A Prayer for St. Padre Pio’s Intercession – text and mp3 download

Saint Padre Pio or St. Pio of Pietrelcina (25 May 1887 – 23 September 1968) was a Capuchin priest from Italy and is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. He was popularly known as Padre Pio after his ordination to the priesthood. He became famous after receiving the “Stigmata“. On 16 June 2002, he was canonized a saint by Pope John Paul II. Padre Pio is the Patron saint of Confessors, Catholic Adolescents and Civil Defense Volunteers.

 offered by Msgr. John Esseff

Prayer for Healing

Beloved Padre Pio,
Today I come to add my prayer to the thousands of prayers offered to thee every day by those who love and venerate thee. They ask for cures and healings, earthly and spiritual blessings, and peace for body and mind. And because of thy friendship with the Lord, He heals those thou doth ask to be healed, and forgives those thou forgiveth.

Through thy visible wounds of the Cross, which thou didst bear for fifty years, thou wert chosen in our time to glorify the crucified Jesus. Because the Cross has been replaced by other symbols, please help us to bring it back in our midst, for we acknowledge it is the only true sign of salvation. As we lovingly recall the wounds that pierced thy hands, feet and side, we not only remember the blood thou didst shed in pain, but thy smile, and the invisible halo of sweet-smelling flowers that surrounded thee, the perfume of sanctity.

In thy kindness, please help me with my own special request:

[mention here your petition, making the Sign of the Cross]

Bless me and my loved ones. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Pio

  O God, Thou didst give Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, Capuchin priest, the great privilege of participating in a unique way in the Passion of Thy Son, grant me through his intercession the grace of . .  .  [name your request] which I ardently desire; and above all grant me the grace of living in conformity with the death of Jesus, to arrive at the glory of the resurrection.

Glory be to the Father . . . [three times].

Stay With Me, Lord Prayer
 by Padre Pio

Stay with me, Lord, for it is necessary to have Thee present so that I do not forget Thee. Thou knowest how easily I abandon Thee.

Stay with me, Lord, because I am weak, and I need Thy strength that I may not fall so often.

Stay with me, Lord, for Thou art my light, and without Thee I am in darkness.

Stay with me, Lord, to show me Thy will.

Stay with me, Lord, so that I hear Thy voice and follow Thee.

Stay with me, Lord, for I desire to love Thee very much and to be in Thy company always.

Stay with me, Lord, if Thou wisheth me to be faithful to Thee.

Stay with me, Lord, for as poor as my soul is I want it to be a place of consolation for Thee, a nest of love.

Stay with me, Jesus, for it is getting late and the day is coming to a close, and life passes; death, judgment, eternity approaches. It is necessary to renew my strength, so that I will not stop along the way and for that, I need Thee. It is getting late and death approaches, I fear the darkness, the temptations, the dryness, the cross, the sorrows. O how I need Thee, my Jesus, in this night of exile!

Stay with me tonight, Jesus, in life with all it’s dangers. I need Thee.

Let me recognize Thee as Thy disciples did at the breaking of the bread, so that the Eucharistic Communion be the Light which disperses the darkness, the force which sustains me, the unique joy of my heart.

Stay with me, Lord, because at the hour of my death, I want to remain united to Thee, if not by communion, at least by grace and love.

Stay with me, Jesus, I do not ask for Divine consolation, because I do not merit it, but the gift of Thy Presence, oh yes, I ask this of Thee!

Stay with me, Lord, for it is Thou alone I look for, Thy Love, Thy Grace, Thy Will, Thy Heart, Thy Spirit because I love Thee and ask no other reward but to love Thee more and more.

With a firm love, I will love Thee with all my heart while on earth and continue to love Thee perfectly during all eternity. Amen

Chaplet of St. Padre Pio
(contains medal, Crucifix, and 3 sets of 3 brown beads)]

Oh Jesus, full of grace and charity, victim for sinners, so impelled by Thy love of us that Thou didst will to die on the Cross, I humbly entreat Thee to glorify in Heaven and on earth, the servant of God, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, who generously participated in Thy sufferings, who loved Thee so much and laboured so faithfully for the glory of Thy heavently Father and for the good of souls.  With confidence, I beseech Thee to grant me, through his intercession, the grace of (mention your intentions) which I ardently desire.

Say 3 Our Father’s, 3 Hail Mary’s and 3 Glorias.


Prayer for Padre Pio’s Intercession

featuring Denise Wharton

Gracious God, you generously blessed your servant, Padre Pio, with the gifts of the Spirit. You marked his body with the five wounds of Christ Crucified, as a powerful witness to the saving Passion and Death of your Son, and as a stirring inspiration to many people of your infinite mercy, forgiveness and love.

In the confessional, Padre Pio labored endlessly for the salvation of souls. Through his powerful intercession, many who suffered were healed of sickness and disease. Endowed with the gift of discernment, he could read people’s hearts. From the blood of his wounds came a perfumed fragrance, a special sign of your Holy Presence. With dignity and intense devotion, he celebrated daily Mass, inviting countless men and women to a greater union with Jesus Christ, in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Through the intercession of Saint Pio, I confidently beseech you to to grant me the grace of (state your petition here). Help me to imitate his example of prayerful holiness and compassion, so that I, too, may faithfully follow the Risen Lord, and one day rejoice in the Kingdom, where you live and reign forever and ever. Amen.


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    • Help me with your blessing for all that I’m going thru right now and help me over come this problem I’m having and to bless me and my family thru these hard times to come with my wife heart surgery coming up on march 20 ,2017 keep us in your prays and blessing

      • Help me they these hard times right now and I leave all my problems in your hands that you guide me thru these hard times and with your blessings

  1. Dear Padre Pio, please be a guide and mentor for my son. Please pray for him and be with him. He is 18 now, and needs a mentor, and a visible and clear Father. Please pray for his soul and his heart to be open to Jesus. Please adopt Ian as your spiritual child, your spiritual son. I have shared your story with him, and he has held your gloves or (your wraps) which you wore on your hands because of the wounds you endured for Our Jesus. He has held your gloves in his hands..this was soon after Pope John Paul II canonized you a Saint. A Priest came to our parish and said Mass, it was his special work to bring these holy articles to America. There was a miracle around how we were called to this Mass. It was a weekday. I was getting my son ready for school, when very early in the morning, I received a call from a woman who goes to my church. She home-schools her children. She would take her children to daily Mass, and had heard that this guest Priest was to come to our parish, but that he would talk about Saint Pio only at this 8 o’clock Mass. When this lady called me she told me that all night she could not sleep, and that she felt compelled to call me, though she did not know me well, and did not have my phone number. She hoped to get hold of me before I left the house that morning.
    She had to call others to try to find my phone number. Someone had it, and gave it to her. She asked me if Padre Pio meant anything to me, and I told her yes… when I was in the 6th grade…I have an Aunt…my mother’s sister. She is Japanese…she studied Montessori in Florence Italy with the Montessori family..she had attended Mass in Italy, and Padre Pio said the Mass. She gave me a post card with a black and white photograph of Padre Pio lifting the Host, and absorbed in his gaze at our Lord in the Eucharist. His hands were wrapped in a dark wrapping. I knew nothing of Padre Pio. She only wrote that he had the stigmata. I knew that Saint Francis had the stigmata. I loved the story of St. Francis. I had a love for Saint Francis. My Japanese mother’s family was converted to the Catholic faith by Franciscan missionaries in Hokkaido, Japan. I met these missionaries when I was a young girl in Japan.
    Not until I was in high school did I discover more about Padre Pio. My mother found a book about him and gave it to me. I had kept the photo for a long time, and I read the book. I found that Padre Pio would “pop up” in my life now and again…when I had not really looked for him. Not to offend. I kept these things in my heart. Like Mary did …in the Gospels. So I told this lady from my parish, that “yes” Padre Pio had meaning for me. He was again “popping up” in my life.

