2 thoughts on “RN-12 – Regnum Novum – “A Primer on the HHS Rule from a Catholic Social Teaching Perspective” w/Omar Guiterrez”

  1. I listened with interest to this podcast, but am bothered by a statement made about the two political parties at the outset. Particularly, this comment made by Mr. Guiterrez, “both Parties are guilty of some of these situations.”

    With regards to the very specific topic at hand, that is the HHS Rule requiring Catholics to violate their consciences concerning Church teaching on contraception, abortion inducing drugs, and sterilization procedures that statement is factually false. Not one Republican voted for the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, popularly known as “ObamaCare”, that allowed this regulation to come to existence.

    If this were a discussion of general Catholic Social Teaching on a variety of topics, not just this particular regulation, I would not be making this comment, and Mr. Guiterrez’s comment would be accurate. Since, however, this podcast dealt with a very particular Church teaching and how a very particular regulation requires Catholics to violate that teaching, it is incredibly misleading to listeners to say that “both Parties are guilty”.

    With regards to this particular attack on religious liberty and on Church teaching by this HHS Regulation only one party is guilty: Democrats.

    • From Omar Guiterrez:
      Mr. Crandall, you may not be aware of the anti-immigration laws that have been passed in Alabama by Republicans. The bill passed this last summer states that it is illegal to aid an illegal immigrant to live in Alabama. However, the law does not specify what that could mean and so, suddenly, Catholic Churches and officials are subject to State fines and even imprisonment if they help an illegal immigrant acquire food, shelter, clothing, English skills, etc. It is now illegal to follow one’s conscience and help these human persons maintain their basic human right to life. Every Catholic Bishop in the State of Alabama spoke out against the bill and characterized it as an “infringement on religious liberty” to use Bishop Rodi’s words. Mr. Crandall you will note that it is the issue of religious liberty about which I speak in this interview. I do understand your passion, but do please try to be more careful about whom you accuse of misleading listeners.


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