IP#30 Gary Giddins – Warning Shadows on Inside the Pages

I love the movies as much as a good book; unfortunately there are fewer “good” movies than there are “good” books.  So it was great to talk the history of film and what makes for a good movie, as well as, what are some of the best of the old and new in cinema today with Gary Giddins. This interview was a blast for me.  If you love the movies, or even if you don’t but you want to have a fun and enjoyable movie going experience, home alone or in the theater, check out “Warning Shadows”


For more on “Warning Shadows:  Home Alone with Classic Cinema”

IP#9 Benjamin Wiker – “10 Books Every Conservative Must Read” on Inside the Pages

It’s always great fun to talk with Dr. Benjamin Wiker.  Intelligent and disarming, Dr. Wiker has a way of helping us see past the sound bite of the day to the heart of the matter…to the heart of the Church…to the heart of Truth.

Do you think you know what it means to be a “conservative”?  Do you really?  Read this first, and then let’s talk….

Visit Dr. Benjamin Wikers’s site:  www.ameaningfulworld.com

Here are just some of the conversations Bruce and I have had with Benjamin:

Dr. Benjamin Wiker 10 Books That Screwed Up the World.mp3
Dr. Benjamin Wiker Darwin Myth.mp3
Dr. Benjamin Wiker Meaningful World .mp3
10-04-07 – Dr. Benjamin Wiker – Reason.mp3