    I did not take my son to school that morning. Instead we went to Mass. On the way to Mass, in the car, I told my son my story, and all I knew about Padre Pio. I told him about the Odor of Sanctity that many people experienced when they were near to Father Pio ….my son wanted to “smell” this odor. He told me…”Mom I did not smell this scent when I held Padre Pio’s gloves.” I told him to believe, and maybe one day perhaps Padre Pio would grant him this priveledge. The gloves that my son held were like those that Padre Pio wore in my old photograph post card.
    That morning, my son was 8 or 9 years old. Today he is 18 years old and in so need of prayers. He will soon be graduating from High School, and going on to college. I place him into your hands, St. Pio! And into Saint Joseph’s hands, and into the arms of our Mother Mary. My son does not have a father in his biological father. Nor a grandfather in his biological grandfather, nor an uncle in his biological uncle. (sigh) There is much broken-ness, and sinfulness in my family. My son is a good boy, but he is beginning to harden his heart …this breaks my own heart. It is hard to understand or believe in a Heavenly Father, when his experience of an Earthly father is so lacking, or even non existent…or even immoral, and unbeleiving. I pray for your help Padre Pio!
    I am a single mother. And I will remain so. I have remained so all of my son’s life. He has had many strong, and beautiful, and wonderful women in his life. I am blessed with good friends. I believe in Mother, and Father, and children. I believe in the traditional family, and the Sanctity of family. I believe in God’s order for the family, and all things….and I know family all throughout the world is in crisis. Fathers everywhere are confused about their place on Earth…human fathers are in crisis. Family is in crisis…and our youth…well the arrows fly from all directions. Please pray for young people. And my son.
    Thank you for your prayers, and for your graces, and love -St. Pio. I know you have been in my life all along, St. Pio. Thank you, I do not know who put you into my life, but I am grateful, and I know you are in my life. Thank you Padre Pio! Thank you, I humbly thank you! Please pray for me …please do not stop praying. Grant the beautiful grace of a deep, and sincere relationship with Jesus for my son….and for me too. God’s Blessings! Amen.

    • i was reading your prayer to St.Pio. Half way through I was led to say a special prayer for you and you son. God is GOOD. Thank you

    • Dear Maria:
      I do not believe in coincidences. I found out about Padre Pio through a friend and started praying to him for my son. I am also a single mother and my son is 9 years old with many problems. His father has been gone for five years. There are no uncles, no grandfathers, no male role models. I read your story above and could not believe how similar it is to mine. I hope you see this message. I hope your prayers were answered and Padre Pio keeps “popping up” in your life. God bless you and your son.

  2. Please keep my sister, Gail in good health. Please let her get stronger and keep away all infections from her body.

  3. I have a picture of you dear Padre Pio that sits by my computer. I look at it every day … Just look that’s all I do . I have had you pop in my life for the past 10yrs or so.through books and people talking about you. I never really took the time to officially pray or “talk” to you but I always tell others who you are if they are troubled. I want you in my life dear Padre Pio … I need your presence. I have Breast Cancer and somehow know you along with my savior Jesus Christ will be part of this journey. Love my children Padre Pio , heal me through Jesus Christ, please let me know you are there. Thank you dear Padre Pio !

  4. Dear st.pio
    I am in need of a miracle!
    I have been battling colon cancer for nearly 14 years now.my body is,weak and I need strength and complete healing.i am a single mother of 8 children, I am asking for a miracle for complete earthly healing and for all the cancer to be gone once and for all.i was introduced to you many years ago by a lady who works for the good Samaritan. I have heard about you many times and the wonderful miraculous things that you do.
    Please St.pio ,will you please include me in your prayers.i am forever thankful be blessed,by the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit! Thank you GOD bless you abundantly above and beyond! Amen!

  5. Padre Pio,
    I beg your urgent intercession of Lucy’s wellbeing and total recovery. By power JESUS has given to u please help her in JESUS name amen

  6. Padre Pio, Please intercede for my son who has been doing street drugs for most o his life.. I pray that God turns his life around, and delivers him completely of this terrible life and gets off living in the street. In JESUS name I pray amen

  7. Pls St. Pio, I’m begging for your intercession to help me get the job in the company and with the compensation that I want immediately. I’ve been praying for this for a year already and been waiting for God’s grace and mercy. Pls help me in Jesus’ name. Amen

  8. PrAy for the intercession of padre pio, st Jude, at Rita and mother marry on court date. June 22 with Juge Hart compassion over my freedom and liberty. In Jesus name. Amen amen amen

  9. Father Pio please intercede with us please pray for us for another baby our first baby came from our heart and now we are pleading for another a baby girl that will come from my womb I am already 48 and still hoping, We don’t have a lot of money for expensive treatment and we are just relying on faith. Thank you

  10. I am not a passer when it comes to interview but with your intercession I can be able to pass an interview in a company that can help us in our daily needs also to that of my husband he doesnt have a job right now.

  11. Please padre pio can you please pray for me. I am in need of full time nursing work as a Registered Nurse my problem is i lack experience i am hoping Jesus and Mary can guide me and give the wisdom and knowledge to be a very good nurse.

    My beautiful wife is having a baby in July i want my wife protected and baby healthy and intelligent.

    I am also studying a Disability Course i don’t find study easy and putting words on paper is hard for please give me wisdom and knowledge to understand this course.

    I really want Jesus and Mary to guide my life. I know if they guide me i will stay on the right path. To many times in my life i have made mistakes i want to follow Jesus.

    Thank you Alan
    Padre Pio may Jesus and Mary bless you and keep you safe.

    • Padre Pio you have popped in to my life a few times but I prayed so hard when my father was ill and later died that I lost faith. I have regained it for which I am thankful but I’m here again praying for help! I don’t ask for myself but for my sister. She has been struck down with a virus for almost two years and desperately needs this prayers. My daughter also has medical issues which worry me always. Please keep her and my son husband and family safe and healthy. Please Pio pray for my loved ones. I am not Worthy I really am not but please pray for my family Amen

  12. Father Pio,
    Please be intercede for me to Jesus and God about my missing companion pet cat Dexter and may it be God’s will that he is able to return home safely. He disappeared 4 days ago and I fear the worst. I have been praying for his safety, and the safety of all family pets who bring so much joy and love into our lives. God put them on this earth as our company. In Jesus name, Amen.

  13. Intercessiin prayer padre pio for quidance in a matter of love. Picking the right person to continue my journey .I don’t want to be alone anymore.I’m interested in a warm kind man.
    I love it if he was in love with me too.if its of you Lord it will happen with great ease.I put this matter in your hands Lord thank you.

    • St. Pio , I am looking for someone who isn’t worldly and have hate, please help me to meet the right person with the same belief and kindness.

  14. Please Saint Peo,
    Please intercede for me. I have been unfairly selected for compulsory redundancy at the College I work in. The management who did this are currupt and have been recruited externally to bully and harrass staff to implement cutbacks.
    They lied about my abilities, my qualifications, my range of experience, and my integrity without proof to smear my name. I am appealing the decision with the help of my Union. Please give me and the union the strength and intelligence to do this. And please, do not let people of such maverick and antichristian values win when you showed such compassion for your fellow human beings.


  15. Prayer request

    I ask for prayer for healing of my 7 year old son Nicholas, who is after 4 heart surgeries as a result of which also suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. And for us parents about the healing of neurosis and depression. Jesus I trust in You ! God bless you. Arek

  16. Please pray for a brother in Christ, Barry Walsh. I beseech thee Lord, through the intercession of Padre Pio, to bless and heal Barry, your servant. He has had bleeding in the brain, and the doctors have just advised that he has no brain function, and it is only a matter of time. Lord, I ask that by your most precious blood, by the wounds that your faithful servant Padre Pio bore, that you heal Barry, restore him to full health, that he may be a witness to the wounds you bore for us. Padre Pio, I am not worthy to ask for your urgent intercession, as I am a great sinner. But Barry has been a great witness to the love of Christ, as has his wife Catherine. Our Lord, by his grace and mercy, healed Catherine of cancer some years ago. I now ask for the same mercy, grace and healing for Barry. Thank you for all the graces you have bestowed on the Walsh family. I ask this through Christ Our Lord, amen.

  17. Dear St. Pio,

    Thank you for increasing my love for you and for the Church. Please help me in this stage of my life. The past year has been a very tough one and the future seems so bleak. I know that I do not have control of anything and so should spend less time worrying. However, I do not know how to do anything else but worry. You’re known for these words ‘Pray, hope, and don’t worry’; please help me as I try to improve my prayer life, faith and hope in God. Keep me steadfast in my prayers, ask our Lord to increase my faith and hope and teach me how not to worry about anything but enjoy our Lord’s peace in this stressful world. Please St. Pio, teach me to learn from my mistakes, teach me how to love our Lord adequately, and teach me to let God love me. Be with me, members of my family and my friends. Amen.

    • What a beautiful prayer, it says what I have been feeling but could not put into words. Thank you Kamsoluchi. And thank you St. Pio for helping me to see what I should be asking for by leading me to this post.

