Let her realize what she and her family did to me and to our daughter. My daughter suffers thru various medical issue because of her uncontrollable anger and arrogance.

    God, show me the way. Only a miracle can help me. But you have done so many miracles in my life that i still hope you will bless me with this. This is the worst I have ever been in my life. Please guide, protect and bless me and my daughter God.

    Love and Prayers,

  67. dear st pio,i m going through a horrible married life.my husbands character is getting worse and worse.punishing me for silly reasons.pls pray for him to be filled with constant love of jesus and understand my love.he s surrounded by crooked people who s always creating troubles in our relation.pls protect us from these people.

  68. St Pedro, a dear friend of mine bought me a book about your miracles as a christmas prsent. As soon as i read your prayer something i was shocked with unfold about this person i was having a relationship/friendship with. I have been given so many mixed signals and everytime i pray i cant seem to cut contact with this individual no matter how hard i try. I am so hurt as i have been led down the garden path. This person has emotionally and mentally drained me and i am doubting everthing i have seen. Please St Pedro, please show me a clear sign as to what i need to know? I am so confused. I derserve to be in a relationship that i am appreciated in, loved and cared for. I would like to move in in my life. I would like to find my true love and happiness. Please help me, amen

  69. Dear St. Father Pio I Anthony Etim desperately need you to intercede in prayers for God’s protection over him and his family and for God to serve the family from the prawns of untimely death perpetuated by his enemies in the family and friends within and around him. He also want God to give the family good health history this year 2014 and beyond as well as guide against premature exit from work with the company he his currently working for in Nigeria.

  70. Dear st pio. Pls pray for my hard hearted husband to be filled with love of Jesus. So that he stops fighting with me

  71. Dear St. Padre Pio, PLEASE, SAVE and STRENGTHEN the marriage of my dear husband and me. Unintentionally, I hurt my dearly beloved husband and he is now divorcing me. We are separated and he refuses to speak with me and those who have contact with me. PLEASE, dear St. Padre Pio, intercede for the SAVING and STRENGTHENING of our beautiful Catholic marriage. I love my dear husband more than anyone on this earth; I desire to completely give myself to him. PLEASE, dear St. Padre Pio, intercede for him to change his heart, forgive, and love me again so that we will become one again in spirit and consummate our lovely marriage, as soon as possible. Through the Immaculate Heart of St. Mary, Queen of the Holy Angels, through Whom we met, in Jesus Christ’s Most Holy Name, I pray with holy fear and hope and trust. Amen. Thank you, dear Holy St. Padre Pio, St. Mary, Jesus, and St. Joseph. Amen.

  72. My Uncle Ronald Smith, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and was told by the doctors today he has 6 months to a year to live. This man has helped me many times when I was sick and no one wanted to take me back and forth to the hospital. He comforted me when I couldn’t breathe. He was there for me when everyone else turned there back to my sickness. Please help heal his heart and give him many years to live, Padre Pio. And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. I have this faith father Pio. Please intercede for me. Ask God the father and Jesus to hear my prayer for this miracle. Love Dino

  73. Please help heal and improve my relationship with the love of my life. Help to restore faith in me. Help to forgive me. Please bring us together in love and life. Please let me find a healthy and affordable place to live.
    Thank you

  74. I’m asking for prayers of reconciliation for myself and the love of my life. she is my best friend and I hope one day for her to be my wife. But recently we had been arguing andI broke her trust. I know this seems silly but she was the one person who loved me and I love her. Please bring us back together again, let our foundation be strong and loving please let me get the apartment that is affordable I want to create a home for my family including her. I love her and I want her in my life forever.
    Thank you

  75. Im asking for prayer for financial worries that im facing right now,Padre Pio please help me ask Our Beloved Jesus to help me cope in this struggles.In the Name of the Father and the Son and The Holy Spirit Amen….

  76. Please help me Pray for my husband. He has kidney failure. His blood work is not good. We are going to have his name listed for kidney transplant. With your prayers and Father Pio’s intercession, I do believe that his kidneys will go back to normal. Thank you all and God Bless all of us. May all our prayers be answered.

  77. Please pray for my husband to change his heart and to stop telling my tales to my in laws he has put me in shame in front of everybody and wants a seperation please pray for him to change his behaviour and to love me please pray that he may stop thinking negative about me.

  78. Please pray for my friend’s brother and his family as he passed away of a heroine overdose. If JESUS said, where two or more are gathered in my name it will be done, than how come he didn’t recover as his family has been praying very hard for a long time. How come there still are abortions? How come some people and children don’t recover from cancer? Or parents know what happened to their kidnapped child. I lost my faith. I lost my belief in the power of prayer.

  79. Dear St Padre Pio, I pray for peace of mind and for the path to clear for me to move on to the next phase of my life. Ive been given so many mixed signals that I feel so confused in a friendship. Every time I prayed this person resurfaced in my life but on the 25th of Dec I saw something which shocked me just after I prayed to you. I don’t know what to make out of all this. Please please guide me. Amen.

  80. I’m pregnant and my son has been diagnosed with bladder exstrophy. I am delivering him on 2/12/14 and his surgery will be 4/7/14, I just ask for prayers of healing and miracles. His name will be Robert Dale. Thank you, Stacey Schwartz

  81. Please Padre Pio. Pray for my husband to find God in his heart. I firmly believe once he lets God in that our marriage can be restored. I want to pray with him. I want him to pray with our children. I want him to give up his life of sin and break off his affair.i want him to see the beauty that is waiting for him. I want my husband back, this man now is not him. He is a strong man. The man now is one who needs our prayers. Please pray for my family to be whole for eternity. Aaron desrves us.I want himt

  82. Dear st pio.
    pls intercede for my relationship with husband s getting worse. Pls pray for him to be filled with Holy spirit.

