BA-V12 Spiritual Accompaniment and its Fruits Pt 1 – Begin Again with Fr. Timothy Gallagher

In this episode, Fr. Timothy Gallagher discusses the actual spiritual direction Ven. Bruno Lanteri offered to a laywoman, Gabriella Solaro della Margarita, mother of Clemente Solara della Margarita, well known in Italian history as a political figure and faithful Catholic. The mother of six children, she is described as a woman “of faithful heart… with a will constantly inclined toward doing good, but somewhat impatient, almost sharp…” (Carteggio II, 234, note 3).

Fr. Gallagher speaks of this type of spiritual guidance and program and how it can aid not only our own spiritual lives, but how it can affect our families and even our surrounding community. What may same hidden to us at the time, a quiet accompaniment in the Lord, can be like a small mustard seeds that will grow in extraordinary ways and fruitfulness in God’s grace.

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