  18. Padre Pio
    Grace and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray for my patient M.K. You and Jesus know her name. You and Jesus know why I ask for intercession. What a beautiful little soul she is . I pray healing of blindness, cancer,and many ills that prevent her from running and playing and being happy. Please visit her and touch her with healing love and light. I ask in Jesus Name. Amen and Amen

  19. Dear Saint Padre Pio, Please accept me as your spiritual son,help me to beg Jesus for mercy and forgiveness of my sin. Saint Pio cure me and Prosper from Hiv so that i can. go to the seminary.

  20. Padrepio interceed for me in breaking family curse of poverty over us Vincent Bert and me.from not enough to plenty. Forgive us our sins Lord.and teach us the way to prosperity.shine your light upon us.refresh restore renew in Jesus name amen amen amen.thanks be to God.bless our families too.in the name of Jesus.
    We have sinned and ask forgiveness.Lord.enlighten us to what we are doing wrong.
    I pray for my little family Joel brad and Amy and there soul-mate picked by God.amen.

  21. Lord, Please shower me the blessing to get settled my dues from the Owners. Lord, Imitiaz & Amith are meeting tomorrow i.e. 11/07/2015 to discuss. Lord, please be present in tha meeting and enlighten them to pay without any further hurdles. Bless Lord, I beg you

  22. Padre pio your favorite saint was Joseph.I love the prayer.interceed for me.inheritance for me my children.I lost a husband an inheritance.and now my children are older.we don’t spend a lot of time together.I miss that so much.I’ve lost that too but glad they have mates.I would live that special someone.to continue my journey.i don’t want to be alone.bring that special someone in my life.someone that fits our family perfectly and we are a plus in his.the love of my life.who is he.is it possible to dream of this man tonight.by tge grace of God.I also made a promise if i have the food depot win two thousand will go to the people of Jerusalem.God’s people.the more I’m bless the more I will bless his people. Protection from anyone that wants to scam Facebook.email message.any other.thank you.

  23. Dear Padre Pio,

    Please intercede for the healing of my brother from brain tumor…also spritual and emotional healing. Amen.

  24. Dear Padre Pio,

    I am in need of Miracle. I beg of your urgent intercession about my marriage. My wife and I are having marital problems and she’s also doing something against marriage. Please help us both to realize our mistakes and find our way back to God. I still love my wife and I am willing and committed to do whatever it takes to save/restore our marriage. I am hoping she is too. Please pray for us. Amen.

    • Wow I was reading the requests and came upon yours. My name is Joel and my wife and I are in the middle of a very ugly divorce. I pray that you and your family have found peace. I am praying for you.


  25. My prayer is intercession from padre pio that all goes well the sale of my house to my son Joel.holy spirit ease to sell, money provided,and I with brad move to a perfect apartment picked by God.perfect peace full move.everyone relax,enjoy the move all is provided to do the move.angels be there to help us in every areas of our lives.amen amen amen thanks be to God.my daughter wedding to Chris Up ham be a lot of fun and everyone has a good time,food conversations the rooms the service the travelling there.all be to perfection.it be the most enjoyable weekend for all, beautiful sun weekend with a nice cool weather that its comfortable for all.everyone feel good and be so happy ,full of joy in there hearts. All goes well.amen

  26. I am begging for Padre Pio’s intercession for my father’s early recovery, and to give my mother enough strength during this difficult time.

  27. I pray in God’s name that padre pio intercede on my behalf for the healing of my grandmother’s eyes so she can see again and of all medical issues. I pray my sons skin clears up and heals from eczema. I pray also for a new home, new high paying job, and the overcome of my depression and anxiety. I give thanks to you God and to padre pio and pray you hear my prayer.

  28. I am a sinner of great heights. I can’t seem to overcome this sin. I have cancer and Parkinson’s disease and now macular degeneration. I feel alone, with no hope . I am like Thomas, I need to see for myself a miracle cure for me diseases. Good things just don’t happen for me. I probably have a curse on me. I ask for help every day with no results. Should I give up or keep hoping? I feel that I am not on Gods list .

  29. Dear Padre Pio, intercede for us. Please ask Jesus to heal my son Eli Josef completely from seizure and epilepsy. I believe in miracles and I believe you can make miracles to my son through your intercession and the intercession of all the saints in heaven. We love you Padre Pio! We love you Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

  30. My heart is heavy and I’m so stress about everything I need intercessor prayer padre pio.my daughter Amy is getting married her husband to be wants her to sign some agreement shell get nothing if they ever seperate which that is not like him to say.who is filling his head with lies.by the power of the holy spirit to find the source of this mess that is hurting my Amy.
    I feel so sad she’s crying and upset. Please set them free of all this.
    My son brad that is in the hospital that he gets the best help possible also others on his floor.
    My other Joel Rebecca the kids.help them too Megan Angela.
    As for me help too padre pio interceed for me I’m at the end of my rope.hold the rope.padre pio the saint of all times pray for us.amen amen amen.thanks be to God.

  31. Please Saint Pio, I respectfully submit to you to please help me with my problems I’m having at the moment. Since I pray to you daily, My heart in my belief in the Almighty has become stronger and I truly hope that you will help me with my petition so I may be able and another day to help others as you have helped them.

  32. Dear PADRE PIO, I need your intercession as my prostate cancer is returning . I am also an Italian, not that it matters, but I have always thought of you as a person that I would like to have been. I also have Parkinson’s disease that makes life very difficult. You were chosen by Jesus to be special and perform miracles, which makes you very special to us lesser persons. If you can intercede for me I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me. Thank you for being there for us. My wife needs me as she is very smart but some tasks are very difficult for her. I worry what would happen to her if I wasn’t here. Thanks you for letting me air my problems.

  33. Dear Saint Padre Pio, Please ask for my forgiveness with the Sin’s that I may have committed, and the deed that I have done. Thank’s be to you, and Thankyou be to the ever so great God himself.

  34. Padre Pio, may you graciously grant us mercy and intercede for my mother’s healing in Chronic Kidney Disease. Pray with me Padre Pio that God will lay His healing hands on my mother and alleviate whatever ails her. In Jesus Name..Amen

  35. I pray for my husband’s conversion to christ.timothy
    his all friendships.and girl friendships and to become a family man.to accept me as a wife and trust between us. to heal our broken heart.

  36. Padre Pio . intercede for me on my Nclex Nursing board exam that is coming up september 23rd, 2015. Pray for me to be successful on this exams. Amen.

  37. Padre Pio, I have just learned of your miraculous and gracious love and healing powers. I rubbed the holy oil on my brother as I prayed for your divine intercession and healing for my brother William that he will be completely healed from his COPD and all other ailments. I pray for spiritual growth, physical healing and financial blessings for all my familiar and my self. I love you and by the power of prayer and faith I know these things will be answered. Thank you Pio and thank you Lord for all the wondrous blessings I have received, that are being received now and those to come . God bless us all.

  38. Please Padre Pio I pray to you to help me with my Financial emotional physical problems please. I truly need you to intercede in my life and help me find my way I need you to help me overcome my stress my pain and my hurt and my depression. I want I want to follow in your footsteps and help others immensely. I believe in your goodness and I believe in the goodness of God and I pray that the Lord and you will help me to find a way out of my vast problems.

  39. Dear St. Pio,
    Help me at my place of work to meet the deadlines set for me. Protect me from every spirit of fear and worries, give me a firm confidence in Jesus and Mary Amen.
    I dedicate myself this day as thy spiritual child. Amen

  40. Please Padre Pio I pray for you to guide and protect my son Raphael and our whole family. help us overcome our struggles and keep us healthy and safe.

  41. Dear friend padre pio I often ask my little son Mathew who I know deep in my heart is with our loving Lord and our beautiful mother mary to run to you and hold your hand before the throne of our heavenly father along with our great friend st Michael to intercede for the danger I can be in some time s with in my marriage of 36 years Matthew knows I am so very sorry for the decision I made for him through fear and I miss him and love him so much it is his dad’s birthday today and I ask everyone present before the throne to intercede for his brothers and parents to be free of any bondage which is attached to anyone that is preventing every one walking in the truth and love of our loving and faithful friend our saviour and for him to lead me through major heart surgery safely with out the wicked Ness and snares of evil that try so hard to stop me living the truth so that one day I may also be with you and our whole family in eternal happiness the Lord knows that has always been my greatest desire although I have let the best friend I have ever had in my entire life down so very badly he is still so very close to me and guiding me I know how much I love and need him personally in my life so very much and I know that he has a very blessed and beautiful future ahead to be able to live the life I truly desire until we will meet face to face when the time does come thank you with all my heart Lord and beautiful saviour my best friend always

  42. please, Padre Pio, pray that I can pray for a healing of my insecure spirit and worry that I will loose someone the a love , as I want to be the #1 special person in our relationship…..please, God, according to your will God. I believe that I need this Godly Love in my life and soul….please God with no scandal……Help my son to heal of maybe parkinson, and my younger son to stop smoking, and for me to get a good job as I have no one to take care of me……please God, you know what is best and I think that I might die without this relationship…… Please help me Lord……….

    please don’t let these other ones get together……please…….please…….. God I am so alone without this relationship……I know you love me God, but I can not see you or touch you…..please help me…..

