Funniest moments on Spirit Mornings with Bruce, Kris and T. Scott – Discerning Hearts

Many of the  funniest times I’ve had in my life have been with these two guys on the show.

 People have asked me often about T. Scott.

For the RECORD:
T. Scott Marr is one the best men I have ever known…he’s a cross between Sean Connery, Joe Namath, Jim McKay and Fred Mertz…and he really does look like Fr. Corapi’s younger brother (better looking  younger brother, no offense Fr. C).  He has a heart as big as the Nebraska sky…just watch him with our son Michael!  I LOVE working with him, but better yet, calling him “friend”.

Here, by popular demand, are some of our funniest moments  (there were so many others we didn’t record, darn….those where good days….good days):

Funny Bits:

12-18-09 Avatar Movi..>
7am Hour Banter – Fa..>
8am Hour Banter – Fa..>
Ah-haa – ABBA.mp3
Andy Syring – Apes i..>
As They Fix That Pro..>
Avatar Movie Review.mp3
Balloon Pops on Fr. ..>
Banter Valentines Da..>
Bruce the Funny Dog ..>
Classical Music for ..>
Drunken Lawn Mower M..>
Fish Frys.mp3
Fr. Andrew Roza – Vo..>
Fr. Mark Cyza Cake Y..>
Frogs & Irregardless..>
Hannah Montana Movie..>
Happy Birthday Kris ..>
Happy Birthday Kris ..>
Jay Leno – Catholic ..>
Keep Your Ears Pierc..>
Koala Love & Titanic..>
Kris Drinks while Go..>
Kris Sings ABBA for ..>
Kris Time Bit.mp3
Kris’ Feather.mp3
Laura & Her Tea.mp3
Mama Mia – ABBA.mp3
Mellow Yellow Singin..>
Michael McGregor & D..>
Movie Reviews Kris w..>
Sleep Times.mp3
Spicy St. Basil.mp3
St. Marys Penny War ..>
Stand by Your Ham Si..>
Stand by Your Ham Si..>
Stand by your Ham ed..>
T Scott’s Hole in On..>
T Scott’s Hole in On..>
The Clock Just Keeps..>
The Clock Just Keeps..>
The Clock Just Keeps..>
There’s a bat in my ..>

Animal Stories:

Wood Frogs of Canada..>
Wind Blows Chiwawah.mp3
Whooping Crane Watch..>
White Sturgeon.MP3
Talk like Whales.mp3
Surging Eel Drink fr..>
Students Paid to Sme..>
Snakes on a Plane – ..>
Raunchy Naked Mole R..>
Rat Dog Ben.mp3
Princess Chunk Fat C..>
Owl Attacks Skiers.mp3
Mice get excercise p..>
Meercat Manor .mp3
Manatee in Massachus..>
Lungless Frog.mp3
Kangaroo invades hou..>
Goats and a Goose.mp3
Giraffe & Octopus.mp3
Drunk on a White Hor..>
Donkey Adoption Resc..>
Dog runs for Mayor i..>
Catherine Story – Do..>
Baby Crocodiles Make..>
Baboon Spider 08-20-..>
Animals on Walk of Fame..>

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