BA-V9 The Daring To Want To Be Saints – Begin Again with Fr. Timothy Gallagher

BA6 - "Refuse to Accept Discouragement" - Begin Again: The Spiritual Legacy of Ven. Bruno Lanteri with Fr. Timothy Gallagher

In this episode, Fr. Timothy Gallagher discusses the time of the “Restoration” in the life of Ven. Bruno Lanteri. This is a period where there is now freedom in Europe to practice the faith, but a time of increasing secular hostility directed at the Church. Though limited by his health, Ven. Lanteri, inspired and supplied the formation to those who would go out and mission to the world. Deeply rooted in the Lord, with incredible zeal, he would awaken the “daring to want to be saints” in those he would touch through his efforts. Fr. Gallagher discusses the importance of the “Spiritual Exercises” and the daily practice of prayer and study.

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