  43. Dear Padre Pio,
    Please bless my daughter. Please intercede for me today. Let us hear the news that she is free from disease.
    Thank you.

  44. Holy St. Pio, please intercede with a divine favor for my family, that they may be blessed with peace and harmony. Heal my daughter of alcohol addiction; and myself of smoking habit of 50 years. Please grant solutions to all the arguments and mend the broken relationships. I pray, too, for the favor of being restored to the sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church. Thank you, St. Pio. Amen

  45. Please watch over John on Friday. Protect him from all harm and keep him safe. Give him the strength to get through this and let him know how loved he is. I pray this in your name.

  46. Please intercede to have my Daughter Darla healed from alcoholism and numerous mental illnesses. Also please intercede for me (Darla’s mother) to be healed from smoking and anxiety medication. Thank You for interceding…… God Bless You

  47. Padro Pio, bless and sustain my daughter, Georgia. May you bring her back to health, and allow her to live unfettered from pain, to walk and run to be whole and happy in every way again. Bring her out of the darkness of suffering, so that she can realise her dreams. In doing so, you have answered my most fervent prayer.

  48. Dear Padre Pio please watch over, bless and protect Arthur, Ilona, & Isabelle, reach out and touch them. Heal Arthur’s broken heart and mind and help him with all the anxiety, depression and stress in his life. Bless and protect Ilona who has been so abused and who’s heart is so broken and watch over and guide and protect Isabelle who is only Eight years old and so smart as she grows up don’t let her mind be affected by all theses problems she is exposed to and experiencing. Set them free from all the pain, sadness & suffering they are experiencing. Please let all the problems at hand be resolved in a positive way and for their good. Allow them to begin over again successful and comfortable with peace, happiness and harmony in their lives. Please also watch over bless and protect me give me health , happiness and peace of mind and the ability to make the right decisions in helping them. Padre Pio please assist in some way to help me provide for them until they are back on their feet on there own. Padre Pio I beg you to intercede for all these need through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.
    In thanksgiving I will forever sing your praise and continue to spread devotion to you.

  49. Dear Father Pio through your intercession I ask for my wife’s healing from cancer and recovery from surgery in Jesus name. Amen

  50. Pray for me St Padre Pio for health. Been ill since November last year. So much discomfort….please please pray to God for me for mercy and healing. Amen. Thank you. Thank you soo much.

  51. pray for me St Padre Pio and my family. Heal my sister, bring closer to Jesus my brothers so that they stop being drunkards but to have the wisdom and knowledge from you so that they go back to school for studies. Pray for me for a financial breakthrough so that we finish building the houses, send our children to school, colleges and show your love to my husband and protect our jobs and dependants. Thank you.

  52. Dear Padre Pio ,
    I have known you for a long time. I have a picture of you which is now very old and falling apart. It was given it by some lovely nuns in Ireland. I keep it under my mattress. Today I pray for my little granddaughter Annabella Rosa to get a place at a good school near where she lives. She is due to make her First Holy Communion this year. My daughter is so worried about the school as she has been on the waiting list for some time. Annabella Rosa is currently in the 1st place on the list but for some reason she doesn’t get the offer of a place. Please Padre Pio intercede with Our Blessed Lord and Our Lady for us to get the news that she has gained a place. Please let a space come for her.

  53. Dear Padre Pio ,
    I have known you for a long time. I have a picture of you which is now very old and falling apart. It was given it by some lovely nuns in Ireland. I keep it under my mattress. Today I pray for my little granddaughter Annabella Rosa to get a place at a good school near where she lives. She is due to make her First Holy Communion this year. My daughter is so worried about the school as she has been on the waiting list for some time. Annabella Rosa is currently in the 1st place on the list but for some reason she doesn’t get the offer of a place. Please Padre Pio intercede with Our Blessed Lord and Our Lady for us to get the news that she has gained a place. Please let a space come for her. NB Changed email

  54. Please padre I beg you to protect my family … Send me opportunity that can be positive to my life and keep tentation away of our path …. Thank you beloved padre pio

  55. Dear Saint Charbel ,
    This is another way to thank you for standing next to me every time I was feeling really down . I felt your presence and touched your interference in getting my life on track again ….

  56. Dear Padre,
    I pray that David and Cathy make a wise decision. They can help Annabella Rosa. May the Holy Spirit guide them. Amen
    I pray for the people that I see on this page too. God Bless. I have just read a book about Padre Pio. In the book it said that Padre Pio used to say to people who came to him – ” Pray, have faith, don’t worry”

  57. Dear Padre Pio,
    Still I pray that we will hear from the school with a space for Annabella Rosa. (Yesterday she held your pictures.) It has been a long time and still no reply. I have just finished my Padre Pio book. I felt sad when I had finished it although it had taken me a long time to read. It was strange because as I was turning the pages I could smell a lovely light perfume. Maybe it was in the room or on my hands but I felt it was connected with the book. I carry on with my prayers and ask for all who need help. I feel I am with you all as I write this. Thank you for this place of comfort.

  58. Dear Padre Pio,
    Yesterday my daughter heard that it was very likely that Annabella Rosa will have a place at the school as another child’s family is relocating. The school is waiting for the family to write saying they are moving. Then my daughter will hear for sure. (Anxious time.) Please Padre Pio keep Annabella Rosa close to you while we wait. I pray, I hope, (have faith) and try not to worry. ) Thank you for this site to share this with at this moment. God Bless everyone here and may their prayers be answered. Amen

  59. Dear Padre Pio and friends on this site,
    Annabella Rosa has been offered a place at the chosen school. She will be starting in April.
    I thank all Angels and Saints with Padre Pio and Our Blessed Lady for their intercession. O Sacred Heart of Jesus my trust is in you. God Bless everyone I will keep you in my prayers. Amen.

  60. Dearest Padre Pio, I humbly request that you Please Pray for my son William C. aged 16 years who is having a very hard time with his life. He has been away the entire night, I don’t know his whereabouts and I’m worried to death, please keep him safe and bring him back home ASAP please, please. He has been constantly lying about school, grades, has been stealing from me and yesterday before dropping him off at school I took his phone away from him and he has not returned home since. Please soften his heart and please try to make him realize his mistakes, BRING WILLIAM HOME PLEASE, I don’t wish for him to be roaming the streets without a phone and without money. Please help William and me too, kindly pray for us. I am a single mom who works long hours ….. Padre Pio, I carry your picture almost everywhere I go. Please Padre Pio keep William SAFE. Amen. Thank you so much. Elsie

  61. Dear Padre Pio,

    We pray for Eddy who is laying sick of cancer in ICU. I implore you,
    to intercede for Eddy;

    Take away any pain or feeling of discomfort.
    Correct any malfunctioning of my bodily organs and tissues.
    Melt with the heat of your healing love all abnormal and cancerous growths.
    Arrest the further spreading of those sick cells and create in me new and healthy cells.
    Root out all the hurts embedded in my subconscious through the years.

    Bless Eddy and have mercy on him, oh thank you beloved Padre Pio.

  62. Padre Pio, please heal my husband from his cancer. Please give him more years to be with us. Please give him a chance to find in his heart that Jesus really loves him. Padre Pio, I do believe that through your intercession, he will be healed. Thank you, Padre Pio.

  63. Dear St. Pio-
    Thankyou for your intercession in the past-You helped me achieve a miracle and again I am throwing myself at your feet to request that you help my daughter g. and son f. as they are away at school and need spiritual help..i ask for your intercession to ask for Jesus’ help that they do well in school and stay strong and live their lives morally as they were brought up to. that our daughter’s anger melts away and she is able to live in peace and find true friends. I ask this in the name of Jesus and Mary and I will always make known your help…God Bless all who have needs that bring them to Jesus and St. Pio that they will be answered. love your servant..

  64. Padre Pio
    My son is very depressed.
    Please heal my son in so many ways. Scoliosis, Acne, Post Nasal drip, growth. May he find peace and a reason to live.
    Thank You

  65. My nephew Christian Paolo was diagnosed to have brain tumor. He has undergone spiritual healing from an 84 year-old nun. I am putting my whole trust in Father Pio to have my nephew regain his health so he could continue his studies. I know that his heart bleeds for those who are suffering.