  83. Dear Pio plz pray for my job i done something wrong that i know am sorry for that and will try my best to dont repeat it. Plz pray for me

  84. Dear Pio thanks for all your blessings and prayer. I am goning to apply my job visa next month. Please pray for me for visa processing and help me to earn money for that processing. Please pray for my parents and siblings.

  85. O dear Pio Please pray for the people who lost their lives with MH 370 and their families and friends. Give mental strength to them as well.

  86. dear Pio please pray for my visa and please help mathew to find a employer for my visa. Thanks for all your blessings and prayer

  87. Dear Padre Pio…
    With great faith, I implore your help to intercede for me through Jesus, for a suitable and regular job; the inner healing and conversion of my husband and the healing of my nephew of his disease.
    There is a man in my husband’s family and a lady friend whom you know, who are both not going to Church. Please nudge them in your own way and bring them back to GOD.
    Thank you in advance, my dear Padre Pio.

  88. dear saint Pio,
    My job contract is going to finish this month 24th please pray for me to extent my contract. Thanks for your prayer and blessings.

  89. I pray that my Mom, Cecilia Vinluan, visa application to UK is approved and all original documents sent back to us ASAP. She is turning 80 on May 20, 2014, and her wish is to visit Fatima, Portugal, Rome, Italy and to see her grandson in the UK. The British Consulate in NY has not been responding and they have all the original documents. We paid to talk to someone at the Consulate but they cannot give us when the application will be processed inspire of us paying Priority Service which we should have heard from them within 48 hours. It’s been several days, almost a week and no response. Please include this petition in your prayers. I want to give my Mom the best birthday gift. I already bought her plane tickets and booked hotels. Please pray that we go through the visa applications without any hassle.


  90. please pray for a healthy stomach, and put all my enemies who harmed me under the blood the psychiatrists who harmed mename michelle m triska

  91. Please heal my parents and bring my family together. Give peace to Bill and help with his addictions. Please send a financial blessing today so I can help my father.

  92. Please pray for my husband and myself that I am cured of infertility and that we conceive a healthy baby because I have health problems. I also ask that if I do get pregnant that if I have to take fertility drugs to sustain the pregnancy, that I do not get cancer from them so that I can raise my child into old age.

    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Ward

  93. Blessed Mother of Jesus and Padre Pio. I am not sure how to ask or words to use. I am struggling and have done for quite some time now. Praise God I have the most wonderful supportive family who have stood by me. I suffer with mental health and anxiety that has taken over my life I also have physical health conditions. Please pray for my husband Martin who suffers from diabetes and is in pain most days but never complains, he looks after all of us so well. Please pray for my beloved son, such a gift. He has learning difficulties and a kidney reflux. Please I beg you to pray for his healing and that he may find peace in his life. Our Lady and Padre Pio, sometimes I feel that I do not deserve your prayers. I know that you love me regardless. Please I beg for your intercession with prayers for healing for me and my family. I am so desperate for peace and a fresh start. Praise God for all I have.
    In Jesus name

  94. Saint Padre Pio, please intercede for me to get a promotion. I have worked in the same position for over fifteen years now. My life is churning but I have confidence in you my patron saint to reverse the evil that is trying to take over my life. Restore all that I have lost.

    Preserve and bless my children and give me victory over my adversaries. This, I pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit


  95. Please pray for me and take my prayers to the tomb of Padre Pio my husband wants to divorce me and I don’t want a divorce. He says he still loves me but he wants to be with his girlfriend. My children are so angry they may never find forgiveness for him and if I take him back they may never forgive me. His family is in support of the relationship of his and his girlfriend they invite him and her to family birthdays vacations dinners holidays and they don’t invite my children even though we live right next door. I am just so shocked everyday that this continues to happen and they go to church on Sunday as if everything is perfect, while my children and I are here feeling alone disregarded and humiliated! I pray for them all of the time and I constantly pray for Gods Holy Will to change this whole citation but I am beginning to think I was crazy to try and stand on Gods promises of marriage and it is his will that my husband be with this women. I have never in my whole life been more shaken my faith feels like it has been stolen from me too. I have always depended on God for everything but this time I just don’t know what to think I am so lost! Could these un changing circumstances (for over 2 tears now) be Gods will and I am just not accepting it? Should I continue to pray! My husband was not a good husband but he is my husband and has been for twenty years I prayed everyday that he would change every morning I would look to God and say well is today the day? And now he wants to be this wonderful man that I prayed for, and be that man for her! She is sixty and never married and never had children and a few of her ex boyfriends were married too I have believed based on Gods promises that she I’d a destroyer even though I am a sinner just the same in Gods eyes I believed that no man could take apart what God had joined but I see it all the time maybe she is right for him and I should get out of the way and know that 20 years of my life has been wasted what I spent so time care love and energy was for nothing I thought I was glorifying God in raising a good catholic family but maybe I was wrong. I’m sorry I’m being a baby I just think maybe I have closed my eyes when God closed the door and haven’t found the window yet. But how can a family my little family not be a part of Gods plan? How?

  96. Saint Padre Pio,

    Please intercede for me for the healing of my marriage and for the rest of my family (wife and children) to join me in the Catholic church.

    Protect and guide my wife and children. I pray this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  97. Dearest Pio,
    I request your assistance yet again for restoration of my marriage and physical healing. My marriage is on the brink of extinction – my husband left the kids and I over mother’s day weekend. I’ve been lost, dazed and confused ever since. Please pray for the softening of his heart, that his loved for me be revived and restorned and that he returns back home sooner than later – with no repercussion from this separation. I pray that the evil one not be able to penetrate our marriage again. I also pray for my husband’s conversion. Pio I also ask that you pray for my physical and mental healing – to better care for my children and family. I pray the same for my parents, brother and relatives. I ask this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.


