2nd Friday of Advent I – Daily Reading and Reflection on the Gospel – Discerning Hearts

Will this generation heed God’s wisdom?

an excerpt from today’s reflection by Don Schwager:

Why did the message of John the Baptist and the message of Jesus meet with deaf ears and resistance? It was out of jealously and spiritual blindness that the scribes and Pharisees attributed John the Baptist’s austerities to the devil and they attributed Jesus’ table fellowship with sinners as evidence that he must be a false messiah. They succeeded in frustrating God’s plan for their lives because they had closed their hearts to the message of  John the Baptist and now to Jesus’ message. What can make us spiritually dull and slow to hear God’s voice? Like the generation of Jesus’ time, our age is marked by indifference and contempt, especially in regards to the things of heaven. Indifference dulls our ears to God’s voice and to the good news of the gospel. Only the humble of heart can find joy and favor in God’s sight. Is you life in tune with Jesus’s message of hope and salvation? And do you know the joy of obedience to God word?

“Lord Jesus, open my ears to hear the good news of your kingdom and set my heart free to love and serve you joyfully. May nothing keep me from following you wholeheartedly.”

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