    I put my trust in St. Father Pio for the cure of my nephew who is diagnosed to have brain tumor. I know that Fr. Pio’s heart bleeds for those who suffer, being privileged to have received five wounds of Jesus. This Year is the Year of the Eucharist and the Year of Mercy that through Fr. Pio’s intercession, God’s loving mercy flows for the cure of my beloved nephew.

  66. St. Father Pio, I entrust to your intercession the complete healing of our former School Nurse, Gilly R. Terrayo. She was diagnosed to have Stage 4 Cancer. She had served our school for the past three years and her services as a nurse had been remarkable. Please intercede for her because she is very active in many parish activities. Despite her predicament, she never complains. I know she is experiencing excruciating pains. Please present to Jesus the fast recovery of her illness. Thank you Father Pio.

  67. Thank you Padre Pio for sending my son William back home very quickly. I’m again begging you for your help with my home, that I will be able to keep it, that it will not foreclose and I’m praying now for a job with P. Patel, MD. Please help me to keep my home and please Padre Pio help me to get this very special job with Dr. Patel, Amen. Thank you Padre Pio. Thank you for William ! Bless you always. Thank you Padre Pio for being close to me, I feel your presence Padre Pio, Please stay close to me, please keep me company, I don’t wish to be left alone.

  68. Dear Padre Pio, please help me to discern what is pleasing To our God Jesus and what is not. I am very sad and confused when I hear people say if you pray the rosary you are in danger of Hell or Catholics practice idol worship. I am sad and confused why so many who say you cannot be saved in the catholic church, or your baptism is not valid in the catholic church. I need forgiveness from my sins so much, I recognize I have sinned so much in my life I went to a man named Braco and paid for healing I repent please God forgive me I took my sister to see him and I need to have Gods forgiveness and take away the sin from my sister it was my fault she went with me I also brought my nephews picture To Braco Please Jesus release the bad consequences if any from them and from myself for going to a healer. Please Forgive me.

  69. Please Padre Pio can you help my Mother and Father who passed away to be forgiven by Jesus From their sins while they were alive so they can be with Jesus in the kingdom of Heaven.

  70. Padre Pio, I pray to you to help me with my financial problems, my health, the health of those that are very dear to me and to get the devil and his demons away from me. I pray you help me to become more helpful to those around me also.

  71. Padre pio pray for my son, he is my only son please heal him through this hard time.let your powerful hands put on my sons body to heal him.. Please present to Jesus the fast recovery of his illness. Im begging you in your name i pray amen.
    Thank you Padre Pio.

  72. Saint Padre Pio you have helped me In my past. You guided me to the right place, A place that had qualified Surgeons to save my life. You brought me back to the man I once was, But with more care, more feeling’s, more courtesy, more respect, and an all around better personality. I so greatly do appreciate you for being there for me, and to guide me In the right direction.
    But Dear Saint Padre Pio I need, and I ask for your prayer and help once again.
    Today’s economy has been hurting me. It has been hurting many ! I can not find A good dependable job that I can perform all job duties 100%. I’ve applied for many, But unfortunately have been called for none. I need your help with finding A job adequate enough to pay all house hold bill’s, and yet afford to support A family comfortably.
    Please give this to Jesus for his help with finding me good dependable employment.
    I’m asking you In your name I pray, Amen !
    Thank you for hearing my prayer Saint Padre Pio.

  73. Padre Pio please pray for my son Matthew who is suffering the anguish of persecution. Help him to overcome these obstacles.

  74. Padro pio am really grateful to you for the good works you do to people. I pray to you that you intercede for me in my prayer I need your help on the new investment am going to be starting from next month.

    I also pray that you be with me in every moment of my life. Amen

  75. Padre Pio I asked to help me and heal me, also for my husband to give him faith and to give him health,bless my children and grandchildren and keep them close to God,stay with me through my life please hear my petition,and bless us all

  76. Please pray for me, Julie to Padre pio for healing on a sharp and painful hard object on the second layer of my stomach skin.
    Tell padre poo yo take care of my daughter chidera stay in Australia that she will not misbehave but drawn closer to God in truth and spirit

  77. St. Pio, I am out of work right due to job loss and I ask for your intercession that whatever the Lord’s Will is for me that I may have the discernment and strength to carry it out and trust in his plan. Please look upon me as one of your spiritual children.

  78. St.Padre Pio pray for my son so that he can study well, grow knowing Lord Jesus . pray for me to get a right man, I stop being so arrogant , too tough, to have peace of mind and also to get enough money . please look at me as your spiritual daughter

  79. Padre Pio,

    I have known about you for a long time. I have read so much about you and your wonderful deeds on earth. How wonderful it is to be near the Lord all the time. I have your picture in my bedroom and talk to you every day and feel your presence. Pray for me Padre that I may be pleasing to our Lord, pray for my son and daughter that the may know Jesus Christ more and more. Pray for me Padre that I may be able to build my own house. Please Padre hear my pettion. Amen

  80. Saint Pio,please pray for me to loose weight,invoke Jesus’s name,for I have rarely asked for prayers for myself.Pleases convert my sons,and bring them back to church.Pray for my son who is addicted to drugs.Thank you,and for helping me to find my Diary of a Saint.Mary.

  81. Padre Pio, I pray for inner peace and emotional healing. My estranged husband left me and my son for another woman. The pain is so unfolding. I want to move on and experience peace and happiness again. If you will, please, I beg you to please pray that this burden in your family will end soon. Amen.

  82. St padre pio i need your prayer and pray for me to get well paying job and to grant me a happy family and blessed kids. in God’s name i pray. Amen

  83. Padre Pio please intercede for my son that he will be healed mentally, act and think of his age so he can start a family of his own. Amen

  84. Padre Pio help me with my suffering if it’s God’s will heal me from all the suffering bless my husband give faith and bless my family Amen

  85. St. Padre Pio please pray for my three year old grandson, Tanner, who has been diagnosed with Leighs syndrome which is affecting his central nervous system and as a result he can’t walk or talk without falling down. They have also found lesions on his brain and I pray that they be gone. I also pray that all the tests they took all come back normal. Please pray for his healing, his cure and a miracle. Thank you for praying for Tanner for his healing.

  86. St. Padre Pio please pray for my three year old grandson, Tanner, who has been diagnosed with Leighs syndrome which is affecting his central nervous system and as a result he can’t walk or talk without falling down. They have also found lesions on his brain and I pray that they be gone. I also pray that all the tests they took all come back normal. Please pray for his healing, his cure and a miracle. Thank you for praying for Tanner for his healing.

  87. Dear St. Pio,
    I have just completed today my 9 days of Novena to you for the grace of a good Job.
    Please, Saint Pio, bless me with a good job soon, a job of my dreams. Intercede for everyone here who invoke you in prayer.
    Please pray for me dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

  88. Dear Padre Pio..please pray and intercede for my family.
    adult sons and their families pray for healing of their bodies, souls
    and spirits.. and pray for the salvation of ‘all of them’..including my husband of over 57 years..
    Please pray for my body and soul (mind/emotional/self-will) issues
    as well..I thank you in advance..knowing that as we ask.. seek
    and knock.. the door will be opened..
    Joy CeE

  89. Padre Pio, please visit my husband with your healing presence and help him to get well. Please help my family and intercede for us in all of our wants and needs. In Jesus’ name we pray.

  90. thank you for interceding for me to Jesus and to the Lord. the headache is gone and i feel better now. thank you again Padre Pio, thank you Lord, thank you Jesus, Amen.

  91. Dear Padre Pio,
    Please help Prince Jack. Please do not let him geta diagnosis of cancer or incurable disease. Please heal him and help him to stay healthy.Thank you for helping Blackie go into remission and his tumors disappearing. Please bless them both, be with them and me with my anxiety coping with all of this. Please intercede Padre Pio. Please pray to the Lord Jesus and Mother Mary for their intercession. Thank You Padre Pio.

  92. Dear Padre Pio. Please pray for me. I have a cronic excema. Ask God for me so that I can stop the medication that causes other ailments in my body.

  93. Padre Pio, please pray for my daughter Lauren that she overcomes her learning difficulties and is able to make A’s and B’s in her university classes. She feels so desperate and alone and forgotten by our Lord. She feels unloved and inferior to everyone. Please intercede with our Lord for Lauren and bring her the Miracle of healing her learning difficulties and enable her to succeed in school and feel successful and loved.

