Our Lady of Consolation Novena Day 7 – Mp3 audio and text


Most blessed Mary,
kind and loving Mother,
receive me, your child,
into your tender care.

In your life, Mary,
you always offered kindness
to those around you.
Pray with me now to our loving Lord,
that in my life
I may reflect you through kindness.

There are so many times
in this life of ours, Mary,
that kindness gives way to harshness.
In the rush to “get things done,”
I become quick and short
with those around me.
In my own little world,
I often think only of my own plans,
my own accomplishments,
and I forget that
I am only one of God’s children,
only one of your children.

Dear blessed Mother,
teach me your ways.
Help me to take more time
with those who seek my time.
I want to be like you, Mary,
in every way.
In the rush of each day,
remind me to be kind.

Pray with me now, Mary,
as I place before our Lord
the main intentions of this novena.


Please ask our loving Savior
to help me in these particular needs of mine.
Turn your eyes,
so filled with kindness, on me,
gracious Mother,
and help me as I trust so much in you.

I desire always the kingdom of your Son.
Help me to finish this day in His love
and under your kind and gentle care,
Mother of God.


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