The Examen Prayer – A video and audio guided reflection for daily use

The Daily Examen Prayer

The Examen can be done at any time of the day, but it is highly recommended for midday and the close of the evening.

For audio-only:

Become aware of the love with which God looks upon me as I begin this examen.

Note the gifts that God’s love has given you this day and give thanks to God for them.

Ask God for an insight and a strength that will make this examen a work of grace, fruitful beyond your human capacity alone.

With  God, review the day. Look for the stirrings in your heart and the thoughts which God has given you this day.
Look also for those which have not been of God.
Review your choices in response to both, and throughout the day in general.

Ask for the healing touch of the forgiving God who, with love and respect for you, removes your heart’s burdens.

Look to the following day and, with God, plan concretely how to live it in accord with God’s loving desire for your life.

Aware of God’s presence with you, prayerfully conclude the examen

*The above text was adapted from a pdf online entitled “The Examen” found here

10 thoughts on “The Examen Prayer – A video and audio guided reflection for daily use”

  1. Thank You so much for the Examen Prayer. I have gotten sick a lot here lately. I have let stress into my life and it has been bringing me down. But thanks to the Examen Prayer, I feel so much better. Thank for your kind and gentle hearts. May God grant all of your hearts request. Thank You again.

  2. What a great blessing that we have at Discerning Hearts. The Examen Pray is a prayer we want to pray some days but we can’t always find the words. I as God our Father to continue to Bless and keep each of you. Now may the Peace of Almighty God walk with each of you for the rest of your life here on earth.

  3. Again I thank each of you. The Examen Prayer helps me at the close of my day. My husband has been sick and now he has cancer. I know God has heard both of our prayers, and we know that he is going to heal him. Thanks be to God for such peace. This is a lesson for us to truly Trust Him.
    God, our Father thank you again for being our Father, Thank you Jesus Christ for being our Lord and Savior. In your name I pray this prayer.

  4. Thank you for this short but effective way of doing an examen. It is usually something I put off doing because I did not have an efficient effective method. Thank you so much. I go to sleep in peace

  5. Such a beautiful prayer to examen my day before going to bed. Doing this is such a blessing for me. It brings me such peace!

  6. I give thanks to Jesus for His help in a continuing “thorn in the side” and the problems of a sick wife.T his examen is a monumental help in these little crosses.Thank you Jesus.

  7. I struggle to do this wondrous prayer. To take the time to do it justice does not happen readily on my own. Yet to hear the words flow in such a prayerful way eases me into deep contemplative praying and opens me up to knowing His presence is not far away. Thank you for assisting me and leading me to the waters which feed my soul.

  8. THANKING GOD for calling those things that be NOT as though they were! According to our Faith, it will be done! This prayer helps us to reflect on God’s Grace which is sufficient for us as we trust Him for our daily bread!


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