  94. Padre Pio, please pray for my daughter Lauren that she overcomes her learning difficulties and is able to make A’s and B’s in her university classes. She feels so desperate and alone and forgotten by our Lord. She feels unloved and inferior to everyone. Please intercede with our Lord for Lauren and bring her the Miracle of healing her learning difficulties and enable her to succeed in school and feel successful and loved.

  95. Padre Pio, . Please intercede with our Lord for my daughter Lauren and bring her the Miracle of healing to overcome her learning difficulties and enable her to succeed in school and make A’s and B’s in all of her classes

    • For my close friend and little brother who has been diagnosed with a tumor of his brain. With your intercessions to our Father, grant him a physical healing. I truly believe, as in the bible, an action of true belief of a healing Tommy will be granted a physical healing.

  96. Father padre pio a great intercessor of difficult cases intercede for me and Robert for holy marriage in the Holy Catholic Church for these I pray to the LORD AMEN

  97. padre pio pls intercede for me and let my son joaquin lorenzo get well already please dont let him have fever anymore take away his cough and colds. take away his fever and ket him be well already. pls dont let him have a need for any tests tomorrow. protect all my children and family from all harm, danger diseases and sicknesses let them be strong and healthy always. let both my parents gloria recarda and jesus fransisco recover fully and quickly from all their ailments without the need of dialysis and without the need of any medical procedures let them and my whole family and children live to see their great grandchildren. help me earn well that i may provide for all my familys needs that they may live comfortably always. take good care of us dear padre pio rememeber us always and hear our prayers. Intercede for us always. pls dont let joaquin lorenzo have fever anymore let him be well already.

  98. Saint padre pio, please intercede for me that my eyesight will not fail me so I might be able to drive where I need to go in serving the Lord.

  99. Father Pio, please help my son to restore his ability to fully live a fruitful life after having gone through 3 traumatic experiences in recent times. He has been working to give young children a more Godly form of entertainment than what is available in the world today. Intercede for him to be able to gain employment so he may continue his work of bringing God into their lives.

  100. Padre Pio,
    Please help my son, his suppose to have a kidney surgery and it was postpone twice already because he always have colds during pre check up surgery. We know that you have better plan for him and were praying and hoping that his kidney problem will resolve on his own and no surgery will be done. My baby Berwin is only 5 months old. Thank you.

  101. Padre Pio,

    Please heal my deformed ankle so I can walk and run normally again. And heal the rheumatoid arthritis and nerve damage in my body. I am so depressed about my condition.Thank You

  102. Dear Padre Pio, please hear my prayers for Jessica Whelan, a little girl suffering from cancer. I don’t know her but my heart is compelled to ask for your healing powers, and intercession. Please, completely heal her, and relieve her suffering, in Jesus name I pray. thankyou

  103. Dear Padre Pio please hear my prayers for my Nephew Evans whole has delayed milestone and not started to talk. Be a mentor to my sons Adam and Sam. Pray for me for the sacrament of holy matrimony and for another employment that i have been trusting God for. Thank you

  104. Dear Padre Pio pray for the Father to my children Joash who is unwell, and may undergo an operation, pray for his healing and a successful surgery. Thank you

  105. Padre Pio Please Pray for my family and specifically for my Alexis who is going through a rough time. Please let things work out for her. Padre Pio Pray for us

  106. Thank you Padre pio for interceding in my needs. Pray for my brother Joe who us hospitalized for a broken leg. Help him and my dad to get converted. Pray for me to get another employment. Stand in for me for the job applications I have sent to get positive feedback. Amen

  107. Dear Padre Pio,
    We thank you in Jesus name for all the graces that you have bestowed in us. This time, we ask once again for you to intercede in prayers to bless and protect my daughter who will undergo a surgery today, pls give all the medical staff the wisdom, compassion and steady hands to perform this medical procedure safely. We ask for my daughter to draw strength from our Lord Jesus Christ who is our Divine Healer. We pray for good results and for her fast recovery.
    This we ask in Jesus name.

  108. Thank you Padre Pio. Please pray for my family and my daughters. Padre Pio my daughter seems to be strong and please help her get through whatever she is going through. Padre Pio I love you.

  109. Padre Pio please pray that my daughters do well in their finals. Please pray for my Alexis that her back is better and things work out for her. And please help my mother with her pain. Padre Pio I Love you.

  110. Dear pio,
    As you know I am in a terrible situation now regarding my visa, work and health. I worked with heart and they just throw us like a peace of paper. I really don’t know what to do and where to start. Please pray for my visa, work and my baby. I am pregnant and stressing out too much, please protect my baby as well. Only jesus can do a miracle. Please help me to find a sponsor soon and please pray for my family and friends.
    Thank you so much and love you pio

  111. Padre Pio please pray that things are okay with Alexis’ paper and all of her finals. Please pray for my family and protect them. Padre Pio Pray For Us.

  112. Please dearest Padre Pio, please help me, relieve me of this pain I am going through. Thank you because through your help I’ve not incurred any complications from the surgery… But the pain is now too much. Please heal me!

  113. Please pray for me also that I may join others in the coming semesters… You know well dear Padre that I have been home for two semesters now because my mother can’t afford to pay my school fees. Help me, send me an Angel to help me in my education. I love you Padre Pio

  114. Padre Pio thank you for watching over my family and for praying for them. Please keep them safe and continue to pray for them. Pray for my daughters and my husband and for my entire family. Padre Pio I love you. Padre Pio Pray for Us.

  115. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for all prayers for the saving of baby Peter Elliot Valdez who is in critical care in the hospital right now please pray for this new born infant of two months of age GOD I give you my heart and my soul to use me as a vessel to do your will Amen!

  116. Dear Padre Pio,
    Help me to get to heaven as well as for my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and their children, etc. Give me the strength and the endurance to do God’s will. Amen

  117. Dear pio,
    Thank you so much for all the blessings that you showered on me till this moment. Please pray for my baby as am pregnant and working. Please intercede for our visa and sponsorship as we had a ukba inspection and we are waiting for result. You know how much this job and UK residence mean for me and my family. You helped to reach till here and please protect me and my family from all evil and sins.
    Love you pio

  118. Dear Padre Pio Thank you for all of your prayers. Please continue to remember my girls and my family in your prayers. Please watch over my Emilyrose and Alexis.

    I Love You

  119. Dear Padre Pio,

    Please intercede for me in my time of need. I know I could have done better, but I became lazy and selfish. I ask you for help and guidance. Please forgive me for what I’ve done and what I have failed to do. Help me become a better person and walk closer with Jesus. This I ask of you.


  120. Thank you PadrePio for given me a good news bless me and my family and keep me clean for the rest of my life bless my family Amen

  121. Please PadrePio intercede for me for my total healing. Please bless me and my family and bring us closer together. Thank you. Amen

  122. dear padre pio,
    Please keep my children Jillian Allyson, Joaquin Lorenzo and Jodie Madison away from all kinds of harm and diseases. Let them all be strong and healthy at all times specially now and during our trip next week. Protect us all and our whole family always. We love you and trust you always. Pray for us dear Padre Pio, intercede for us and hear our plea. Please let our trip push through without any problems. Help us dear Padre Pio. We are always forever greatful. Thank you so much!

  123. Padre Pio thank you for all of your prayers. Please continue to pray for my family that they continue to be happy and healthy. Please let my girls continue to make good decisions and please let Alexis do well in softball and both do well in school. And please let my husband be healthy. Please bless my entire family. Padre Pio I love you. Padre Pio Pray for us.

  124. Padre Pio Thank You that I have a chance to visit you in your Shrine in Batangas and get a chance to attend the Healing Mass, and now I am praying to you to continue to heal my sickness, heal the sickness of all the people around the world. I am strongly believe that you will heal me. Pray for us! Amen!

  125. Dear St. Padre Pio i ask to be completely healed of my stomach problems and for the approval of my leave application from my boss.
    And for the healing of all our elders in our families.
    I ask of this favor from Jesus Christ our lord through you. Amen

  126. dear padre pio please let my father be well and recover fully and quickly from all of his ailments without the need of any surgical and non surgical procedures. let his abdominal pain now disapear and not be anything serious. pls take care of all my children both my parents and the rest of my family let them all be strong and healthy. keep them all away from all kinds of harm danger diseases and sicknesses. let them all live long enough to see their great grandchildren. keep us together always. amen. pls let my dad be ok dont let it be anything serious. let the pain be just gas, without the need of any surgical and no surgical procedures. let joaquin lorenzo feel better already and be able to drink and eat well. protect us all always and pray for us always. thank you and we love you.