  98. Saint Rita, Saint Jude, Saint Father Pio, Saint Joseph and Saint John Paul II please pray for Kasim, he is on his way to hell, he has been commiting so many awful sins and is a reason of people’s and mine tremendous suffer. Ask Lord Jesus to touch him even by some suffer or sickness – if it is only way to make him open his eyes to the truth. Kasim is very proud -he has everything – he is intelligent,handsome, he has money, carieer, women,beautiful things,health and no worries. He has never suffered in his life and never failed, he thinks that he is always right and that God is on his side.He doesn’t careabout other people around him and he can’t see his evil acts and sexual addictions as something what is leading him to hell. Ask Lord Jesus to show him the lies of his live, the lies of Islam that he follows, to show him the truth about people around him who lead him to sin, and to change his heart so he will miss the true love which only Jesus can give him and will have a desire to stay among christians and to listen t o gospel, because only among them he will feel peace and
    love. Kasim’s life can be changed only by miracle. Let’s pray for the grace of God for him. In the Name Of Jesus I ask you Lord to deliever Kasim from all the demons who stop him from conversion. Amen

  99. Praying for the forgiveness of sins,praying for Gods mercy upon my marriage,praying for healing upon my self,husband and children.praying for the grace to do the will of God.

  100. and his mother and brothers. He loves and trust his friend and his wife who s always misleading him with tongue. Pls pray for a break up with that relationship if God wishes.

  101. Forgive me father my wife has filed for divorce and we have a two year old little girl. She separated from me because I was selfish at times, lazy and was abusive with my words but also because she does not wish to have any more children and I am against birth control. I have seen the error of my ways but a month after she separated from me she went into a relationship with a past boyfriend with whom she had had two children with. Please father save my marriage or please answer me..I love her and do not wish for a divorce but she has already filed. I am confused as to if she has filed for a divorce and divorces me even if I get an annulment, is it really valid? At times I wonder if she ever loved me or if her heart still belonged to him…I am so confused and need clarity please let me know what the right thing is and what our lord wants from me.

  102. Dear Padre Pio

    Please pray and ask God today to heal the cancer and tumors that my daughter Lynda has on her liver. I have been asking for this favor since December of last year and she urgently needs your help now.

    Can you please ask God again for this favor.

    A Cat scan is scheduled for June 4 and I am very hopeful that thru your intercession the tumors and cancer wil be gone.

    Thank you Padre Pio

    Frank P.

  103. Dear Padre Pio,

    Thank you for praying for my daughter Lynda M.

    Just to let you know, her CAT scan on June 5 showed a major reduction in the size of her tumors and we thank you and God for those blessings and graces.

    Please continue to pray and ask God and the Sacred of Heart of Jesus to remove all tumors and cancer from her liver.

    I will also keep you in my prayers and let you know how Lynda is doing.


    Frank P.

  104. I pray and ask for padre pio to interced for me my wife will not finalize the divorce and I ask he speak to her heart and let her heal for the wounds in her heart I have caused please pray that he watch over her. Protect her from satan who destroys marriages and help me have hope strength in these trouble times let her know I love her that god sees marriages as a contract I humbly ask padre pio to intercede for me with the holy mother. Who he loved so much

  105. For an end to all torture around the world, particularly for those in the concentration camps in Myanmar.

    For my friend’s marriage, her mental and physical health, and for her to fall in love with being a mom. For her daughter’s phobia.

  106. For my sister Diane to be healed physically completely from cancer and all her debts be erased.
    Padre Pio pray for us.

  107. thank you so much dear Pio as i prayed for my UK visa and i got it on last friday. Love you god and thank you
    thanking you dear Pio

  108. Dear Pio as you intercede i got my UK work permitt on this month 4th friday. But now we has some problem with our sponsor licence and the decision from UKBA will come in 20 days. Please intercede for this problem and please pray for us. I only trust in god and please help us
    Thanking you

  109. There is an email going around asking for Ten Million Hail Mary’s to be prayed for Pope Francis, so my prayer is that 10 million Hail Mary’s be prayed for Pope Francis as Pope Francis asked for people to pray for Him

  110. Dear pio,
    Please pray for the solicitor who is dealing with our problem and pray for the case worker who can take positive result about our case. please intercede our visa and sponsor problems.
    Thanking you

  111. St. Padre Pio,
    I ask your intercession in helping my husband
    find peace and stop his addiction to alcohol.
    Please help him, please help him stop
    destroying himself and his family.
    Thank you all God and all his saints.

  112. Dear Padre Pio,
    I ask you to help my husband with his alcoholism.
    I ask you to give him strength and peace to quit drinking.
    Thank you Saint Padre Pio, God and all his angles.

  113. Dear Padre Pio, please pray my partner, husband to find his way back to our Lord Jesus and lead our family to God’s holiness. May he be protected from all kinds of temptations at all times. May he finally ask my hand for marriage and we become one in our hearts. Amen.

  114. Please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage. That my husband”s heart be touched to be open to god’s Word and to reconciliation. And for me to know wisdom and strength at this time.

  115. Dear St Pio,

    I pray that you will help me. I have 7 beautiful children and want to rear them as God wishes . My husband has found another woman and is divorcing me.He has made me feel so ugly and unwanted by his words and actions. I pray for an annulment and that God in his mercy will guide me to a spouse of His choosing, if this is for our eternal good.I pray for some type of indication. Thank you St Pio.

  116. Dear Pio ‘
    I have lots of trouble with my work and day after day it is getting more complicated. Please intercede for all the problems and please pary for me and my colleagues. I love u and thank you so much

  117. Dear Padre Pio,

    Thank You for praying for my daughter Lynda and asking God to cure her cancer.

    Since the last time I called you for your help Lynda had another Cat scan and the results were very good! Thanks to you and the graces from God.

    Today I sent my Guardian Angel to you with this message : Please ask God to cure my daughter Lynda’s cancer so that all the cancer cells are gone. I hope my guardian Angel listened to me.

    Thank You Padre for taking my message.


    frank posivak and daughter lynda

  118. Please pray for the return of my health. I cracked or bruised or broke a rib or two last night and it hurts like the dickens. Please pray to our Lord and his Blessed mother that they will heal me and help me with the pain.

