BA-V3 – The Crucible of Suffering and the Gift of Faith – Begin Again with Fr. Timothy Gallagher

BA6 - "Refuse to Accept Discouragement" - Begin Again: The Spiritual Legacy of Ven. Bruno Lanteri with Fr. Timothy Gallagher

In this episode, Fr. Timothy Gallagher discusses the influence of Fr. Nikolaus Joseph Albert von Diesbach on the young Bruno Lanteri. An encounter with a good spiritual book facilitates the conversion of Fr. Diesbach at a critical time in his life. Spiritual reading and the use of “media” of the time is a precursor to what we now call the “New Evangelization.” That use of Spiritual reading to aid in conversion and growth in the spiritual life is discussed in depth by Fr. Gallagher. He also reflects on a moment of great suffering in the life of Fr. Diesbach, which became a time of tremendous grace, but subsequently, for others as well.

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