  127. Padre Pio please let Alexis do well in softball. She has worked so hard for so many years. Padre Pio I love you and have prayed to you all my life. Padre Pio pray for my family. Padre Pio Pray for Us.

  128. Dearest Padre Pio please intercede for me and ask Our Lord in Heaven to cure me of this bowel and bladder affliction. Please dont let it be serious
    I pray to you every day please answer my prayers thankk you Saint Pip

  129. Please Saint Pio i pray to you every day and always think of how wonderful you were on earth and now in Heaven. Please askOur Lord to take away this bowel and bladder affliction. Thank You

  130. Dear pio,
    Please intercede for my visa with black swan and help me to do my job properly. Please intercede my visa and all the problems. Please help me to reach my PR and please pray for my husband and baby. Also my father is sick and pray for him. Please pray for family, friends and all.
    Thank you dear pio

  131. Padre Pio Please Pray that Alexis is okay for tomorrow and can get things done. I know that she is very overwhelmed. Please help her feel better. Padre Pio please pray for my mother and mother in law. Please pray for my family. I love you. Padre Pio Pray for Us.

  132. Dear Padre Pio I trust that through your intercession God heals my child Marie Yoshiko, God removes all the cancer cells in her body and bring her back to good health, in Jesus name and the Holy Spirit Amen.

  133. May your powerful intercession Padre Pio will lead to the complete healing of my sister Maria Salve who is now on medication for eye disease. A virus had caused irritation to her left eye. I hope that through your prayers, my sister will be healed. Thank you, Padre Pio!

  134. Dear Saint Pio* faithful servant and friend of jesus,You were a witness of christ’s suffering…. i am in great need of your prayers because of your ernest intercessions to the almighty….i have been praying for gainful employment as a civil servant but to no avail,people always say you cannot get a job if you don’t know anyone is higher offices…O dear St Pio,i dont have any connections in these offices but God the almighty is my only connection….Help me pray to the almighty to bless me with a job …. Also,i pray for my husband to be who has encountered christ..I pray that he maybe rooted in the word and always looking to christ as his refuge,bless the work of his hands and make him a channel of your peace…I speak the blood of jesus to wash him and for the power of the holy spirit to be his source of strength…..
    pray for me o dear St Pio…..

    • Dear Padre Pio,
      I humbly plead for you to pray for the hope of healing and/or management of my brain calcification. I am just but a sinner who believes in your healing prayers. May He, through your powerful intercession grant my ardent wish. Thank you belover Padre Pio.

  135. Please pray for financial help( I’m in senior living and coming to the end of my funds and will not have a place to live) peace between my daughter and her daughter and healing for my friend’s cancer. I need your intercession.

  136. I was diagnosed with cancer again in 2013, my cousin told me about St Pio and his wonderful Prayers and intercession. I decided to go to Rotondo where his body is display for Prayers. Since my return my tumour had stop growing and on one occasion while driving from Alicante in Spain to Valencia the car was fill with sweet smell I knew St Pio had visited us. St Pio Please I Pray you intercede for me and my family at all times in Jesus name Amen.

  137. Saint Padre Pio,

    Please connect me to my Guardian Angel for guidance and protection. Please help me heal the deep loss of my Beloved Husband, help find my new home and purpose in serving God, answers to questions, courage and strength to change, guidance to my Highest Good in all things, forgiveness and peace. You are a blessing for me.

  138. Padre Pio please I ask you to give me good results, keep close to God,heal me from all bad cells, give my husband faith and healing, bless my mother my children and grand children,and all my family under your care,,bless us all amen.

  139. St Pio

    My sister has a mental illness and is very unhappy. She needs different surroundings. Please help us find a new house. You are so kind and help all who ask you. I trust that you will come to our aid

  140. St Pio

    Please pray that baby Charlie’s parents are allowed to take him home to spend his final days with him. Please make this as easy as you can for them and him.

  141. Padre pio please iintercede to The Lord above for my daughter to have nothing serous in her blood test results this week. Please calm my nerves and help me to cope and strenghten my lungs so that i can be a good mother and grandmother.Thank you for curing my bowel and bladder problem earlier this year. I pray to You every day . Thank you

  142. Padre Pio give my mother healing, my husband faith and healing,help me with my pain so that I will be healed touch us with your wounds so we will be all cured if it’s Gods will, bless my family and help us in Gods hand amen

  143. Padre Pio pray for us to have more faith, courage,strength,let me be healed if it’s God will, heal my husband bless my children and grandchildren,and give peace in the world amen.

  144. St Pio, Please intercede for me and my family in all we do, in our health, education and my business. I would also like all to Pray for me for my cancer to be gone for good. I Pray Virgin Mary my beloved mother to Intercede for me and all my family. Amen

  145. St. Padre Pio, I humbly come to you in need of your intercession to take my petition to Our Lord Jesus Christ for the healing of cancer of my oldest son. I am not worthy of your goodness but I thank you with all my heart soul and mind to ask Jesus to look upon my son with mercy and pray His will is also my will. I thank you Padre for all help and assistance.

  146. dear padre pio please protect my whole family, from all kinds of harm and danger keep them all safe from all
    kinds of harm, danger diseases and sicknesses. Pls let my mom gloria ortega lacson and my father jesus fransisco arnulfo salazar lacson both live long enough to see their great grandchildren, let them recover fully and quickly without the need of any surgical and ni. surgical procedures. keep my children jillian allyson, joaquin lorenzo and jodie madison away from all kinds of harm and danger keep them strong and healthy always in spirit, body and mind. protect them always. i ask the same also for all my sisters jessica pauline, joanna kaitlin, joyce corine, my brother judd julius and my husband lorenzo b ginzales jr and merlita jamelarin too. help us earn alot so that we may be able to support our whole family and live comfortably again. hear our prayers always padre pio and interceed for us. thank you for everything.

  147. Please Padre Pio heal me from all unproductive cells,help me so my operation will go well and that I have no complications,cure me from all tumours,bless and give faith,to my husband and children and lead them to the right path of God, bless my mum,Amen

  148. padre pio pls heal my mother gloria ortega lacson. heal her wounds, her spirit body and mind. let her legs be well already without the needs of any surgical or non surgical procedures. heal her please. we are truly greatful always padre pio. we love you. pls grant me this request.

  149. Saint Pio please pray me, my sister and family and also for my present relationship.
    And please pray for the happy end to the sale of my property.
    Please answer my petition!

  150. padre pio pls let my mom gloria lacson recover fully and quickly. let her be well already. let her be strong and healthy without the need of any surgery or hospitalization. pls padre hear our prayers. thank you

  151. Padre Pio, please heal my brother Alfred from leukemia – please ask Jesus to allow just one drop of His most precious blood flow in my brother’s body, so that he will be completely healed and spared for us all. I also ask Padre Pio to heal my sister from her depression and addiction.

  152. Dear Padre Pio please let both my parents be strong and healthy always, let them recover fully and quickly from all their ailments without the need of any surgical procedures and hospitalization. I ask you all these also for the rest of my family and loved ones. hear our prayers always and please grant us these graces. thank you

  153. Please saint pio. Please heal my sons knee so that he can carry on with studies and work.
    Please taje away my chest and bowel affliction. I pray to you each day. Please help me again.
    Thank you so much

  154. Thank you st pio for curing my sons knee. My daughter is suffering with very bad stomach pains please dont let her have anything seriously wrong with her when she goes to the doctors please please. I place all my trust in the lord above and pray you will intercede for me. Thank you

  155. Dear Padre Pio, please pray for my mother and family to get healed both physically and spiritually. Please protect me,my children Alan and Albert plus my family and friends from any evil. Please pray for my sins to be forgiven and that i draw closer to God. Please bless the job applications i have made and continue to submit so that i get a job which i ardently desire to keep my children in school and provide for my large family who all rely on me as their source of livelihood. Hear my prayers daily and please grant me these graces. Amen

  156. Dear Padre Pio,
    Please be a guide and mentor for my son Andrew. Please pray for him and be with him. He is 19 now, and needs a mentor, and our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for his soul and his heart to be open to Jesus. Please adopt Drew as your spiritual child, your spiritual son.

    He has so many special God Given gifts, but struggles with anxiety and self medicates. This struggle has led him to make choices that are hurtful to him and his future and being. Please heal his brain and soul. Self medicating will only lead him to make more poor choices.

    My son is a good boy, but he is beginning to harden his heart …this breaks my own heart. He needs a miracle from God to open his eyes Saint Padre Pio. I pray for your help Padre Pio!
    Please pray for my son Saint Padre Pio.