  119. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. My wife has announced that she no longer wants to be married. I have recently learned (after 23 years of marriage) that I did not properly love and cherish her heart or lead the family as Jesus leads the church. Pray that God continues to transform me into the husband and father that my family needs. I am terrified for my two children (Jack age 13 and Ash age 11), that they will be traumatized by this, and it will affect them negatively the rest of their lives. I am terrified that my wife’s heart is becoming bitter and that she is turning away from God, and I worry for her soul, since I caused this. I am desperate, and in despair. I do not know what to do, I trust in Jesus, but my faith that everything will turn out for the best is shaky. My wife is listening to those who counsel divorce (her parents), and others, may she stop listening to them, and see that we are bound by are children, and that it would be better for everyone to work on the marriage, than to spend all this energy (which is negative) fighting, and all this money that will take away from being able to send the children to college. I read that everyone’s lifestyle drops as a result of divorce, this is going to tear everyone apart more so than it already has. I pray for the salvation of my wife, children, in-laws and all who have been affected by this. Please let God direct my actions, thoughts, words, and deeds. I give myself to God, I just cannot see the good that will come out of this. Please help me.


  121. Father Pio,

    I humbly request,please help find a stable and better job. Please lord i’m begging you, Im not happy anymore wuth my present job. Im sorry if im asking this much, I wanted to be happy and have peace of mind.Please help us that there will be peace of mind in each everyone of us especially in our work place. And the issue about one of our client will be resolve, lord i’m sorry i didt meant to bring conflict with them. Im sorry lord. Lord please answer my prayer. Thank you. amen.

  122. Dear Saint Padre Pio,
    I thank you for being a beloved servant of the Lord Almighty! I humbly and confidently ask for your intersession in regards to my husband who has squandered A LOT of his retirement monies. Please ask for his healing and for him to turn and believe in the light, love, and MERCY of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    Thank you!!!!!!

  123. Please Dear Saint Padre Pio, Please Intercede for me, and help me with good dependable employment, that I’ll be able to perform 100%, and possibly have the chance for advancement In the near future. I’ve been unemployed, and desperately seeking good employment for several month’s.
    Please Dear Saint Padre Pio If you could also help me with my ache’s, pain’s, and Inflexibility from my severe car accident of 1995. You dearly helped me then and saved my life by bringing me to the right qualifyed Surgeon’s. I truly thank you for that !
    I’m just now experiencing minor physical situation’s, along with unemployment hardship’s. Please help me and grant my problem’s through your Intercesion Saint Padre Pio. Thankyou, and God Bless !

  124. Dear St.Padre Pio,i beggin you to grant my prayer request.I pray for my boyfriend not to cheated on me.Please touch the heart of my boyfriend felt it with much love for me,and please take away my boyfriend into temptation.St.Padre Pio,I pray to help me and my boyfriend to meet very very soon and get married to eachother.and have a simple and happy life together.I pray for my boyfriend,he will love me more more and more and he misses me everyday.St.Padre Pio,i pray for my boyfriend that he may see the light and his heart will be opened to recieving God’s grace.i don’t want to LOOSE my boyfriend.And i ask God for miracle happen.Thank you ST.Padre Pio.i believe through your intercession miracles are happen…Amen.

  125. st padre Pio please help me . you know everything . please give me a sign that everyting is going to be alright ! Padere I gave up ! please help me !

  126. Dear Pio, U know everything. I am struggling with my job, health and finance. I really dnt know how to survive and solve it. Please help me. Thank you so much for all the blessings and heart full
    of thanks for my wedding because that function went really good . Thank you so much and i love u

  127. Thank you Almighty GOD for answered my prayer through intercession of Saint Padre Pio. But I have more wishes. Saint Padre Pio, please please please grant my prayer request. I love my boyfriend N.S. sooo much. I Pray for my boyfriend N.S. that he finalize his decision to meet me very very soon and get married to each other. And he will Love me forever. Please touch the heart of my boyfriend N.S. felt it with much love for me and please Saint Padre Pio take away my boyfriend into temptation. I rebuke all satan and evil! And i ask God for a miracle happen. Thank you Saint Padre Pio through intercession miracles are possible. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  128. Thank you so much god for answering my prayers as my work problems are getting better now. Please pray for me to sort out my financial troubles as it is getting worse day after day and i can not survive like this. Also help me to bring my husband to UK and live together. You know me better than any one and am sorry for my sins. Amen

  129. Please add my prayer to your long list
    My daughter and son in law long for a baby they have had many disappointments pray that this happens

  130. St Pio

    I am waiting to undergo medical tests and am so very worried about them. I implore you to pray for me that I get the results I am hoping for. I also pray to Our Lord and his Holy Mother. Please turn your loving eyes towards me and grant my petition.

  131. Dear St.padre pio,I am a returning Catholic young woman and Iddon’t usually pray to you but my family has very strong believes for you and I need all the help I can get.I’m very desperate at the moment and worrying all the time because I want to find a husband who will love and cherish me and that I will feel the same towards him and be extremely happy together.and when we do marry through your intercession and all the Catholic saints I pray to our holy mother and God that I will be blessed with loads of normal and healthy children and for the first of my family to be blessed with two healthy and normal twins,a boy and girl.and for my pregnancys to be healthy with no problems and to not miscarriage or gave no stillborn or sick babies.I have no way to get St.pio tomb but for anyone who is going to visit St pio tomb will you please as I am begging you and I know we have never met before in my life to please light a candle and say a pray for me to find a husband very quickly. For all who is praying for me,God will definitely answer your prayers and also I will pray for your intentions aswell thank-you and God bless.xxxx

  132. I’m asking prayer thru St. Padre Pio. Please pray for God’s guidance about the teaching job I am applying that I will be hired soon this September in a school where wanted me to work. Thy will be done. Amen

  133. Please pray for TM who is on drugs and alchol. 23 yrs old does not work, always depressed and rebellious. Pray for the root of his problem to be taken care. Remove evil and negative spirits

  134. Pray for me cardiovascular problems,high blood pressure, to give up smoking,fear and anxiety.
    Also pray for current domestic helper, if she is indulging in any evil in my home may the Lord expose her and replace with a God fearing person. Please place at Padre Pio’s tomb. Pray for spouse MM and son MC to attend mass and receive communion.

