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“Get Cracking” The Baroness, Servant of God Catherine de Hueck Doherty speaks to us today!

Catherine de Hueck Doherty

We discovered an incredible audio of a conference talk given in the late 70’s by the Baroness herself, Servant of God Catherine de Hueck Doherty.  She is  co-founder of the Madonna House Apostolate and one of our absolute favorite authors.  We dare you not to be moved by her words!

Reflection on Catherine’s talk by Omar Gutierrez:

Catherine de Hueck Doherty speaks with the kind of prophetic fire that one imagines would have poured from the mouth of Isaiah or out of the minds of the early Church fathers. Her spirit and message are as thoroughly Catholic as any you have ever heard. With the kind of salty swagger of a woman who knew what it was to live with the poorest of the poor, she understood intimately what it meant to live the social teaching of the Church. “Service without prayer,” she says, “is paternalism, social service work, something that the poor do not accept.” “In order to do what we must do, in order to be what we must be we have to pray.”

As she loudly asks why it is that our cities do not applaud and cry at the manifest love for the poor that should be there but isn’t, and demands that we pray for the souls of the owners of multi-million dollar corporations, and points out the “stupid” behavior of Church governors she can at the same time turn around and insist that we all have the faith of a St. Perpetua in order to renew the ancient Church. She demands that we pray for our priests who are manifestations of God’s love for us. “We don’t need psychiatrists from our priests. We don’t need counselors from our priests. We need priests to take us by the hand and lead us to sanctity.”

Doherty is a lioness, a spirit that could move mountains. We would all do well to listen to her advice and seek union with Christ in His Church and in obedience to the teachings therein. So, in Catherine’s words, “Get cracking”!


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  1. Ivetta says:

    Thank you so much, for this Chris! She is full of fire of the Holy Spirit! Everybody should be the same. It grieves me horribly, that so little changed here in human hearts from late 70’s. Where are loving people? You know, I came too from country, where was the big persecution of Christians, but I suffer here more than there. Capitalism is so evil and people believe so easy to the lies of enemy and their hearts are so cold, indifferent and greedy. People do not want to love others- they love stuff more than fellow brothers and sisters. I am so alone in my daily struggles- we are so poor, abandoned and no one from my Church reached to help. And I am not alone with my family, thousands of people are so exploited, cruelly treated, and masses are watching without compassion- satisfied with their closes hearts and big accounts. I love my Church- but people do not care. Is it really that only persecution makes human hearts alive and compassionate? When will people change and take Christ the Lord seriously? The narrow road and love is the only way. Thank you for all what you do- I know there are few that do good and are faithful – but our God needs 100%-ALL from the whole Church- not leftovers! He suffers in poor, lonely, disabled, strangers, Natives,neglected, unwanted. His Bride needs to love Him back as He loves her.

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