    Glory be to our Lord and thank you your healing of my son’s mind and spirit. Laurie

  157. Padre Pio,please pray so that I will be healed from this pain if it’s God’s will,so they find a cure for me,please pray for my husband so he will have faith, and to cure his sickness bless my children and grandchildren keep them in the right path of God.and peace in the world Amen bless us all.

  158. Saint Padre Pio, I am in the process of buying a house and have been offering but then I get counter offers from other potential buyers for this particular house until today my realtor told me it was now between me and another potential buyer. I can’t offer anymore than I already have because I won’t be able to make the payments. I just need a stable home for my 2 kids and myself, I am a single mother. I pray Padre Pio for your divine intercession, that my offer be favored. In Jesus name I ask. Amen

  159. Padre Pio, I am also about to take my certification exam next week. I pray for your intercession, help me remember all I have been reviewing on my exam day. In 2003, you visited me as I struggled to get ready to take my nursing licensure exam. I will never forget your presence the day before I took my exam – the wonderful unexplainable scent of perfume that engulfed me which I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from until, after the exam, I realized, that you were there to reassure me that all was well and I passed my exam. Thank you Saint Padre Pio. I pray yet again today for your intercession. Please intercede for me and be present with me as I take yet another but even more intense exam. Be with me Saint Padre Pio. Amen

  160. St. Padre Pio and all reading this, please pray for my Dad. He has suffered two strokes and is currently hospitalized. He really needs all the prayers he can get. Be with him. Amen

  161. Padre Pio, please hear my prayer if it’s God will so that when I go to visit my doctor he will be able to find remedy to operate and to be cured, also give my husband faith and slow or cure his disease,bless my family keep them close to God.Amen

  162. Dear Padre Pio
    Please pray for my son Danny who has rejected God.
    For my daughter Shannon who is a lesbian and having a radical mastectomy to change her body.
    For my grandsons who have no earthly father.
    For my husband and daughter Andrea.
    For Leslie and Tammy who reject God.
    Thank you Padre Pio.
    I love you and Jesus. Help me love you more.

  163. Praying for my health and Health of the family; praying that our supervisor will have an open mind on our suggestions and she should be fair with our team; praying that we will get a new manager

  164. Dear St. Padre Pio, I have been unemployed and feeling bad for A long while. I am In desperate need of gainful employment to pay bills, provide for my self, help me smile, and build my confidence to help me accomplish my goals & dreams.
    Please take all of these negative feelings and thoughts away and give me happiness. Help me smile and be positive.

  165. Please St. Padre Pio intercede for my mother and family that she may be healed from progression of a motor neuron disease so that she may have many more healthy years on earth with her grandchildren who love her and need her guidance and presence and companionship in their lives. Please comfort my children and my mother as they struggle with the effects of this debilitating disease.
    Thank you for your intercession on their behalf.

  166. Dear padre pio onthis your birthday i pray for you to intetcede for me . Please ask Our Lord to look down upon me and give me strenght to have a good consultation with the doctor today about my chest problem. As i get very nervous. Please let my chest be clear of infection. Please please help me. I pray to you each day
    Thank you

  167. Dear padre pio please let my chest xray be cĺear i implore you more than ever padre pio my family need me.you have always been there for me before.
    Thank you love you

  168. Please pray for my brother to wake up from a coma and complete healing of his body injury. Praise you Jesus and thank you for all your blessings each day

  169. Dear St Pio,

    Kindly pray for my dad Raphael Ezeagu who is very ill and is suffering from Prostrate cancer which has already began to spread. For God’s mercy on the family and for divine healing of all cancer patients all over the world. We are praying to God for a miracle. Please help us.

  170. Padre Pio please I ask to intercede that tomorrow at 1.15pm I will be on the operation table help me so it will go well with no complications and that it will be successful stay with me Padre Pio bless me and my familyAmen

  171. Padre Pio stay with me today,while I will be operated,let it go well with no complications pray that I will recover soon bless me and stay with me Amen

  172. Thank Padre Pio for my successful operation help me so I will have good recovery,cleanse me from all bad cells,bless my family lead them to the right path of God bless us all Amen

  173. Thank you Padre Pio and Our Lord Jesus Christ for my son James’ healing – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional – heal his heart and soul. May he experience a true miracle and return home some day, ready to take on life again. Be a friend and mentor to him and help him to find a true friend in this earthly life. May he bravely bear all suffering knowing that he will find the healing he seeks. May I too, find my faith again and be an example of compassion and love to those who need me. Thank you Padre Pio! Amen.

  174. Dear Pio
    Please intercede for my visa as it is the turning point of my life. Till today with god grace everything went fine and thanks for your blessing, please help me with my future and please pray for my family and friends

  175. Dear St Pio
    Please intercede for my new visa as it is turning point of my life. I worked hard to get into this point and with the grace if god I still alive and has a good family. Please pray for my family and friends and help me to find a sponsor thanks and love you dear Pio

  176. Saint Padre Pio walk into our home and heal me and my love Abhishek for each other unite us into a strong bonding of eternal love and unite us together into the holy sacrament of marriage into each other
    Make my Abhishek fall in love with me each day and accept me and my love into his heart into his life and offers me his love and proposes me into marriage with him
    Saint Padre Pio I place thy picture below his pillow every night and I await your miracle to heal my Abhishek for my love
    May he be healed right now by your healing hands
    Saint Padre Pio only thy miracle can save my love my life
    Saint Padre Pio please walk into our home and our hearts now

  177. Dear Saint Padro Pio. Please pray for me. My Mate lied against me to my in-laws.to spoil my relationship with them. Please saint Padro Pio by your intercession may God make her to speak the truth. Return peace between me and my in-laws. Pray for Gods mercy upon me.They all have gang up against me. Padro PIo pray for me that Jane will speak out the truth and be saved.

  178. Dear Saint Father Pio:
    Please pray for the fast recovery of my cousin almar.May you heal him with your intercission.Save his life.

  179. Saint Padre Pio, I can’t effort to visit your grave, but believe in faith that you will grant me the mercy and pray for me. Saint Padre Pio walk into our home and heal me and my love Rafael for each other unite us into a strong bonding of eternal love and unite us together into the holy sacrament of marriage into each other.
    Our finance is not going well, please help my love to get a job, we are planning if is God’s will to follow His path righteously, please healed us spiritually as well bodily.
    Saint Padre Pio I place your picture at the head of our bed, every day and night and I await your miracle to heal us to have peace of mind, follow the path of the Lord and ask you to intercede for us to be guide by the Holy Spirit and do the right thing in the eyes of the Lord. May I be healed right now by your healing hands. Saint Padre Pio only your miracle can save my love my life. Saint Padre Pio please walk into our home and our hearts now

  180. Dear Padre Pio,
    I have been out of work for six months and I have applied to a job that I desperately need and want. Please let them hire me. I need expensive dental surgery done and need this job to help pay our bills. We visited your shrine in Landisville, NJ, and try to every chance we get. I am praying day and night that I get this job.
    Saint Padre Pio, please come into our lives and help us.

  181. Dear Pio
    Thank you so much for your intercession and I got my visa. But I am mentally very suffering with debts and I don’t know how to manage all this trouble. Please intercede in my debits and please help to to pay it back on time. You know how much I am struggling and working hard. I can only do everything with your help. Thank you and love you dear pio

  182. Please saint pio take away this lung affliction. Keep my family safe especially my little grand dajughter. Thank you do much. I pray to you each day.

  183. Dear padre pio please cure my stomach problem this night. I pray to you each day. Please let me be well for my grandaughters 5th birthday soon dont let it be serous. You have answered .me many times before.. I thank you from the bottom of my heart x

  184. Dear Pio
    Please intercede for my sons talking and behaviours as he is 2 years old now and not talking. Please help my son to pick up all the milestones he suppose to have I love you

  185. Please intercede for healing ofmy transplant kidney let Lord healing flow through itt. Let it become comletely healed by the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the intersetion of St padre pio may my kidneys be completly healed and restored thank you Lord alleluia

  186. Please st padre pio. Please through the request of my guardian angel and through your closeness to god please take cancer away from my new husband shane. Please please pray for him to be healed. Please let us love each other nod that i May cherish him more. I am so sorry that i am not a better and stronger person, but i am afraid and will be alone without my husband. I beg you to pray and heal him amen.

  187. Saint Padre Pio please pray for us, were in need of your help, we have no money for living more debts.. Please do help us i pray to our lord jesus christ, amen..

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