    God Bless

  135. Dear Padre Pio, Please pray for my daughter Carolyn. She suffered 3 seizures in February which left her with some blurred vision. It seemed to be getting better, but she is going back to the ophthalmologist this afternoon because she thinks she is having trouble with her eyes again. Please don’t let their be anything that is seriously wrong with her eyesight and that her problem will be resolved easily. Please let her leave the doctor’s office feeling relieved of all anxiety and stress. Please let her get a good night’s sleep tonight free of worry. She has good through so much. Thank you, Padre Pio.

  136. Padre Pio please intercede for conversion / healing for my loved one soon and back to the
    Church and Sacraments.
    Also for my child to be clear of skin illness, to be met with a good Catholic Godfearing spouse soon. Is now with one maybe that is the one. Thank you Great Saint.

  137. Dear Pio ,
    I am facing too much trouble with my work. Please help me to sort it out and survive.
    Thank you so much and Love you pio

  138. dear Pio,
    My husband’s visa administrative review is going on and please intercede to get the visa as soon as possible and help us to leave together. We got married nearly 10 months and didnt get a chance to live together. Please help us to survive from all troubles . Love you dear Pio

    Thanking you
    Jyothi Arun

  139. Padre Pio pray for me… if it is god’s will grant me healing of tinnitus and headaches and help me grow stronger in God’s faith and love. Amen.

  140. Dear Padre Pio please pray for the conversion, transformation, healing and protection of my children, grandchildren and those who love and care for them. Please pray that they return to the sacraments. For years we have been praying for the healing of alcoholism and mental illness in two of our children, Steven and Karin. Please, please help Padre Pio. Our children are living very sinful lives and in sinful relationships. Our grandchildren suffer. Please pray for Seth for the healing of his hurt, anger and anxiety…help him in his school work. I’m begging you St. Padre Pio to help them all and pray that good, holy Catholic people are placed on their paths. Thank you so much for whatever you can do.

  141. FROM EDWIN MISQUITTA , FATHER OF 1 SON AND 3 DAUGHTERS, MUMBAI, INDIA. [email protected] cell no 0091-9867060692

    O Loving Father Padre Pio,
    I am sorry for all my sins and my wifes sins

    I am jobless and not earning any penny for my own livelihood for last 3 years, pray to Jesus my Saviour to give job, work, small business so that I can earn for my livelihood. Fr.Padre Pio please interceed for me. Jesus Heal from Stomach Gastro Problem, Knee joint leg pain, and vision. Fill me with holy spirit and may my saviour blood flow into my house into my situations.

    2. Loving Father my son Ryan, is nearing 40 years, after he broke with one of the girl he is depressed not trying to marry and settle, father though ur prayer May Ryan, find nice life partner, nice sitting higher post job, and Jesus provide Ryan with a good house, Jesus settle my son heal him from disease of obesity, ie. he feels everything dirty, takes bathe for 1 hours, Make him like a normal person.

    O holy Saint Padre Pio pray for my daughters job of Miss Conradine,her husband Chest may they get better job with high rise salary. Bless my grand child Nathan protect them .Fill them with holy spirit.

    O holy Saint Padre Pio pray to the holy of the holy one especially for my daughter Judith age 37, she is advanced in age and cannot find a life partner, Lord provide him a life partner and good job. Make her sensible. Fill Judith with the holy spirit

    O holy Saint Padre Pio pray for Belvina may she get good job, only morning and second shift, she is married recently and her company is trying to give her night shift, Lord help Belvina.Fill her with your Grace

    For my living wife ZENITA who maintain my full house works all day give her grace and bless her

  142. St Pio,
    Please pray for Kayla, a friend of mine who is in a nursing home that things get better for her t hat she feels better as she is in pain all the time, please pray for my sons Joseph, Thomas and Cory and their families as they do not believe in the lord. Bring them back to the church. Please pray for me that the sores I have on my body. Will heal, that my mind will be clear, I myself will be able to go back to the church. That I will have the strength to do my everyday chores, at home and at work.
    Please pray for sis Charlotte cousin Russ who helped me so much this past Xmas send him a special blessing.

  143. dear Pio ,
    I am in a big trouble with work and my finance. I do not know what is going on and there is no one here to help me only god can solve my problems and i cant take it any more. I am so stressed physically and mentally. Please intercede for my problems and please pray for me . I love u so much

  144. Padre Pio, you have always helped me in the past. I really need your help now and I ask you humbly to please intercede for me and my husband. Please help him find a new job where he can be happy and make a good living and that is close to where we would like to move. Please may we be able to sell our home and move to a healthier and happier environment. We are suffering mentally, physically and spiritually because we are so stuck. Please Padre Pio – we are desperate for help. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  145. Padre Pio, please heal my brother, Randolph, that his transplanted kidney be healed and have proper, normal and increased function.

  146. Padre Pio, I humbly ask for your intercession so that I may be successful enough to not have to rely on others. I also ask that you please help me with the woman I love. Thank you St. Pio. I thank you here until I can thank you in heaven.

  147. Please keep my daughter away from sexual immorality, promiscuity, sexual actions, behaviors or activity no matter how slight. Keep her away from those who promote this. Keep her away from drinking alcohol and taking drugs and those that may influence her to do so. Pray that she be surrounded with moral friends that will help her make Christ-like decisions. Pray that she and BV , a decent Catholic boy,resume a loving relationship that will grow stronger day by day so that she can experience a chaste, respectful relationship and not gravitate into an immoral one.

