The Seventh Mansions chapter 3 – The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila audio mp3 edition –

St. Teresa of Avila

The Seventh Mansions Chapter 3:

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1. Effects of the graces last received. 2. The soul only cares for God’s honour. 3. But still performs its duties. 4. Other fruits of these favours. 5. The soul’s fervent desire to serve God. 6. Christ dwells within this soul. 7. And recalls it to fervour if negligent. 8. God’s constant care of such souls. 9. Their peace and silence. 10. Few ecstasies in the Seventh Mansions. 11. Probable reasons for this. 12. Allusions in Holy Scripture to this state. 13. Watchfulness of such souls. 14. Crosses suffered in this state.

Translated from the Autograph of St. Teresa of Jesus by
The Benedictines of Stanbrook
Thomas Baker, London [1921]
Dom Michael Barrett, O.S.B.Censor Deputatuus
Nihil Obstat:✠ Edward Apostolic Administrator Birmingham, Oscott.
February 24, 1921

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