SH5 – The Sacred Heart and Work – Building a Kingdom of Love with Msgr. John Esseff – Discerning Hearts Podcast

The Sacred Heart and Work – Building a Kingdom of Love with Msgr. John Esseff

Msgr. John Esseff discusses the importance of enthroning the Sacred Heart of Jesus in various aspects of life, especially in businesses and workplaces. He shares a personal story about his brother who, despite initial struggles, experienced tremendous success after enthroning his titanium business to the Sacred Heart. Msgr. Esseff emphasizes that while success isn’t guaranteed, blessings on temporal and spiritual undertakings are promised.

He describes witnessing the Sacred Heart in diverse settings, like a McDonald’s in the Southwest, and encourages business owners to display the Sacred Heart in their workplaces, promoting a sense of community and divine blessing among employees. Msgr. Esseff also highlights the significance of having the Sacred Heart in medical environments, suggesting that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers should enthrone the Sacred Heart in their offices and work areas to bring Jesus’ healing presence to their patients.

Msgr. Esseff advocates for the presence of the Sacred Heart in legal and justice systems, prisons, and other societal institutions. He calls on individuals in these fields to enthrone the Sacred Heart in their hearts and workplaces, thereby extending Jesus’ kingship and blessings throughout all areas of life.

Discerning Hearts Reflection Questions

  1. How Can You Integrate Your Faith in Your Workplace? Consider ways to bring the Sacred Heart of Jesus into your work environment, fostering a sense of divine presence and blessing.
  2. What Role Does the Sacred Heart Play in Your Daily Life? Reflect on the importance of enthroning the Sacred Heart in your home and work, acknowledging Jesus’ influence on both spiritual and temporal undertakings.
  3. How Do You Manifest Your Faith in Public Spaces? Think about visible signs of your faith, like images of the Sacred Heart, and their impact on your business, clients, and community.
  4. How Do You Foster a Faith-Based Community in Your Workplace? Evaluate the ways you can encourage a supportive and faith-centered atmosphere among your colleagues and employees.
  5. How Do You Recognize and Credit Divine Intervention in Your Successes? Reflect on moments in your professional life where you have experienced success and attributed it to the blessings of the Sacred Heart.
  6. How Can You Incorporate the Sacred Heart in Healing Professions? Consider the significance of enthroning the Sacred Heart in medical settings to enhance the spiritual and physical healing of patients.
  7. How Do You Uphold Your Faith in Challenging Professional Situations? Think about how the presence of the Sacred Heart can guide you through difficulties and ethical dilemmas in your professional life.
  8. How Can the Sacred Heart Influence Your Interactions with Clients and Colleagues? Reflect on how bringing Jesus into your workplace can transform your relationships and interactions, promoting love and understanding.
  9. How Do You Witness Your Faith in Secular Environments? Consider the importance of maintaining and expressing your faith in settings that may not typically embrace religious symbols or practices.
  10. How Can You Extend Jesus’ Kingship Beyond Your Home? Evaluate the potential impact of enthroning the Sacred Heart in various societal institutions like prisons and justice systems, promoting Jesus’ teachings and blessings in broader contexts.

Msgr. John A. Esseff is a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Scranton. He was ordained on May 30, 1953, by the late Bishop William J. Hafey, D.D. at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Scranton, PA. Msgr. Esseff served a retreat director and confessor to St. Teresa of Calcutta. He continues to offer direction and retreats for the sisters of the Missionaries of Charity around the world. Msgr. Esseff encountered St. Padre Pio, who would become a spiritual father to him. He has lived in areas around the world, serving in the Pontifical Missions, a Catholic organization established by St. Pope John Paul II to bring the Good News to the world especially to the poor. Msgr. Esseff assisted the founders of the Institute for Priestly Formation and serves as a spiritual director for the Institute. He continues to serve as a retreat leader and director to bishops, priests and sisters and seminarians and other religious leaders around the world.