  148. St Pio

    Please help me with an unpleasant situation in my workplace. I feel hurt and humiliated. I pray that something good will happen to resolve the issue. You have always helped me in the past and my faith in you is unwavering. Thank you.


  150. Please pray for my boss Y. T. P. who finds fault in our daily work & also of some
    of my friends who are struggling with my boss’s attitude.
    Pray that she will be changed fr our cont section or be moved to another place/or room.
    Thank-you Padro Pio

  151. Padre Pio, please take on MA as your spiritual child so that he may come to know the Lord as I do. I’m asking for a miracle, but I trust that the Lord will grant you this request out of my love for him and this dear soul. Use me as an instrument if it is pleasing to God. I earnestly beg this of you because of your powerful intersession. Please let his soul never be lost. Seek him out always. Thank you.

  152. Dear padre pio, please increase my faith in Jesus to hand over this problem which I feel is overwhelming at times. Help me to pray hope and not worry. I have always been a negative thinker and it is difficult to change this. Help me to put others needs high on my daily list and to stop being so self centred. Show me how to serve and love all.
    Thank you

  153. Dear Pio,
    I have no peace of mind for how long i do not know. One after another the problems are haunting me. Please help me to sort it out my financial problems that is killing me and please protect me from problems from UKBA. Also am praying for a baby and please forgive all my sins. i am praying for my husband and our family. Also praying for my friends relatives colleagues and everyone. thank you so much for all the blessings and i love u pio. Please intercede for all my problems
    jyothi arun

  154. Dear Pio,
    Thank you so much for all your blessings and prayers. My sponsor decided to stop his licence and we all need to go back to India if he is going to do that. Dear Pio you know that how much we all struggled to stay here and all our problems. Please intercede for this problem and pray for us. Also I am praying for a baby and please forgive all our sins and pray for us. The name of Jesus please pray for us . I love you Pio


  155. MAY pADRE pIO help me fight this depression….. I have suicidal thoughts, paranoia and hallucinations…. may I regain the use of my mind. I believe in Padre Pio & jESUS! THANK YOU !

  156. Dear Padre Pio,

    I humbly ask for your intercession and blessings.

    Please intercede to Our Savior Jesus Christ for complete healing for me and my family. I am and have been very unhappy in my marriage for many years. I have two young daughters who along with me feel the crushing pain of an angry, unhappy, unloving and disrespectful husband and father. My oldest daughter says she feels the scars on her heart. We often feel that he would rather work, watch TV, or play with his friends than be with his family. He is emotionally unavailable. Dear Padre Pio, the Lord has blessed our family innumerably and in so many ways, yet my husband’s heart is far from the Lord and he does not realize all of our blessings come from Him. I pray for his true and lasting conversion to Christ. I pray that our time in Italy is a transformational moment in time. I pray that no matter his mood, my girls and I are able to enjoy and fully embrace this pilgrimage to my faith roots and my ancestral home. I pray for daily miracles during our trip to Italy, both large and small, perhaps almost imperceptible except to me and my family. Please help me and my family to know and sense yours and His Divine Presence as we worship in Italy and especially when we visit your tomb in San Giovanni Rotondo. I pray for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healings. I pray for wisdom and discernment to know what to do and what to avoid this day and all days. I pray that I am given the knowledge of what I must do to allow the healings to begin and the courage to do it. I pray that when I return, I can fully embrace my work and be effective and productive in every role in my life. Please also help me to see my own flaws clearly and help me to change that which contributes to this situation. Help me to deal with my own anger issues. Above all, I pray that as a family we always seek the Lord and we never stray from Him and that we grow ever closer to Him and He to us and that we can hear Him when He speaks to us. I humbly thank you so much for your prayers and intercession.
    With love,

  157. St Pio
    Please pray for my aunt who has been in a lot of pain over the past few weeks. She has been told it may be a recurrence of her breast cancer. Please cast a loving glance towards her and take away her pain. She is going for a scan on Friday and I pray that she receives good news because she is a very good person with a strong faith. I implore you to heal her and give her strength and make her well. Thank you for many favours already granted.

  158. St Pio
    Please pray for a relative who is having an operation on Monday. Help her to get through it safely and have a good recovery. You always listen to my prayers. Thank you for favours granted.

  159. St Pio
    Please pray for a relative who is having an operation on Monday. Help her to get through it safely and have a good recovery. You always listen to my prayers. I am thankful to be able to turn to you.

  160. Dear Padre Pio,

    Today I am sending my guardian angel to you with this message: Padre Pio Please ask God today to give my daughter lynda healing graces to remove the tumors and cancer from her liver.

    Thank You Padre Pio for asking God for this favor and please visit my daughter and bring her the miracle graces.


    daughter lynda and her dad

  161. Dear Padre Pio,
    I am asking for your intercession for John’s health. He is a very private person and does not discuss his worries. I know that he has a hospital appointment soon. Please help him. I pray to you and Our Lady for your intercession.

  162. Padre Pio please help me pray for the restoration of my marriage. My husband and I are thousand miles away from each other, he never communicate with me. He says he will file for divorce and claimed that he no longer love me. Recently he invited me and our son to the country where he work to process our dependant visa. We sleep, we eat at go out like a family but after we come back to our country he started to be quiet again. Please Padre we need your incession. Please help me rebuilt our family.

  163. Please pray for Elizabeth my love and for me. We wish our togetherness in divine wedding ,but age difference between us is a barrier.Please pray for removing all obstacles and for God’s grace for making a family for us and live together.May PADRE PIO help us and intercede for us.

  164. please pray for my elder brother chacko to be healed of severe depression,obesity,irritable behaviour, piles,pain and swelling in the legs and hip joints and for him to get back his lost job. He hasn’t been to church in several years and does not listen any of us. Presently he is very much in pain because of fissures and because of foul smell/bleeding he is unable to go anywhere and remains in the house.

    Please pray for my sister to be healed to chronic asthma,insomnia,bronchitis,vertigo,constipation and other diseases and especially protected from problems in office because of evil colleagues rajender,sinu,anitha,chandrakalaand others, who are not only burdening her with extra work but are not sanctioning her leave applications. Please pray for her to be able to work at the same place till she retires without any relocations.

    Please pray for my aged ailing mother who had to be hospitalized for low BP and kidney failure to be healed completely of all diseases and never to recur again as the doctors have told that the next time this could lead to dialysis..Please pray for her recover as she has lost a considerable amount of the strength because of all the fluids injected.

    Please pray for me to be healed of severe pain/weakness of the legs/hips/ back troubling muscle/nerves which bloats my stomach and also makes it very difficult for me to walk or even sleep in peace. I am always in fear/ apprehension of becoming an invalid.

    Please pray for us to protected from our evil neighbours mahboob ali and fly, who for long have tried to drive us away from the house we are currently residing are always on the lookout to trouble and create nuisance for us.

    Please pray for my family to see the defeat of the wicked schemes/plots of these evil nighbours rayudu and fly,raj kumar and fly,rahmath,basheer,pasha,raheem,salma,Mrs mahboob ali and others who for years have been troubling us.

  165. Father Pio, My son bs been through 3 traumatic situations in the past few months that has rendered him unable to cope with life as he normally would. Would you please intercede on his behalf so he may overcome this inability so he can continue in his endeavor of providing family-oriented entertainment in lieu of the programs offered to our children today.

  166. Please Saint Padre Pio, I beg of you in this great time of need for a miracle to heal me 100% of my pure obsessive and intrusive disturbing thoughts and images. It is ruining my life, and my relationship with my future wife. I ask for this prayer to be placed on your tomb, and for your great power to heal me and to better my relationship. Thank you Padre, please help me in the name of Jesus.

  167. Saint Pio, please restore my marriage. Please forgive me for hurting my husband and allow us to save our family. I pray you can help him find his way back home.

  168. Saint Pio, Please help me to resolve all my legal problems with the neighbors and get our lives back to normal ,there has been so much grief over the lawsuit please let us have a new rebirth in the spring, Let us remove all the rocks and boulders they want moved and send someone to take them for us so we never have to deal with them again. Let the neighbor who sued agree with what the judge said and NOT press criminal contempt charges on me. Let my boyfriend stop his alcohol abuse and smoking for good , please St Padre Pio pray for us, we love you father Pio and your devotion to the suffering of Christ Amen

  169. Saint Padre Pio , Pray that Kathleens legal problems end without further charges. .That the judges orders be completed very soon , and that the neighbors who sued us move away for good,and their land turns into grazing land for farmers…. please send us this miracle for the springtime! Thank you Father

  170. Dearest Padre Pio, Please pray for employment for my dear husband, Walt. He’s so discouraged and frustrated. Our family is in great need of financial restoration. Thank you and God Bless. In Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen.

  171. My sister who stands as my mother in our family is not well and so I pray that she be well ,please St Pio remember him and others in Africa and the whole world.

  172. St. Padre Pio please pray for me. I wear your relic around my neck every day. I have been unemployed for such a long time. My money has run out. I am a month behind on my rent and i can’t even afford to buy food. I need to find a job. All of my applications are either rejected or go unanswered. My applications for a loan were rejected. I feel so unhappy, so alone, so broken. I wake up ever morning wishing I was dead. Please pray for me that God will deliver me from this dark night.

  173. St Pio
    I have been reading about baby Charlie in the newspapers. The doctors have decided to withdraw life support. Please give him strength to get well and defy the odds. Please be at his parents’ side through this hardest of times and let them bring him home healthy and well. Your kind heart can grant anything.

  174. prayers for healing of my tumour and healing and blessing for my children my son will return to his faith guide and bless him thru his life thank u. For my daughter who is going to have a little baby in august and that she and the baby will be healthy and normal birth and the past eight months and be hard on her. The doctors are saying neg things and I can not be with her. for my siblings you trying to block me for getting what my parents left me and their attorney. Thank you

  175. Prayer Request:

    Please pray for the conversion of Eric to true faith and hope in Jesus Christ!!!

    Our Dear Lady, mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon us. My Dear Mother Mary, pray for my friend Eric McDonald.Please show him your maternal love and care.Please pray for the conversion of his soul.May God Almighty, Save his soul. Most Loving Mother, I miss my friend Eric.I do not know where he is nor how he is!!!Mother Most Holy,Protect him and keep him safe.Please see that his needs are meet and that he experiences the joy of salvation.Help Eric in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!!

  176. Please take a note to Saint Padre Pio’s tomb for me. I am unable to travel to San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy. The problems are never solved at Deaf school because the investigator thought I did hurt the Deaf autism student. But I didn’t do it. I am still waiting for the solutions of the problems to show up. I’d like to go back and teach again after almost a year of leave of absence. And, I am lonely and miserable. I’d love to have many Deaf friends to keep me company. Please forgive them for what they have done against me. St. Padre Pio, please send me a very sweet smelling fragrance in my studio for a week. Since I am deaf, and I cannot hear your voice in my dreams or presence. Please pass this note through Jesus Christ.

  177. Please pray for my mother who is going to go through chemotherspy, cure her from her tumour. And pray for the person I love that our relationship is restored and he will have an conversion in his heart to return to the sacraments and Jesus and Mary will replace his heart with joy and trust as he has been hurt from the past relationships and is still caring this with him. Jesus and Mary I trust in you! St. Padre PIo please send me a sign that you have answered my prayers. And tell Jesus I love him more each day through mediating on the mysteries of rosary.

  178. Padre Pio pray for my grandson that is anxiety goes away he his not eating he is only6 years of age send him a guardian angel to help him get over this. Heel him Padre Pio and the children of this world that are suffering from anxiety with you all things are possible.

  179. Hi there ..I am sending this prayer request from India .
    I am suffering from intense Lower back pain for the last six months
    ….i have seen doctors and therapists ..with no relief whatsoever ..
    .left side leg is paining much ..
    .so that He may intercede for me before our Lord Jesus Christ .
    ….I write in faith and hope…Thank you.God Bless Amen.

  180. Please pray for my mom who been fighting depression and water in her lungs.

    St padre pio I pray for a recovery for her.

    I write this with faith and hope


  181. Dear Padre Pio,Urgent prayer please to intercede for the Lord to very quickly and even miraculously provide funds for rent, bills, a working car, medical expenses and more. This need is due to unemployment. To get out of this debt requires a miracle. A career of the Lord’s choosing needed as well fro the long term.

    God bless you

  182. please intervene God. I’m hurt inside, i am so tired to cover everything by pretending and no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working, please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, I have been struggling with pain for the past 3 years. I know You knows my pain God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, Father you say, knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart, I feel hopeless and emptyness. i depend on you and still hope, if God deign, please God soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart for me, He means a lot to me. I really love him and disappointed to him at the same time. I can’t touch his heart, only God can change people’s hearts. please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me. if you do not want this reconciliation to happen, please give me strength to overcome the bitterness. Teach me how to remain grateful when the hardest one, teach me to love You more than anything. I really need a miracle, thank you

  183. Dear Padre Pio,
    I pray for your intercession for my mother, that she be completely healed and cured of lymphoma and that her upcoming tests are all negative for any cancer. In Jesus name. Amen

  184. Dear Padre Pio,
    I pray the rosary three or four times a day. I pray also to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Ta Pinu. Lord our God knows my suffering which has been ongoing now for nearly five years. You know was has happened and I ask for your intervention and assistance to help with this worrying period. All I want is peace for me, my family and for everyone else. My faith is not conditional and I remember your beloved words, pray, hope and don’t worry. But please dear Father and Saint Padre Pio help me and guide me. I want to save the security of my family, job and my home.

  185. Hail Holy Father The Almighty!
    Saint Padre Pio, Thank you for your prayers in the past.
    Saint Padre Pio, please intercede with Lord Jesus for his forgiveness on our sins, deliverance of my family from every evil / demonic attacks, deliverance from debts and from the debts collectors.
    Please pray and bless us with Inner-healing, good health, financial freedom, wisdom and righteousness. Please be with us always and defend and save us during the time of evil tests, demonic attacks, debts collector’s worrisome attacks. Please intercede with Our Lord Jesus Christ for His Great Mercy and Graces. Please save our family from all ailments and heal our souls and bodies. Seeking your prayers for a blessing of additional income to meet all our requirements and for the future. These all we ask in the Name of The Father, The Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, Amen.


  187. Saint Padre Pio walk into our home and heal me and my love Abhishek for each other unite us into a strong bonding of eternal love and unite us together into the holy sacrament of marriage into each other
    Make my Abhishek fall in love with me each day and may he accept me and my love into his heart into his life and offers me his love and proposes me into marriage with him
    Saint Padre Pio I place thy picture below my Abhishek’s pillow each night and I await thy miracle to heal my Abhishek’s heart for my love
    May he be healed right now by thy healing hands
    Saint Padre Pio only thy miracle can save my love my life
    Saint Padre Pio please walk into our home and our hearts rite now
    Saint Padre Pio keep all the girls and women away from my Abhishek except for me and my love
    Let my Abhishek introduce me as his soul mate as his life partner as love of his life to all his family members and to all his friends
    Saint Padre Pio i need you in our life , touch our life ,our heart our soul and unite us together into the bonding of eternal love to share this life as life partners and as husband and wife to each other as Mr and Mrs Theresa Abhishek Chablani

  188. Please take my note to Saint Padre Pio’s tomb for me. I am unable to travel to San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy. So that Saint Padre Pio walk into our home and heal me and my love Rafael for each other unite us into a strong bonding of eternal love and unite us together into the holy sacrament of marriage into each other
    Make my Rafael fall in love with me each day and may he accept me and my love into his heart into his life and offers me his love and proposes me into marriage with him out of his free willing.
    Saint Padre Pio I place your picture below my Rafael’s pillow each night and I await your miracle to heal my Rafael’s heart for my love
    May he be healed right now by your healing hands. Saint Padre Pio only your miracle can save my love my life. Saint Padre Pio please walk into our home and our hearts rite nowand help Rafael to get a job, because our finance is not going well.
    Saint Padre Pio keep all the girls and women away from my Rafael except for me and my love
    Let my Rafael introduce me as his soul mate as his life partner as love of his life to all his family members and to all his friends
    Saint Padre Pio i need you in our life , touch our life ,our heart our soul and unite us together into the bonding of eternal love to share this life as life partners and as husband and wife to each other as Mr and Mrs Antonius, right now we don’t have any funds to buy a ring or to celebrate our wedding as the traditions request, help us to do the God’s help with the holy sacrament.

  189. Blessing to all, Goodday Padre Pio servant, and friend of God, you know how much I love my marriage ,my wife Nora and my kids more then anything in this world I did everything I could ever image for the love of them and my wife leaves cause she said marriage is not her thing , i ask why to my lord this is so hard so hard, Gods knows how much I struggle with my situations I know there is bigger problems in this world that God has to help first I just need lots of patience and faith and what lies ahead I be prepared for it what ever my lord has for us. I pray my God to soften our heart and repair our marriage my God bless all of yall and your prayers are answered. Blessed day

  190. Pray for me dear St Padre Pio that my wife and I may be delivered from debt and that I we may have joy in our marriage

  191. St. Padre Pio, I beg your help in my life. I ask for your prayers to resolve my financial crisis and my depression. I want to become the happy person I once was because I was able to spread my happiness to others. My depression has killed that talent and my financial crisis only worsens my depression. I thank you for all you can do to help.

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